Chapter 316: Soaring (final ending)

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In 2028, this is bound to be an extraordinary year.

Shennong Commercial Union has completed its monopoly on the global agricultural planting industry.

More than 99% of the world's agricultural planting seeds are provided by the Shennong Chamber of Commerce.

More than 88% of all kinds of flower and ornamental planting are provided by the Shennong Chamber of Commerce.

More than 90% of all kinds of medicinal plantings are provided by the Shennong Chamber of Commerce.

All kinds of super plants provided by Shennong Chamber of Commerce have spread all over the world, playing an unparalleled role.

The reconstruction project of the Sahara Desert in Africa undertaken by the Shennong Chamber of Commerce has completed a comprehensive transformation after five years. It has been transformed from a deserted and harsh environment into a green grassland.

The development of the Shennong Merchants Union was naturally resisted by countries led by the United States and the European Union.

Even sanctions have been imposed on this, but economic wars, agricultural price wars, and Shennong Merchants Union have all achieved amazing victory.

Of course, no matter how powerful a business alliance is, it is impossible to confront the entire European and American world.

However, Hua Guo has opened up a situation in the world of Xiuxian, using nuclear bombing to drive Xiuxian forces almost out of the East, completely occupying this boundless land.

This huge land, equivalent to the continent of Asia, comes from China, and the support it contains is simply too rich.

In this way, with the huge resources of the Eastern Region of Xiuxianjie, China's comprehensive strength is rapidly improving.

In particular, the various super-plant projects that Ye Xiaochen cooperated with the military made the military's equipment level rise linearly.

The reason why the military can prevail in the confrontation with the cultivation world is that Ye Xiaochen developed a super plant.

In this way, in just ten years, the strength of China has soared, and it has already qualified to challenge the hegemonic status of the United States.

The reason why the Shennong Merchants League was able to win was naturally behind the strong support of China.

Even in the end, the US emperor issued a threat of war.

The Chinese government, known for its weakness, has been tougher than ever.

A war that swept the world almost broke out.

However, this time, the world has also seen the true strength of China.

Fifteen aircraft carrier fleets.

Almost did not scare every country in the world.

You should know that China on the bright side has only two aircraft carrier fleets.

When did it become fifteen?

You know, there are only twelve American Emperors! ,

To build an aircraft carrier fleet, is it possible to make it so simple, and more importantly, to support it, the capital required by each aircraft carrier fleet is too huge.

Even the world's number one country like the US imperial can only support twelve. Otherwise, the funds will be tight.

Who would have thought that Hua Guo could not build a fleet of fifteen aircraft carriers.

They couldn't figure out, when was Hua Guo so rich?

Absolutely rich!

Owning a new colony that is the size of Asia's huge Eastern Immortal Territory, with massive resources, it can be continuously provided to the construction of China.

This is why China has so much confidence.

Even if there really is a world war, having a Xiuxianjie as a logistics base, China has the confidence to dare to be the enemy of the world.

Even launching a nuclear war is not afraid.

It was such a move at the expense of World War I that scared off Europe and the United States. In this way, the Shennong Chamber of Commerce completed the rule of the world's agricultural industry.

Food is fundamental.

Thanks to the advantages of the agricultural planting industry, China's status in the world has skyrocketed, and it is now even listed as a superpower on a par with the United States.

In these years, Ye Xiaochen's farm has become larger and larger, and more and more Xiantians have been planted.

The time acceleration on the farm has now reached 55 times.

A decade in the real world, and more than 400 years have passed on the farm.

And Senda has been upgraded to a level of nine.

Now all the yellow-level xuan-level fairy plants can reach the best.

The ground level can reach the top grade.

Only Tianxian Zhizhi is not good for the time being because it is too long.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen's cultivation has reached the astonishing peak of the Infant's Infanthood, and one step further is the transformation of the gods into the immortal world.

The transformation of gods into gods is called the immortal immortal in the immortal realm, and it can also be called earth immortal, human immortal, or semi-immortal.

Of course, this practice is absolutely bottom in the fairyland.

However, Ye Xiaochen is a Shennong, and by virtue of this status, it is enough for him to have a lofty position in the fairyland.

