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Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers! Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside. However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice! This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world. 通天大圣
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Omnipotent Sage》Chapter List
Chapter 1: Time-Travel
Chapter 2: The Wedding & Legend of a Lone Wolf
Chapter 3: An Exciting World
Chapter 4: Balancing the Inner and Outer Cycle
Chapter 5: Taiji Fist is Kind of a Plug-in
Chapter 6: The Role of Plug-in
Chapter 7: Ignis Skill
Chapter 8: Practicing & Qingyang Market
Chapter 9: The Black Dragon Triad Rises to Get Inner Elixir, Wang She Enters Misty Mountain
Chapter 10: A Life-threatened Opens Little Shiba' Eyes Which tempts Wang She
Chapter 11: Condensed Defensive Airflow & the Three Realms & the Mysterious Realm
Chapter 12: Wang She Coveting the Secret Skill
Chapter 13: Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword
Chapter 14: Little Shiba's Fantasy to the Eyes
Chapter 15: The Newfound Special Technique
Chapter 16: The Four-Year Harvest
Chapter 17: Qingyang Market & the Wu Family
Chapter 18: The Apprentice
Chapter 19: The Selection Contest
Chapter 20: Bane: Dragon Grass
Chapter 21: Tian Long Mystic Mountain
Chapter 22: Taiji Hammering Skill
Chapter 23: Cover-up
Chapter 24: Days of Satisfaction
Chapter 25: The Market
Chapter 26: Prescription of the Elixir & above Level Nine & the Mysterious Realm
Chapter 27: Captivating with One Elixir
Chapter 28: A Huge Gap Between Skin Toughening Phase and Bone Forging Phase
Chapter 29: When the Blade Master Met the Dark Lord
Chapter 30: Weapons
Chapter 31: Forging Kunai in Hammering and Refining
Chapter 32: A Long Way back Home
Chapter 33: Take Xue Wuya as a Teacher
Chapter 34: The Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Gang
Chapter 35: Top Skills: Technique of Cultivating Gang and Flying
Chapter 36: Hunting
Chapter 37: The Monster Toad
Chapter 38: A Sword Technique and a Thief
Chapter 39: An Odd Little Monster
Chapter 40: The Magic Weapon
Chapter 41: Three Realms Division
Chapter 42: Master and Apprentice
Chapter 43: Get the Treasure
Chapter 44: Become a Tragedy
Chapter 45: The Seven Wonderful Techniques
Chapter 46: Thundering Rain, Rootless Grass, and the Dragon Chimera
Chapter 47: The Black Flame Ignites
Chapter 48: The Painful Harvest
Chapter 49: The First Evolution of His Fiery Eyes
Chapter 50: Different Purposes for the Ten Days
Chapter 51: Spreading the Gospel
Chapter 52: Dagger Appearing
Chapter 53: Berserk Xue Wuya
Chapter 54: Mysterious Object, Reward (I)
Chapter 55: Initial Success in Learning Three Realm Division (II)
Chapter 56: The Wu's Selection Contest Begins
Chapter 57: The Governor of Yunzhou
Chapter 58: The Trend of Events
Chapter 59: The Young Master named Wang She
Chapter 60: The Selection Contest
Chapter 61: The Snake-like Breath Holding Skill of Seven Wonderful Techniques
Chapter 62: Moon-evil Painted Skin & Blood Demon Forged Bone
Chapter 63: In the World
Chapter 64: Cyan Fan Gone Rogue
Chapter 65: The Encounter Of Two Warriors
Chapter 66: Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword & Jade Original Power Gang
Chapter 67: Asura Destroyer Pole & the Benefits of Junior Leopard
Chapter 68: Snake-like Breath Holding Skill & Moon-evil Painted Skin & Level Two
Chapter 69: Xu Yong's Personal Goods, Thirteen Punches of Desolation
Chapter 70: Initial Sign of the Fiery Eye
Chapter 71: Opportunity?!
Chapter 72: Correct Decision and Extinct Bloodline
Chapter 73: Wang She's Intention and Punching Skill Cultivation
Chapter 74: K.O.
