“No, pet,” Galen forestalled her from finishing with a merciless grip on her shoulder. “Not your place.”

Oblivious, Gabi continued, “Sounds like you have some relatives like mine. Whose?”

Where was Gabi going with this? “My brother is nice, and he already said he’d come to the ceremony, and Vance has a fantastic family. But, oh God, Galen’s mother could outfreeze icicles.”


Behind her, Vance chuckled, and Galen gave an amused snort.

“Yeah, see?” Gabi bounced in her chair. “Daughters and potential daughters-in-law are obliged to be polite. But Galen’s mom isn’t related to me, so I wouldn’t have to be nice to her. And you…you could totally flatten my parents.” Gabi’s smile grew. “So, do you want to?”

“Gabi—want to what?”

“Boy, those stuffy Feebies are slowing your wits, girlfriend.” Gabi shoved the blue-dyed lock of hair out of her eyes and grinned. “Want to have a double wedding?”

“Oh. My. God.” Sally sat up straight. “Oh, Christ in a paddy wagon, that would be past fun and into sublime!”

“Exactly. Think of the havoc we could create.”

Master Marcus took a step forward and gripped her shoulders. “Gabi…”


Gabi stiffened, and her excitement faded away. She gave a resigned sigh. “Right. It was just a thought. I’d love to take on Galen’s mama. And Sally’s so tricky—she’d be great up against my dad. But…never mind.”

His keen eyes softened. “Take yourself a breath, darlin’,” he murmured, tracing his finger over the blue temp tatt on her shoulder. “I got a mind to wallop you for not sharing with me—and not thinking I can protect you.”

“You can’t guard me, big boy. Not for wedding stuff. That’s girl country.”

His surprise was almost laughable. But even a lawyer couldn’t argue that one, Sally knew. He looked over at Galen and Vance and shook his head before looking down at Gabi. “As long as I get my ring on your finger in a timely manner, y’all have my blessing to create whatever havoc you want.”

Under the sound of Gabi’s elated scream, Sally heard Vance mutter, “Fuck, just shoot me now.”

She turned to look at her Doms. “Um. Guys?”

“Sweetheart,” Vance said. “Have you ever met Gabi’s parents?”

Unbelievably enough, Galen was the one who laughed. “Up against our imp? They won’t know what hit them.” He bent down to kiss her cheek. “Go for it, pet. I know you can do anything you set your mind to.”


Her eyes filled with tears at the utter confidence in his voice.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of, bro. She’ll make mincemeat out of them.” After a second, Vance grinned. “At least the ceremony won’t be dull.”

God, could they be any more perfect? Blinking away tears, she remembered back in the spring, she’d given up on love. On finding a Dom. On hope.

Now she had love in abundance, hope for the future…and two Doms.

Even as she smiled down at the twinkling stones on her ring, she heard Vance mutter to Galen, “But she’s not bringing that laptop and voice stuff to the wedding.”

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