As for Lian Yuzhu and others, all without exception, entered the level of Yuanying.

Only Wang Xinyi, as well as his parents, younger sister and them, are still in the Golden Dan period.

No way, they are too bad.

If you can reach the Golden Dan period, it is still Ye Xiaochen who does not have to provide the resources for cultivation.

Dongtian Farm.

The whole cave is already very big, and the rules are very perfect.

Over the years, Ye Xiaochen has visited the fairyland several times.

Even since he practiced to the level of Yuanying, the consumption of Xianyuan required has been reduced to the lowest level, mainly because he is not an ordinary Yuanying period, which can be compared with the virtual fairy.

In addition, he had been having nightmares until a year ago, and never did.

He knew that this was because he had basically absorbed all the knowledge left by the five generations of Shennong.

Now he has become a qualified Shennong.

"Ding Dang, congratulations on completing the main mission-Shennong on Earth. Reward 100 million cents, rise to the qualifications of the immortal world, the true immortal position, and rank in the immortal class."

While Ye Xiaochen was walking with Wang Xinyi on the farm, suddenly, the prompt of Shennong's system sounded.

Ye Xiaochen froze slightly.

"What, Xiaochen?"

Wang Xinyi asked curiously.

"Xinyi, we don't think we can stay on earth for too long."

Ye Xiaochen exhaled and said.

"what's wrong?"

Wang Xinyi is unknown.

"I'm afraid I'm going to rise to the fairyland."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Ah? Here, then we ..."

Wang Xinyi asked quickly.

"Relax, I will definitely take you to the fairyland."

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He has an independent cave, enough to bring people into the fairyland.

It's not a sentence, it's called one person can get the chicken and dog to ascend to the sky. In fact, that's the truth.

"Time is a bit tight. I have to arrange it."

Ye Xiaochen said in a deep voice.

He didn't know this time he left the earth to go to fairyland, will he have a chance to come back in the future?

Moreover, he felt that after going to the fairyland, there must be something big waiting for himself.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen began to deal with secular affairs in an all-round way in the following days.

He has too many things to deal with.

All kinds of relationships.

For example, Wang Shuisheng's family, under the leadership of Ye Xiaochen, embarked on the road of cultivation and entered the Jindan period without any problems.

However, Wang Shuisheng made it clear that they wanted to stay on Earth.

The older sister Ye Ying and Guo Moyun also said they want to stay on the earth.

As for the parents, they were hesitant because they would go to the fairyland with their son, and then they might not see their daughter in the future.

But staying on earth may make it difficult to see your son.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen didn't know if it was appropriate to take his parents to the fairyland.

Because he doesn't know what will happen in the future?

Maybe parents stay on the earth and be safer.

Although there are dark clouds of war on the earth, but their parents ’Jindan period cultivation can basically avoid risks.

Not to mention that Ye Xiaochen's huge network of contacts is enough to keep them safe.

Even if they really developed the World War, they would never be easily affected.

What's more, when Ye Xiaochen went to the fairyland, it did not mean that he would lose contact with the earth.

He believes that there is always a way to return to Earth.

In addition to his family, he also made arrangements for the entire Ye family.

The Ye family is not a dozen years ago, and it has developed into a family with huge influence in the world.

With the support of Ye Xiaochen, they developed various industries.

However, Ye Xiaochen also knew that they were able to develop smoothly, relying largely on themselves.

Therefore, arrangements must be made before leaving.

There is also the inheritance of the major industries of his own.

In short, it took more than half a month for Ye Xiaochen to deal with it thoroughly.

Of course, the handling of all things is very low-key, after all, he must not leak the things that have risen to the fairyland.

At best, it makes people think that he is going to retreat.

Although this caused some movement, it was still not significant.

In recent years, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi have been very low-key, living in abundance, and rarely showing up in public.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen's time to fly to the fairyland is getting closer.

This day, the original farm address in Yufeng Village.

Now a villa has been built here.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi lived.

At this moment, everyone who knows is here.

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"Son, mom really wants to go with you, unfortunately ..."

Mom was already in tears.

She didn't know what to say.

Maybe it's hard to leave home.