Chapter 75: First Step into Jianghu
Chapter 76: Miss Ma
Chapter 77: Little Brother and Big Brother
Chapter 78: The Wen Family in Ningzhou
Chapter 79: Hard to Seek an External Elixir
Chapter 80: Robbing Tian Luo Dark Gold
Chapter 81: Returning in Defeat
Chapter 82: Gossiping About the Future
Chapter 83: Bottleneck in Cultivation & Punching Spirit's Divine Thoughts
Chapter 84: First Task
Chapter 85: Investigation
Chapter 86: Enemy's Tracks Appearing
Chapter 87: Accidental Discovery — the Ten Carriages of Medicinal Herbs
Chapter 88: Black Eating Black
Chapter 89: Breakthrough under Heavy Pressure
Chapter 90: The Fist Intent Condensed Eventually
Chapter 91: Simulation of the Universe, Crushing Vacuum (I)
Chapter 92: Simulation of the Universe, Crushing Vacuum (II)
Chapter 93: Division of Punching Spirit, Appearance of the Black Sun
Chapter 94: Bandit
Chapter 95: Fighting against the Bandits
Chapter 96: Demon Devil Needles
Chapter 97: Back to the City and Launching
Chapter 98: Complete Mastery of the Demon Devil Needles and Fire
Chapter 99: Sect of Flame Troublemakers and Black Three Lady
Chapter 100: Warfare
Chapter 101: Trapped City
Chapter 102: Target: Tian Long Mystic Mountain
Chapter 103: Meeting Wang She & Fist Intent
Chapter 104: External Elixir & Level Six within One Year
Chapter 105: The Idea of Peerlessness External Elixir
Chapter 106: Formation of External Elixir & Initial Understanding of Fist Intent
Chapter 107: Military Camp
Chapter 108: Fight for the First-class Merit
Chapter 109: Breakthrough
Chapter 110: Critical Hit & First-class Merit
Chapter 111: Underground Fire Vein
Chapter 112: The Agitated Mysterious Fire
Chapter 113: Full Closure of Skin-Toughening Realm
Chapter 114: Birth of a New Fist Intent: Black Hole
Chapter 115: Newly Entering into Level Nine: Prince Xiaoming
Chapter 116: Nancy Boy Standing behind You
Chapter 117: Earth Fire Yuan Essence, Filling My Fist Intent
Chapter 118: One Man Holding the Pass
Chapter 119: Against Ten Thousand Enemies
Chapter 120: The Alarming Trick in Overcoming Disparity
Chapter 121: The Affected Nerve
Chapter 122: Letters from Marshal Li
Chapter 123: The Six Month Plan and that Dog
Chapter 124: The Damned Dog
Chapter 125: Two Madams
Chapter 126: The Killing Intent in West Mountain Pass
Chapter 127: The Brawl and Killing
Chapter 128: Infinite Trembling Contemplation
Chapter 129: The Phantom Silver Wolf
Chapter 130: Subdue
Chapter 131: Silver Moon Sword Technique
Chapter 132: Bright Moon Deifying & Perfect Disguise
Chapter 133: General Personal Guard & Assassin
Chapter 134: Three Bandits... The Mask… Li Family in Pingzhou
Chapter 135: The Old Man in Chen Manor in Capital City
Chapter 136: Extreme of the Sword, Limit of the Hammer
Chapter 137: Win or Loss
Chapter 138: Reveal
Chapter 139: Refusing
Chapter 140: Final Preparation & Back to Yunzhou
Chapter 141: My Name Is... Xiao
Chapter 142: Junior Leopard's Condition - Fiery Eyes
Chapter 143: Junior Leopard's Idea
Chapter 144: The Plan Was Settled
Chapter 146: Gao Yulou, Your Mother Called You Home for Dinner
Chapter 147: Action
Chapter 148: Actually I Am Level Nine
Chapter 149: Level Nine Deterrence
Chapter 150: Drink Till All's Blue
Chapter 151: The Beginning of Chaos and the Second Evolution of Fiery Eyes
Chapter 152: No Title
Chapter 153: The Possibility of Practicing the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword
Chapter 154: Like It or Not, the World Changes
Chapter 155: The Practice in the Fire Vein
Chapter 156: The Purpose of Entering the Fire Vein
Chapter 157: The Lion of the Nine Dragons
Chapter 158: Blood Essence Evil Yuan
Chapter 159: The Successful Forgery of the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword
Chapter 160: The Navy Commander of Jiang City
Chapter 161: Going to Jiang City for the Assignment
Chapter 162: Set on Establishing Might
Chapter 163: The Navy Barrack
Chapter 164: A Freak Commander
Chapter 165: The Broken Dragon Beach
Chapter 166: Today, I Come Here to Kill
Chapter 167: The Black Pearl
Chapter 168: Flipping Sky Seal & Water Bandit's Treasures
Chapter 169: Level Four — Bone Forging Realm
Chapter 170: The Attribution of River Heart Island
Chapter 171: The Value of River Heart Island
Chapter 172: Strategize!
Chapter 173: Exterminating the Yellow Dragon Gang (I)
Chapter 174: Exterminating the Yellow Dragon Gang (II)
Chapter 175: Exterminating the Yellow Dragon Gang (III)
Chapter 176: The Goods Yard
Chapter 177: Raising Bandits to Increase Our Value
Chapter 178: Three Letters
Chapter 179: The Enclosure Movement of River Heart Island
Chapter 180: Zhu Ba's Bloodline: the Reason for Remaining Dormant
Chapter 181: The Ebb and Flow of Jianghu: the Aftershock of the Bride Kidnapping
Chapter 182: Laughing at the Sight of Calamity…Wang She's Posthumous Affairs
Chapter 184: The Tsundere Girl's Debut
