His eyes met Cole’s and they both zeroed in on her with their mouths until she was writhing and moaning against the desk, letting them both know in exceptionally vivid detail how good it felt when they both licked her pussy at the same time. Luke was a hairsbreadth away from coming right then and there by the time she allowed her orgasm to take her.

“Get down and turn around. God, baby, I need to be inside of you,” Cole instructed, helping Sierra to climb down from her perch on the desk. Once her feet were on the ground, he retrieved the condom he’d apparently snuck in, sheathing himself in a rush.

Before Luke could even get in position, Cole was burying himself deep inside of Sierra, groans of ecstasy echoing in the room. Realizing the urgency, Luke lubed his cock before moving in behind Cole.

“Bend over,” he instructed, forcing Cole’s hips to still and making Sierra groan with disappointment. Apparently their little hellcat was enjoying herself.


Once Cole was in place, his body covering Sierra’s as she leaned over the desk, Luke slid two fingers inside Cole’s ass, doing his best to prepare him rather than just slamming home like he wanted.

“Fuck me, Luke,” Cole begged, his hips shifting slightly so that he was grinding his length inside of Sierra’s tight, warm body.

Luke moved into place, aligning his cock and pushing inside of Cole in one slow thrust. “Fuck.”

It took a few moments to get situated so that he could fuck Cole at the same time Cole was fucking Sierra, but they managed. Luke leaned forward, his eyes trained on the spot on Cole’s back where the tattoo would soon be and his cock swelled even more.

“I’m gonna love fucking you and seeing the ink right here,” he told Cole, sliding his tongue over his warm, salty skin, holding his shoulders as he began thrusting faster. “I’m going to see it every time I’m inside of you while I’m reminding you exactly who you belong to. Damn, you’re so fucking tight.”


Luke began slamming into him, the image so vivid in his mind. With each punishing thrust, Sierra moaned as Cole’s cock drove deeper into her pussy.

“I’m going to come again,” Sierra moaned. “Please, fuck me harder.”

Luke stood, gripping Cole’s hips and ramming his cock deeper, over and over until Sierra was screaming her release.

“I’m gonna come,” Luke groaned. “I can’t wait.”

Leaning over Cole once again, Luke pressed his lips against his warm, slick skin. He drove deep once, twice, and on the third time, he latched his teeth onto Cole’s skin, both of them coming, Cole’s groan echoing through the room.

Yes, Luke was definitely going to enjoy seeing Cole marked. And to think, this little afternoon rendezvous happened just from thinking about it.

Luke briefly wondered whether he should warn Cole about what was to come when he was inked and his body beckoned Luke even more than it did now.

Nah, what would be the fun in that?

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