Moisture glossed his chocolate eyes and I pressed a soft kiss to the angel wing tattoo that took pride of place over his heart. “You once told me that one day you wanted to get away, that one day you would be your own person, and that one day you would get everything that you wanted.”

Romeo nodded slowly. “But what I want is you. Everythin’ I want is with you. You’re my ‘one day.’”

I reached in my back pocket and pulled out a letter, Romeo’s face displaying confusion, and I announced, “Your one day is finally here.”


Snatching the letter from my hands, he set to ripping it open, and I watched as the words accepted and University of Washington, Seattle, popped off the page.

His hands almost shredded the paper in two, and he looked up, his questioning gaze burning into mine. “You… Does…? What?”

I took the letter from his hands, dropped it back into my pocket, and placed my hands on his cheeks. “I also applied to Seattle. When Doctor Adams, all those months ago, mentioned there was a possibility of you going there, I researched into how the draft worked and took a calculated chance on Seattle. I didn’t want to say, just in case it didn’t work out. But it’s just paid off. I’m coming to Seattle with you, baby. You’re looking at the newest PhD student of philosophy. I sent my email confirmation about twenty-five minutes ago.”

Romeo smiled widely, a full smile, one that my dad would have been proud of, and he crashed his lips to mine.

When he finally pulled back, his intense expression was completely serious, and he pushed me against the wall. I knew that look; his feral, possessive side was clawing to the surface.


Romeo stared at me for several seconds, then suddenly blurted, “Marry me.”

I stumbled on my stiletto heels in shock. “W-what???”

Romeo’s hands spread on my face, owning me, begging me, wanting me. “Marry me. Marry me tomorrow, tonight, as quickly as we can. Just… fuckin’ marry me, Shakespeare. Let me make you officially mine.”

“But… But…”

His arms moved to jail me against the wall. “I love you. I love you more than anythin’. I can’t and won’t be without you ever again. I want to give you everythin’ possible. I want to give you happiness… I want to one day give you children.” He dropped his head against mine, whispering, “Marry me. Be with me. Have forever… with me.”

I lost the ability to breathe in reaction to the desperate need in his gaze and there was absolutely no question in my mind.

Romeo was it for me.

Romeo was to me what my father had with my mother. Romeo was the soul that bonded to mine… Romeo Prince was my home sweet home.

“Yes!” I announced, and his lips parted in relief.

“Say it again,” he demanded.


“Yes. Of course I’ll marry you!”

Romeo pounced on me, his soft lips sealing the vow of our union, and I melted under his touch. We were getting married and we would love each other more than anyone in the history of the world ever had.

Star-crossed lovers. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped from my lips at that thought.

“What the hell are you laughin’ at now, Shakespeare?” Romeo asked, pure happiness radiating from his wide smile.

I laid my hand on his heart, glancing up at the love of my life. “That the two ill-fated lovers—in our story—found a way to be together against all the odds, all of the obstacles, finally getting their happily ever after.”

Rome tipped his head in adoration, drawing me close with his hands on my cheeks, and murmured, “For never was a truer story of love conquering woe than this of Molly Juliet and her Romeo.”

The End

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