Chapter 185: The Tsundere Girl VS the Pure High School Student
Chapter 186: The Old Woman of Level Seven
Chapter 187: Nothing Remarkable About Level Seven
Chapter 188: Bombard to Death and Slay to Slag
Chapter 189: Mysterious Fire Training Bone
Chapter 190: Confronting the Meng Family
Chapter 191: Winds Arising in Northern Yuan
Chapter 192: Chaotic Windy...I Make You Sick
Chapter 193: Immortal Palace Appeared
Chapter 194: Rainy Road in Shu, Golden Goose Cup
Chapter 195: The Legend of the Golden Goose Cup & Golden Rooster's Choice
Chapter 196: Parted Ways... Poisonous Insects in South China
Chapter 197: Poison-absorbing Green Bead
Chapter 198: Devil Needles Showing Might, Gang Qi Being Ferocious
Chapter 199: Kill
Chapter 200: Poison Cold Shield
Chapter 201: The Big Iron Hammer
Chapter 202: Consolidation of the Hammer Spirit--The Neutralizing Change
Chapter 203: Assassination Through Poison
Chapter 204: Respond Leisurely
Chapter 205: Everlasting Merit
Chapter 206: Earth-Flipping Hammer
Chapter 207: Level Eight Expert, A Steellike Internal Qi
Chapter 208: Omnipotent Yang Dragon Riding Flight Technique
Chapter 209: Seven Heart Golden Scorpion Poison, Disciples of the Lyu Family
Chapter 210: Riding the Wind Through the Skies, A Stranger in the Lightning
Chapter 211: The Stranger... The Big and Small Three Realms
Chapter 212: Three Month Closed-Door Training for Cultivating the Divine Sense; the Living Buddha Got Through the Snowfield Alone
Chapter 213: Mysterious Turtle Sage, Whitemoon Tribe
Chapter 214: The Dragon Thunder Palace which had made sun set and stars sank, the Divine Dragon Pill and the Devil Valley
Chapter 215: Heavenly Dragon Wang She and Dark Lord Mie Chen
Chapter 216: Heavenly Devil Real Body, Demi-Mysterious Realm
Chapter 217: Mauling Mie Chen with the Deity Rebelling Eyes
Chapter 218: The First Appearance of the Ancient Treasure, the Clear Glass Jade Bottle
Chapter 219: Wang She Speaking about Ancient Stories
Chapter 220: Stake your Life on your Blade, Sever Heads a Thousand Miles off with your Flying Sword
Chapter 221: Yin and Yang Dust Formation, Heaven and Earth in Sleeves
Chapter 222: The Second Big Hammer
Chapter 223: Scheming to obtain the Ancient Treasure
Chapter 224: The Free Will Demonic Smoke and the Poison Cold Shield
Chapter 225: The 28 Constellations in the Immortal Palace
Chapter 226: Heavenly Jade Technique
Chapter 227: Immortal Palace, Heavenly Peach Wood
Chapter 228: The Liquification of Level Seven Thunder Yuan and the Completion of the Blue Sword
Chapter 229: To Cultivate Gang with the Nine Heaven Thunder Qi and the Appearance of the Purple Thunder
Chapter 230: Birth of the Purple Light, Separation of Two Realms
Chapter 231: Taixuan Thunder Saber and Awards from the Imperial Court
Chapter 232: Enfeoff Lands, Closed-Door Training
Chapter 233: The Mysterious Object in the Rock Flows
Chapter 234: Refining the Fist Intent to Level Seven
Chapter 235: The Wuyang County Governor, a 300 km Radius Fief
Chapter 236: I Want a Home
Chapter 237: Exclusive Puppet Technique & Tragedy in the Cool Breeze Gang
Chapter 238: The Incarnation of Poisonous Scorpion, A Fantasy of Demonic Cultivation
Chapter 239: Beat the Bird Before the Lion—the Reason for Destroying the Cool Breeze Gang
Chapter 240: Breaking into the Cool Breeze Gang’s Hideaway
Chapter 241: The Hollow Celestial Device Teaching Fish to Swim
Chapter 242: A Strange Ending; The Delusion of the Poisonous Hitching Post
Chapter 243: Emerging Ambition at Dragon-pressing River
Chapter 244: The Blacktail Plain
Chapter 245: The Black Demon Chama
Chapter 246: Arriving at the Fief, Problem of Population
Chapter 247: Knock All of Your Teeth Out
Chapter 248: A Halidom of the Blackwolf Tribe
Chapter 249: The most beautiful women in Jianghu Twenty Years Ago; Ruins Appears
Chapter 250: Ancient Ruins Appeared, and Experts All Rushed Forward Like Going to Market.
Chapter 251: Small Thunder Temple and the Secret of the Underground Palace
Chapter 252: Chaotian Palace of the East Sea
Chapter 253: Green Lamp, Ancient Buddha and Tusita Fire
Chapter 254: Turtledove's Claw and Heavenly Magic Eyes
Chapter 255: Beyond the Three Realms and Pure Yang Celestial Device
Chapter 256: Hard to be a Lord
Chapter 257: Owning a Celestial Device to Fish a Golden Turtle and Causing a Storm
Chapter 258: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 259: The Way to Fight: The General Program of the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique
Chapter 260: An Open Conspiracy
Chapter 261: Sense Acupoint
Chapter 262: Dao of Acupoint & Kindling of Nanming Ignis
Chapter 263: Management
Chapter 264: The Cold Pool in the Valley Bottom and the Red-Scaled Python
Chapter 265: The Black Devil Frost, The Divine Weapon
Chapter 266: Golden-Scaled Cudgel and 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques
Chapter 267: Zhou Bao's Hot-tempered Challenge
