“Our baby is fuckin’ cute.”

“Gets it from her momma,” I grin.


Muff snorts beside us.

“Hey!” I say, giving him a look. “She so does!”

“Yeah princess,” he chuckles. “It’s all you.”

“Aunty Senny!” Eb’s says, turning.


“Yes honey?”

“Is Muff going to be my new daddy?”

We all fall silent, and Muff meets my gaze, giving me a helpless expression. I smile, and meet Ebony’s little eyes. “You know honey; I think it would be really cool if Muff was your new daddy. You know why?”

She shakes her head.

“Well, he’s really fun. And he’s good at giving cuddles.”

Ebony grins, big and beautiful, before turning to Muff. “I love your cuddles.”


He grins down at her. “I love them too, little princess.”

I roll my eyes, but my heart is thudding. I turn back to Jackson, and he’s smiling up at me.

“What?” I say.

“You, darlin’. You make everything beautiful.”

I bite my lip, and my entire body reacts to his words. I grip his face, bringing his lips down over mine. We kiss, long and deep, forgetting the world, forgetting where we are, and just existing in that kiss. Jackson makes everything real, and being with him has changed who I am. He saved me from my life, even though he doesn’t realize it. He made me who I am. He became my everything. He gave me what I needed, in more ways than one.

He gave me his club...

And these guys, they are our family.

To some, they might be crazy and dangerous.

To us, they are the reason we breathe.


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