The pinnacle. He squeezed a tad harder, and she came with such a scream that he was glad he’d shut the balcony door. She shuddered, and the convulsing of her pussy around his cock almost took him with her.

He could spend a lifetime fucking her and count himself happy.

She blinked at him with glazed eyes. “Are you insane?”


He’d pushed himself back on his knees to talk. Now he pinched her clit in response to the rudeness. She squeaked, and her vagina spasmed again, making him smile. “Do you want clamps on your clit?” he asked softly.

Her eyes widened, and if she could have retreated through the wall, she would have. He chuckled and ordered again, “Say „I love you, Master."”

She started to automatically sass, and he moved slightly. Still hard. Her mouth fell open. “You…” She shut her mouth quickly, obviously realizing his hand rested on her clit. “Why are you doing this?”

Because you need to know that I’ll love you even when you fight me. But telling her wouldn’t do anything. She needed to know it, down at gut level. “Say ‘I love you, Master.’”

Her mouth shut, her chin in an adorable stubborn set.


“No?” He sighed. “You’re proving to be right difficult.” Which was why he’d saved this for last. He put his hand between her ass cheeks and flipped the control on the butt plug.

What was he…? The plug in her ass came to life. Gabi already felt stuffed full, and now that thing vibrated inside her, sending every nerve into spasms. “Oh no no no.”

“Oh yes, little brat,” he said softly. “I do enjoy the challenge, Darlin’, and I can see we’re going to have a lot of fun.” His eyes danced with laughter and passion as he leaned forward and took her mouth, hard and possessively.

He started to move. Everything had already heated up inside her; the vibrations in her back hole shimmered to her vagina and now mixed with the unbelievably erotic slide of his cock. Her hands clenched around the ropes as he sped up, really, really hammering into her, and she realized how much he’d held back before. Each thrust sent the weights on the breast clamps spinning. It felt as if someone was tugging on her nipples, each small jolt merging into the strange, disconcerting vibrations. Sensations rushed through her, tumbling her as if she’d been caught in a raging surf.

Her vagina tightened. Her thighs tightened. Her whole body tightened.

He didn’t make her wait. He simply angled his cock differently. With each short, hard stroke, he ground his pelvis against her clit. She soared higher. The edges of her vision blurred, leaving only his blue eyes staring into hers, not releasing her, keeping her with him. Against the rushing in her ears, she heard him drawl, “I love you, Gabrielle.”

With a low groan, he pushed in so far she felt him slam into her cervix. His cock jerked as he came and somehow merged with the vibrations in her ass and the pressing of his groin against her clit. Her climax blew over her like a hurricane, sweeping her up and destroying any defenses she had remaining. Pleasure battered her, her body completely at its mercy. At his mercy.

When he pulled out of her, he set off more spasms, and more again with the removal of the plug. The sharp pain of the clamps being released sent her into another orgasm.

He had removed the wrist and ankle cuffs before her breathing slowed. Her mind felt full of gauzy clouds, and if someone had asked her to get off the bed, she’d have cursed them. If she could have found her tongue.

When Marcus lay beside her and took her in his arms, it was the most wonderful feeling she’d ever known. Her body had tumbled away with the surf, but he found her, kept her afloat. “You look a tad lost, sweetheart,” he said, his amusement so obvious, she wanted to hit him.


And hold him. And stay there forever.

“I love you,” she whispered, and if it sounded a little blurry, he still understood. His arm tightened around her.


“I love you, Master. You asshole.”

With her head on his chest, she heard his laughter rumble upward and burst out, deep and rich, reminding her of the first hint she’d had that he was much, much more than Mr. Perfection. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and she gave a sigh of sheer contentment.

A second later, his fingers tilted her chin, forcing her to look into intense blue eyes as he said, “I love you, Gabrielle, and you are mine. We will be together, sugar.” His lips curved. “If your brattiness bothers me, I think you know now that I can—and will—simply fuck it right out of you.”

His lesson. He’d done all this to push her into defying him—and to show her how much he enjoyed the challenge. The knowledge shook something deep inside her.

Eyes steady on hers, he waited.

Oh, she couldn’t hide anything from him, and with the knowledge, she surrendered completely. Her eyes filled with tears.

He caressed her cheek, murmuring, “There we go. My little brat.”

“I really do love you.” God, she really, really did. And she wanted everything he’d said—to live with him, to play with him. He loves me – he likes me. Heart overflowing, she kissed him as sweetly as any master might want.

With a low laugh, he rolled on top of her and took a kiss that left hers in the dust.

When he pulled back, he rubbed his cheek against hers. My big cat. “I think there’s a glass of wine calling. And perhaps a balcony with some animals to watch.” The sun lines at the corners of his eyes crinkled. “If you can behave yourself, of course. Otherwise we can stay in here.”

She glared, then took a breath and said, “I’ll behave,” so sweetly that his eyes narrowed.

And she would too because if she had another orgasm today, it might just kill her. But tomorrow…

Where did I put that list of insults?

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