Chapter 268: A Malicious Saber and a Fierce Cudgel, a Battle between Two Experts
Chapter 269: A Crazy and Impertinent Man
Chapter 270: Heading for the Fire Vein
Chapter 271: Entering the Fire Vein
Chapter 272: Golden Flame Mirror and Sun Colored Glaze Flame
Chapter 273: The Strongest Vassal State in the Northwest
Chapter 274: Being Suppressed
Chapter 275: Evil Fire Kylin
Chapter 276: The Kylin Evil and the Kylin Gang
Chapter 277: Great Fusion Technic: Refine Acupoints
Chapter 278: Successfully Refining Acupoints and Cultivating the Heavenly Fire Gang
Chapter 279: Troublesome News
Chapter 280: A Wicked Idea and the Poisonous Dragon Emperor
Chapter 281: The Emperor of the Moon Temple and the Azure Secret Area
Chapter 282: Jade Pool Sect, Fire Land Prohibition
Chapter 283: Genuine Water and Spirit Sea
Chapter 284: The Initial Fight
Chapter 285: Sword Skill Practice with the Dragon Sparrow
Chapter 286: Dragon Sparrow Frozen Cannon and Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint
Chapter 287: The Innate Green Lotus, the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman
Chapter 288: Calculating
Chapter 289: Seizing Lotus Seeds, Seeking Retreat
Chapter 290: Being Captured, Waiting for the Highest Bid
Chapter 291: Return Trip, Scheming
Chapter 292: Subdue Chama: the Pure Yang Celestial Device Showed First Power
Chapter 293: Yin and Yang Magic Matrix and An Amazing News
Chapter 294: Collision Between Pure Yang Weapons; the Octupole Exquisite Pagoda vs. the Golden Flame Mirror
Chapter 295: Wrestling Control; Deal
Chapter 296: Tears Ran In My Life
Chapter 297: The Unrest of Prince Ning
Chapter 298: Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 299: Prince Ning's Ambition and Zhou Bao's Cruelty
Chapter 300: The Strength of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 301: A Deadlock, Zhou Bao's Scruples
Chapter 302: Dark Female Pearl and Dust Formation
Chapter 303: The Venom Showing Power, the Magic Matrix Making Contributions
Chapter 304: Another Snatch-up of Pure Yang Celestial Device and the Reaction of Wang She
Chapter 305: Striking out and Stirring up Trouble
Chapter 306: Feeling for the Acupoints
Chapter 307: The Magical Effect of Air-frozen Bead and the Forming of Faux Air-frozen Bead
Chapter 308: Dragon Veins Under the Sea-calming Palace and Entering the Azure Secret Area
Chapter 309: Practice in Secret Area, Insights of Acupoints
Chapter 310: Real Dragon's Nine Acupoints and Dark Jade Frost
Chapter 311: Having A Guest
Chapter 312: Terrible News and Murder Plot
Chapter 313: A Powerful Lineup
Chapter 314: A Fairy Weapon? Ferocious Power
Chapter 315: The Orthodox Strength
Chapter 316: Divine Sense of Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds and Assassin
Chapter 317: Marriage Granting
Chapter 318: Soul Cutting, Fighting For Justice
Chapter 319: Wild Defiance and Battle
Chapter 320: Splitting up and the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword
Chapter 321: The Innate Universal Golden Book and the Golden Dragon Saber
Chapter 322: Wang Daohong Defeated by a Sword, Run into the Master of the Mysterious Realm
Chapter 323: Wish Fulfillment, a Powerful Henchman
Chapter 324: A Visitor from the East Sea for the Taiyuan Gathering
Chapter 325: Inheritance of the Big Dipper
Chapter 326: The Meeting of the Two Heroes, Star Palace, the Sky-measuring Star Ruler
Chapter 327: Breaking through Ye Qingtian's Attack.
Chapter 328: Sacred Roots
Chapter 329: The Function of the Sacred Roots and the Spy
Chapter 330: The Four Eastern Regions and 3,000 Great Ways
Chapter 331: Peach Blossom Miasma
Chapter 332: Returning to Immortal Palace & Golden Book of Fate
Chapter 333: The Causes of Everything
Chapter 334: Wang She's Purpose
Chapter 335: A Star Incarnation, Solving Hidden Trouble
Chapter 336: Opening of Taiyuan Heaven on the Blue Whale Island
Chapter 337: Entering the Taiyuan Heaven, Rippling the Space and the Cloud-swallowing Beast
Chapter 338: Obtaining the Life Pearl
Chapter 339: Arrival and Tracking
Chapter 340: The Second Pair of Fiery Eyes Appeared
Chapter 341: The Gathering of All Parties & Fairy Weapons Appear
Chapter 342: Taihai Sage and the North Pole Frozen Wheel
Chapter 343: Mutual Suspicion and Deception & Punish You on Behalf of the Moon
Chapter 344: Hypothesis About the Graveyard
Chapter 345: Entering the Graveyard
Chapter 346: Soaking in the Pure Yang Waterball
Chapter 347: The Remains of Innate Deity Regressed
Chapter 348: Great Harvest (I)
Chapter 349: Great Harvest (Ⅱ)
Chapter 350: Qingtian Retreated and White Tiger Appeared
Chapter 351: Fierce Battle Against White Tiger
Chapter 352: Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 353: Appearance of Zhi IX and an Ambitious Scheme
Chapter 354: A Conversation about the Divine Wind Palace
Chapter 355: The Way of the Emperor, the Divine Dynasty, Involved or not?
