Chapter 2640: Not Bad  

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“I took a few from the banquet, you go ahead and eat it!” Xie Yutang handed the fruit to her. He looked around for fear that a beast would attack out of nowhere.

When Feng Jiu saw this, she restrained her breath. After a while, she heard rustling noises coming from the surroundings. She ignored it and looked at Xie Yutang with a nervous expression. She watched him stand up abruptly in front of his sister, then he bent down and said to her: “Little Sister, come up quickly, there are beasts!”

Xie Shishi couldn’t help but be startled when she heard this. She was just about to stand up and lean against her elder brother’s back when Feng Jiu supported her.

“There are several fierce beasts around, we won’t be able to outrun them now. How can we avoid fighting?” Feng Jiu said, supporting Xie Shisi, and said: “I’ll help you look after your little sister, and you deal with those beasts.” As soon as she had spoken, she grabbed Xie Shisi’s shoulder with one hand and took her up to the tree with one jump.

Xie Yutang was stunned. He looked up at the tree and saw the two of them sitting on the tree. He couldn’t help but ask: “You’re just going to watch from above? Let me fight those beasts by myself? How can I fight alone?”

“You can’t beat them? Then you want your little sister to get eaten? Or do you want to be food for those beasts?” Feng Jiu asked coldly, with no intention of going down.

They were unable to leave this place anyway, but the beautiful woman would definitely find a way to look for them. They had already walked for some distance and were only resting here, so she might as well let Xie Yutang practice.


Suddenly, a beast roared and a majestic beast rushed out all of a sudden. Xie Yutang was so frightened that he let out a low cry and pulled out his long sword immediately and slashed at the beast.

Feng Jiu watched from the tree and saw his panic. He even killed one of the beasts amidst his panicked slashing.

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The corners of her mouth twitched, so the apprentice could really kill a Master Craftsman. It was amazing that he could live till this day with his skills.


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Xie Yutang was unable to dodge in time and his arm was scratched. Blood seeped out and stained his robes red.

Feng Jiu just sat and watched. On one hand, she wanted him to fight against those murderous beasts and gain some experience. On the other hand, if the Ruan Family were sending people in, they should be arriving soon. It would be strange if the three of them didn’t even have a single wound on them.

“Elder Brother! Be careful!” Xie Shisi looked down from the tree and when she saw that his arm had been scratched, she couldn’t help but worry.


“Sss! Ah!” He cried out in pain. There was a shock of pain behind him. As he watched the beasts, one in front of him, and one behind him, he fought back the pain and swung his sword up again.

The strength of a Foundation Formation Stage cultivator was average, if it was to be compared with people of similar strength, it would be quite good. However, the strength of the beasts here was not low! It was precisely because of this that Xie Yutang was all over the place after fighting against the two beasts. Though in the end, he did slaughter two beasts.

As he looked at the two fallen beasts, he stretched out his hand and wiped his face that was splattered with blood and fell to the ground in a daze: “Did I kill them? Did I really kill them? Sss! It hurts!”

The wounds on his body and the consumption of his spirit energy caused him to fall to the ground unable to stand up. His body was stained with blood and blood was oozing from his wounds, if they were not treated…

Feng Jiu took Xie Shisi and jumped down from the tree. She looked at Xie Yutang and smiled: “Not bad.”

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