"Mom, don't say that, besides, I'm just going to the fairyland, and I can come back later. When I am mixed in the fairyland, maybe I can connect you anytime.

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

"Brother." Ye Ying, the elder sister, also had wet eyes.

Next to it is a tall and handsome young man, Ye Ying's son Guo Xialong, and a young girl, who looks very beautiful, called Guo Xiayu.

"Well, don't cry, it won't be impossible to see you again."

Ye Xiaochen had some sadness in parting, but he held back.

On the other side, Wang Xinyi was talking to Wang Shuisheng's family.

Xibao has grown into a tall and handsome guy.

"Wang, I'll leave it to you at home."

Ye Xiaochen said.

He knew that only Wang Shuisheng would be the backbone of the future.

If Wang Shui was not born, he wouldn't be assured.

"Relax, as long as I'm here, it will be fine."

Wang Shuisheng knew his brother-in-law's thoughts and nodded immediately.

He also knows that his pressure will be very great in the future. Without Ye Xiaochen's support, there will be many problems.

"Well, with Wang's words, I'm relieved."

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

He took a look at the people present and sighed in his heart, wondering how long it would take before he could see him again.


Ye Xiaochen said two words gently, then took Wang Xinyi's hand and disappeared.

Mom couldn't help it anymore and burst into tears.

And the others were all wet with tears.

Dongtian Farm.

Lian Yuzhu and others watched Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi come in.

There are a lot of people here now.

Hundreds of years have passed in Dongtian Farm, and they have even their children and grandchildren in Lianyuzhu, which together adds up to dozens of people.

This is still very difficult for the cultivator to give birth, and it hurts at all. Otherwise, it is estimated that the population will be even larger.

After all, for hundreds of years, there is no problem in getting over a dozen generations.

"Well, now we are going to fly to the fairyland, do you want to stay?"

Ye Xiaochen said.

The secular world is too attractive for people.

Not all of them here, and some didn't come in because they have decided not to go to the fairyland.

No one answered.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Immediately, he sat down.

Everyone sat around Ye Xiaochen.

Accompanied by Ye Xiaochen's thoughts, he began to receive rewards.

Suddenly, the whole cave sky was wrapped in a strange golden light.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen's breath is soaring.

This breath leaked out and stained the people around him.

The breath on them is also rapidly improving.

In fact, this is Ye Xiaochen's reward for accepting the main task.

His cultivation will rise directly from the peak of Yuan Ying to the level of true fairy.

This is equivalent to crossing two major levels.

Originally, there was no 10,000 years.

But now, it can be crossed in a short time.

Naturally ~ ~ others also benefit greatly.

Soon, many people present broke through.

Yes, it is from the Jindan period to the Yuan infant period, from the Yuan infant period to the virtual fairy level.

Ye Xiaochen is also rapidly improving, reaching the level of virtual fairy, and is still improving.

Because true fairy is the point.

Wang Xinyi next to Ye Xiaochen undoubtedly received the most benefits.

Because Ye Xiaochen took her hand.

I don't know how long it has passed, Ye Xiaochen has reached the level of true immortal.

And Wang Xinyi also reached the peak of the virtual fairy, only one step away from the true fairy level.

Many other people have reached the virtual fairy, and the worst is already the peak Yuan infant.

I have to say that the benefits they get are too great.

This practice has saved thousands of years.

As Ye Xiaochen broke through, suddenly, a strange token appeared out of thin air, suddenly suspended above Ye Xiaochen's head.

This is the Ascension Token.

At the same time, a strange throne emerged in the void.

That's the fairy bit.

Only by obtaining such a fairy position can one be regarded as having an identity in fairyland, not a wild fairy.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi step by step to the top of the fairy seat and sat down.


Ye Xiaochen thought for a moment, and the flying token suddenly turned into a light, spreading out.

If you look at Dongtian outside of Dongtian, you will find that the entire cave is beginning to shrink, as if turned into a particle, and suddenly shakes off the space of this side, and even the constraints of this one plane, to break through to a higher level And go.

Above the earth, a strange meteor passed over Jingxian, South China, and disappeared.

(End of book)


(To be continued.)
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