Chapter 356: Jingtan Temple
Chapter 357: Child-endowing Buddha
Chapter 358: Golden Flame Mirror Shadow Reflecting a Demon
Chapter 359: 60% Chance of Winning
Chapter 360: Individual Desires
Chapter 361: Give Me Your Woman VS Give Me Your Body
Chapter 362: Golden Buddha, World in the Palm
Chapter 363: Breaking the World in the Palm with Elixir Furnace, Green Spirit's Walk-in
Chapter 364: Princess Heyang's Purpose
Chapter 365: School of Five Virtues
Chapter 366: Capturing Azure Heavens
Chapter 367: Thorn Wheel Fiery Eye, Region
Chapter 368: Piracy
Chapter 369: The Capture and Unexpected Gains
Chapter 370: Core of the World, Primeval Beast, Origin of the Great Ways
Chapter 371: That Damned Whale
Chapter 372: Hua-er and the Whale
Chapter 373: The Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace
Chapter 374: The Furnace of Immortality & Fruition of Original Yang Gang
Chapter 375: Coming Out of Azure Heavens, Yukun Buddha
Chapter 376: Three Pure Yang Celestial Devices
Chapter 377: Short-sighted Divine Wind Palace
Chapter 378: Potential to Establish A New Sect
Chapter 379: Evil Knife Thousand Snakes Pill, Tower of Seven Treasures and Demon-conquering Purple Bowl
Chapter 380: Spirit Vein & Cave Paradise
Chapter 381: To Swank, To Build the Sea-calming Palace
Chapter 382: Struggle for the Formation Map
Chapter 383: The Supervisors' Struggle
Chapter 384: The Robbery of Pang Feiyun (4th edition)
Chapter 385: Qianyuan Mountain & Lingdong County
Chapter 386: Two Choices
Chapter 387: The Flipping Sky Seal
Chapter 388: The Offensive-defensive Fusion Pure Yang Flying Sword
Chapter 389: Strong Repression
Chapter 390: Everything was an illusion
Chapter 391: The Sincerity of His Highness, the Crown Prince
Chapter 392: Dragon-taming Ruins
Chapter 393: The Scheme of the Divine Wind Palace
Chapter 394: Crisis and Flee
Chapter 395: Divine Wind Palace and Yu Taixu
Chapter 396: Capture, Refining, Gain and Loss
Chapter 397: Time, Cutting off
Chapter 398: The Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 399: Rebellion in the West Capital
Chapter 400: Farewell
Chapter 401: A Shocking Change and Assassination
Chapter 402: Turmoil
Chapter 403: Mysterious Sky-reaching Pole
Chapter 404: Everything Comes Together
Chapter 405: Leave Directly After Responsibilities Are Over
Chapter 406: Hunting Down
Chapter 407: Heaven
Chapter 408: Initial Completion of Natal Sword
Chapter 409: The Power of the Natal Sword
Chapter 410: Arrival to the Borderline Mountain for the First Time
Chapter 411: Regulations, Commander
Chapter 412: The Void Traveller
Chapter 413: The Power of the Void Traveller
Chapter 414: Spatial Displacement
Chapter 415: Cold Wave Beast
Chapter 416: Void God-eliminating Cannon A Leap of 80,000 Feet
Chapter 417: Tusk Island
Chapter 418: Winning and Compromising
Chapter 419: Highest Heaven Celestial Device
Chapter 420: Invited by the Island Owner
Chapter 421: Purpose
Chapter 422: Incubation
Chapter 423: Primordial Demonic Ape
Chapter 424: Merging
Chapter 425: Each Showing His Divine Senses, Poisonous Hitching Post Making Contributions
Chapter 426: Escape
Chapter 427: Facing The Battle
Chapter 428: Attack
Chapter 429: Take Action
Chapter 430: Thunder Technique
Chapter 431: Master Jinhua & The World of the Gourd
Chapter 432: Breaking Out from the Gourd
Chapter 433: Disaster in Water Mansion & Enraged Jinhua & Zhou Bao's Flee
Chapter 434: The Confusion in Mind
Chapter 435: Right-angle Bay
Chapter 436: Dark Female Pearl & Zhou Bao's Choice
Chapter 437: Real Body
Chapter 438: Incarnated & Gifted Powers
Chapter 439: Three Gifted Powers
Chapter 440: The Manager of The Governing Mansion
Chapter 441: Action
Chapter 442: Master Jin Hua Hit a Dead End
Chapter 443: Netherworld Heaven, a Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 444: The Secret of the 3,000 Great Ways, an Insight
Chapter 445: Infinite Realms Teleportation
Chapter 446: Emperor of the Netherworld, Fate Creation Boy, & Venerable Black Turtle
Chapter 447: The Dragon Abyss Prison And The Black Iron City
Chapter 448: Attacking Strategy For Black Iron City
Chapter 449: The Genuine Immortal in Lord of Heaven's Realm
Chapter 450: A Generous Contribution and Prison Escape
Chapter 451: A Deliberately Mystifying, Discussion
Chapter 452: Decision & the Black Fire
Chapter 453: The Magic Black Fire & the Chaotic Sea Area
Chapter 454: The 18 Dragon-bone Regions
Chapter 455: Battling Jin Hua
Chapter 456: Skythrough Sword for Killing Master Jin Hua
Chapter 457: Pure Yang Celestial Device — Fake Gold Bracelet
Chapter 458: Rolling Dragon Palace
Chapter 459: Setting The Formation
Chapter 460: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 461: Devouring Food (a)
Chapter 462: Lunar True Thunder (b)
Chapter 463: Malicious Scheme
Chapter 464: The Scheme Succeeded
Chapter 465: Return (a)
Chapter 466: The Secret of the Seven-deity Regions & Moon Deer of Extended Net's Request (b)
Chapter 467: The Forgotten Memories
Chapter 468: Kill All Spoils of War
Chapter 469: Sorting the Biggest Harvest
Chapter 470: What is the Most Advantageous?
Chapter 471: Doing One Thing Under the Cover of Another
Chapter 472: Taking Action
Chapter 473: War
Chapter 474: Highest Heaven Celestial Device & Fairy Weapon
Chapter 475: Each Divine Sense Used & Dharma Laksana True Body
Chapter 476: Heavenly Jade Technique & Immortal Body Technique
Chapter 477: Highest Heaven Celestial Device
478 Killing Yu Taicang
479 Taihua Mountain
480 The Jade Plate of Fate
481 The New World
482 The Extreme Realm of Force: the Crushing Vacuum
483 Impacts
484 Leaving
485 In the Wind
486 The Killing and Robbery Begins
487 Zhou Bao“s Weakness
488 The Infinite Star Sea Half of the Void Map
489 Zhou Bao Enters Mountain City & Yan Family Patriarch
490 Attacks the mountain city & Uses the Flipping Sky Seal
491 The Power of Flipping Sky Seal
492 Another Fiery Eye
493 Infinite Star Sea
494 Analysis
495 Stirring All Nations
496 Strange Changes to Incarnation
497 Divine Tribulation Strikes
498 Doub
499 The Mysterious Divine Ligh
500 Getting Involved in the Mire
501 Coercion I
502 Coercion Ⅱ
503 The Odd Change of the Flipping Sky Seal The Craziness of Secret Skill Part 1
504 The Odd Change of the Flipping Sky Seal The Craziness of Secret Skill Part 2
505 The Secret of the Void Map Part 1
506 The Secret of the Void Map Part 2
507 The Tribulation Happened in the Antiquity Times, the Dharma Power-restoring Skill I
508 The Tribulation Happened in the Antiquity Times, the Dharma Power-restoring Skill II
509 The Wind Blew, the Evil Fire Kylin
510 The Eight Nine Mysterious Skill
511 The Youxian Taoist Temple of the Tang Dynasty & Splendid Landscape Map
512 The World in the Map & Immortal-eliminating Sword of Origin
513 Gathering
514 Wolf Howl
515 Take Action
516 Succeed
517 Show Up & Explode
518 Obtaining the Inner Elixir
519 Dash out of the Splendid Landscape Map
520 Precious Beyond Words
521 Human Emperor & Ultimate Strength
522 Li Dynasty Senior Grand Tutor Hong
523 Zhi IX
524 The Human Emperor's Secre
525 Trouble
526 A Castle Crossing the Hollow
527 The Void-breaking Bridge & the Wheel of Time
528 The Furnace of Immortality Suppressing the Gold Bridge
529 The Macro World & The Heaven Realm
530 The Supreme Fairy Weapon & Another Fragmen
531 First Prototype
532 A Different Royal Capital
533 Chen Shoubai from Chen's Ancestral Temple
534 The Grand Transmitting Formation & Being Treated with Contemp
535 Let Me Teach You
536 Surprise Attack
537 Double Demons in the South Mountains
538 The Situation
539 The Beginning of the Ceremony
540 An Assassination
541 The Blackstone Ship & the Golden Throne
542 Debu
543 Crush Into You
544 The Ceremony Continues, Kill Emperor Wolf
545 Who Is the Stronger One
546 Puppet, Celestial Device, Punch
547 Fist Intent Beyond Imagination
548 Self-world
549 Six Royals
550 World-solidifying Skill & the Human Emperor Palace
551 Seeing Ji Yeyue Again
552 Taking the Opportunity to Expose Himself
553 Repercussions after the Ascending Ceremony
554 The Statements of Human Emperor on Antiquity Times and Heavens
555 Borrowing Treasures
556 Mutual Suppor
557 Boundless Sea Area and Prime Minister Zhong Jr.
558 Shocking News
559 Discouraged and Angry
560 Breaking In
561 Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey
562 The Green Pith Leaf & Reappearance of the Fairy Weapon
563 That D*mn Woman, Would You Dare to Come out and Fight with Me—the King, for Three Hundred Rounds
564 The Pneuma-sucking Skill & Failure to Succeed for Lack of a Final Effor
565 Undoing the Inhibition
566 The Only Way
567 Just Reaching the Infinite Star Sea
568 The Remains of a Lord of Heaven
569 Absorbing the Venom
570 Finding Ji Yeyue
571 The Devil Fetus I
572 The Devil Fetus Ⅱ
573 Soul-silencing Star
574 An encounter on Culumus Star
575 The Exposure
576 Take Action
577 Killing the Lord of Heaven and the Return Journey
578 The Golden Lock of Eight Doors and The Returning
579 Closing a Deal
580 Young Master Qi, The History of Being Disappointed
581 Refining the Scepter
582 Ancient Deities
583 Entering
584 The Power of the Divine Device
585 Bloody-robed Lord of Heaven
586 Refine the Scepter Again
587 News
588 An Identity
589 The Encounter
590 A Deal and the Secret Store
591 Heavenly Feather City and the Striking
592 Appearance of the Second Primordial Spiri
593 Bombarding to Death
594 ...
595 The Prison-suppressing Stele
596 Stele Breaks and Ruler Appears
597 The Immortal Character Emerged
598 The Sudden Evolution of the Fist Inten
599 The Success in Refining the Twin Hammers
600 Imprisoned
601 Breaking the Illusive Ripple with Three Hammer Moves
602 Successful Rescue
603 Five Ranks of Immortals
604 The Master of Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain
605 Seven Stunning Hammer Strikes and the Long-eyebrowed Patriarch
606 Ancient Treasure Ruins
607 News of the Devil Fetus
608 A Crazy Idea
609 Refining
610 Five Years
611 An interlude
612 Enforcing God's Law
613 The Gambling
614 The Duel
615 Reveal
616 Ancient Ruins of a Sect from Antiquity Times
617 The Pool of Thunder Tribulation
618 The Origin of the Pool of Thunder Tribulation and A Scrupulous Plan
619 Going Into Action Without Delay
620 Being Engulfed by Space-time Torrents
621 Demonstration of Strength
622 Pure Jade Liquid
623 Suffer An Attack
624 The Sea Area
625 Meeting His Match
626 Brutally Suppressed
627 Mysterious Icy Divine Ligh
628 Have A Talk
629 Reaching an Agreemen
630 The Appearance of the Thunder Emperor's Palace, A Bad Star
631 The Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar
632 Entering the Hole
633 Kill One to Warn A Hundred
634 The Shadow in the Tunnel
635 Thunder God
636 The Thunder Sea
637 A Sudden Attack
638 This is the Best Opportunity
639 Everyone Shows His Special Prowess
640 The Almighty Great Constellation Palace
641 The Kunlun Mirror
642 Another Encounter with Thunder Gods and the Fairy Weapon Showed Its Power
643 In the Depths of the Sea, a Trace of the Thunder Pool
644 Pool of Thunder Tribulation
645 Heavenly Fairy Weapon and Devil Fetus
646 Wugu Hou
647 A Fierce Battle
648 Sea Emperor's Striking in the End
649 One Show Finished with Another One Coming on the Scene
650 Bluff!
651 The Great Time-elapsing Millstone, Refining Yu Taixu
652 Too Great Benefits
653 The Void Immortal Realm
654 The Upheaval Started in Divine Wind Palace
655 Ten Years
656 The Fate Creator & Void Immortal Realm
657 A Different Void Thunder Tribulation
658 The Fate Creation Boy's Worry
659 The Thunder Tribulation Begins
660 The Response of the Divine Wind Palace
661 Wang She's Thunder Tribulation and the Supreme Thunder Canopy
662 The Giant Demon of Heaven and Earth Appears
663 The Divine Sense Reaching the Advanced Level and Gobbling up Enemies in One Go
664 The Identity of Child-endowing Buddha in Antiquity Times and the Innumerable Thunderbolts Formation
665 Starting to Go Through Thunder Tribulations
666 The Emerge of a Mysterious Figure
667 The Passageway Leading to the Immortal Realm and the Eccentric Divine Tribulation
668 The Situation
669 Exposing
670 The Black Mountain World & the Old Demon of Black Mountain
671 The Will of the Immortal Realm
672 Hei Chou's Appearance
673 The Duel with Hei Chou
674 The Sharp Saber Dharma King
675 The Reappearance of the Immortal Body Technique
676 The Old Demon of Black Mountain Acts
677 Obtaining the Immortal Body Technique
678 Discussions & Another Clue
679 The Secret that Everybody Knew
680 Incompetent Urban Managemen
681 The Strategy
682 An Offer That Cannot Be Refused
683 Permeating
684 The Li Family of Pingzhou
685 Rising in Revol
686 Whose Fairy Weapon Was It?
687 The Halfway Ambush
688 Killing with One Punch
689 The Biggest Problem
690 Fairy Pool Hunter
691 A Clear Stance
692 Adding Brilliance to Present Splendor & Providing Help in Difficult Times
693 An Inharmonious Meeting
694 Visitors from the Fifth Manor
695 In the Fifth Manor
696 The Fight Brought Up To The Door
697 A Fierce Battle of Wits
698 The Death of the Fairy Pool Hunter
699 The First Light of the Tree of Seven Wonders
700 The War Dead and the Counterattack
701 The Fate Creation Boy Returns to his Position, Endless Spacetime Changes
702 The Seven Wonderful Techniques are Born, The Flipping Sky Seal is Formed
703 Prime Minister Wan
704 See the Sea Emperor, A Hidden Danger in the Heaven Realm World
705 Karma Power
706 The Condition of the Sea Emperor
707 Arranging a Plo
708 An Unexpected Encounter on the Remote Red Star
709 Causality
710 Cooperation
711 Inhibitions
712 A Surprising Encounter and the Identity of the Fierce Owl
713 The Primordial Demon
714 Marquis Wugu Striking Ou
715 Numerous Fierce Owls
716 The Real Purpose of Sea Emperor
717 Being Manipulated for Real
718 Yunzhou
719 Ma Linglong's Capability
720 The Fifth Manor at the Longevity Mountain
721 A Deal
722 Gathering of Three Flowers I
723 Gathering of Three Flowers II —Flower of the Body
724 Gathering of Three Flowers III —Flower of the Qi
725 Gathering of Three Flowers IV —Flower of the Spiri
726 The Source I
727 The Source II
728 The Source III
729 The Start of the Battle
730 The Stratagem & the Doom
731 Collaboration
732 Consultation I
733 Consultation II
734 Capture, Chase, and the Flee
735 Countermeasure
736 Stand on the Sideline and Watch the Figh
737 A Resolute Extermination
738 Be forced to kill
739 Reaction of the Holy Alliance
740 Visit Again
741 Cower Back
742 The Steady Road
743 Figuring Out the Fist Inten
744 Star Palace
745 The Broken Arm
746 The Flecks of the Immortal-slaying Sword and the Red Gourd Device Spiri
747 The Secondary Palace
748 The Strange Baby
749 The News
750 Five Parties
751 Eastern Thunder World
752 Ninth Rank
753 Qing Dynasty, Shengjing City
754 Cundi, Cundi
755 The Big Invasion of the Devil Tribe
756 …
757 Zhou Bao's Chance
758 The Big Retreat of The Eastern Thunder Sec
759 Meeting Ruo Lin Again
760 Dong Yingtian
761 The Thunder Capital & the Ten Day Plan
762 The Blood Sacrifice & Guide
763 Unusual Movements of the Dark Sec
764 The Rumor, Chaos, and Earthly Immortal
765 Ghost Child's Primordial Spirits of Three Separations
766 The Earthly Immortal Acts
767 The First Round of Battle
768 The Power of an Earthly Immortal and Bathing in Blood
769 Murdering an Earthly Immortal with the Immortal-slaying Sword Qi
770 The Imminent Devil Tribulation
771 Practicing the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations
772 The Innate Deity's Cause of Death
773 Comprehending the Fist Inten
774 Ling Ruo and Fourth Brother
775 A Trouble Is Coming
776 Fighting and Discussing Concurrently
777 The Secret of Child-endowing Buddha
778 Guesses
779 The Challenge and The Void Competition
780 The Red Moon King
781 Another Surprise Attack
782 Battle at a Distance
783 God Said, F*ck You
784 Fight with All Your Strength I
785 The Rotating Wheel King—Chen Chong II
786 The Devil Realm, Void, and Change
787 The Highest Jade Cave Heaven
788 The Celestial Mystery Emperor and Zhou Bao's Action
789 The Arrival of the Devil Tribulation
790 The Choice of the Great Emperors
791 Divine Presence
792 The Next a Hundred Million-Year Be
793 Change of the Power
794 A Lust for Benefits
795 Different Targets
796 The Calamity of Fiery Eyes
797 The Jade Bell King Gao Qiang
798 Not Time for a Showdown
799 Plan
800 Secret Time Skill
801 Innate Fire-property Divine Body
802 Failing Star Reef
803 Sea-overlooking Gate Tower
804 Beginning the Tribulation
805 The Vast Sea's First Strike
806 Ending Up Worse Off
807 The Third Strike – Dark Blue Rage and the Broken Dust Formation
808 The Beginning of the Devil Tribulation & Fighting Wugu
809 Escaping Ⅰ
810 The Deal & Abuse
811 Spiritual Treasure Ⅱ
812 Netherworld Heaven & Reincarnation Scroll Ⅲ
813 The Dharma Ending Tribulation
814 The Central Star Area
815 Collecting the Five Kinds of Qi
816 The Human Immortal Tribulation
817 A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal I
818 A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal II
819 A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal III
820 To Snatch Treasure and to Infiltrate the Seven Mysteries World
821 Zhou Ning
822 Sacred Fire Bead
823 Ways to Undergo the Tribulation
824 Cundi's Fate
825 Killing and Fleeing
826 Laying the Cards on the Table
827 The Countermeasure
828 The Octupole Yin and Yang Mirror
829 The Yin and Yang Transformation Skill & the Heaven and Earth Secret Technique
830 The Mystery of the Seven Wonderful Techniques Ⅰ
831 The Mystery of the Seven Wonderful Techniques Ⅱ
832 The Immortal Tribulation
833 The Great Fusion Technique and the Air-frozen Bead
834 Fully Prepared – The Yin and Yang Dust Formation
835 Wang She's Unexpected Arrival and the Taoist Snake Inheritance
836 The Opponent's Smart Plot and the Countermeasure
837 A Successful Rescue!
838 The Detonation
839 Absorbing the Dharmas and Accomplishing the Reincarnation
840 The Way of Reincarnation
841 The Upcoming Opening of the Passageway to the Immortal Realm
842 An Old Chinese Parasol, The Forest of Mysteries & An Ongoing Assassination
843 Succeeding with One Strike and the Unusual Movements of the Immortal Realm
844 Entering the Immortal Realm
845 Assassination and the Welcoming Ceremony of the Immortal Realm
846 Reentering the Fifth Manor
847 The Three Greatest Forces in the Immortal Realm, Jade Emperor Sage
848 The Young Master of the Sword School
849 The Tribulation Takers
850 Coincidence
851 Local Bully Wang She
852 Attack
853 Jade Emperor Crown Prince Dark Garbha-mandala Canopy
854 The Killing Tribulations and Seizing Control of Fate
855 Starting to Face the Rock Cliff Sec
856 The Contract and the Two-Man Team
857 The Jade Emperor's Way to Success
858 I'm Also a Rookie
859 The Treasure-snatching Rock
860 The Willpower of the Celestial Immortal & the Five-colored Divine Ligh
861 Kong Ti
862 Fighting the Second Crown Prince of Jade Emperor Ⅰ
863 Success & Escape Ⅱ
864 The Fourth Layer & the Truth about His Previous Life
865 I Need Your Help
866 Own Way
867 Omnipotent Sage
868 Sky-walking Emperor, Father and Son
869 Everyone Has Their Own Scheme
870 The Battle of Emperor An
871 The Dark Mountains
872 The Underworld Sage's Doubts
873 The Chaotic Poisonous Sea
874 The Crimson Thunder
875 The Seven Wonderful Techniques and Deva's Five Decrepit Phenomena
876 The Beginning of the Five Decrepit Phenomena and the Omen of the Dharma Ending
877 The Source of the Dharma Ending
878 The Revenge
879 Burning the Good Fortune
880 Challenge the Earthly Immortal Tribulation
881 Insight From the Tribulation
882 Intense Atmosphere & The Axe of Fate
883 Beating Back Fate, the Azure Heavens Attack
884 The Start of Things to Come and the Azure Heavens Battle
885 The Plan Comes to Nothing, Deciphering the News
886 Inside the Treasure-snatching Rock and the Six Kingdoms
887 The Moon Temple
888 The Celestial Immortal Remains
889 The Discovery
890 Face to Face with the Celestial Immortal
891 The Truth I
892 The Truth II
893 Jade Emperor's Death & Becoming a Celestial Immortal
894 The Ultimate Tribulation I
895 The Ultimate Tribulation II
896 The Ultimate Tribulation III
897 Achieved Eternity Ending