When he was sure that the beast was dead, he pulled the knife out of the body and shoved the beast into the pit he’d dug earlier when he’d spotted the shifter following the woman that he’d stupidly claimed as his. Every time he hunted the couple down to the check on them, he found them being hunted by demons, shifters and vampires. He shook his head in disgust as he heard the couple start up all over again.

This honeymoon was exhausting him as well as giving him another reason to hate Pytes. As he picked up the shovel and started burying the body, he decided that they damn well better name this child after him to make up for all the bullshit that they were putting him through.


Williams Mansion…………

Karma really was the best, Danni decided with a pleased little sigh as she sent Chris flying across the room.

He landed with a grunt and a loud groan that put a smile on her lips. She really couldn’t help it. For too many months the big bastard and his father had taken great pleasure from “toughening her up” and now…….

Now, she was savoring the sweet revenge that came from a combination of powerful Pyte blood and years of Sentinel training. God, life was good. Could it get any better?

“Kill. Me,” Ephraim mumbled a few feet away from her.

Smiling, she decided that yes, life could definitely get better. She moved to get in a few more minutes of sweet revenge before she had to meet Caine for patrol only to stop when she saw that Jessica was already heading towards her grandfather to finish him off with a few new nose grabs and giggles. She looked at Chris and considered going a few more rounds with him, but the fact that he could barely move kind of wrecked it for her.

“I’m going to kill that SOB for giving you his blood,” Chris mumbled pathetically.

“Getting a good work out?” Caine asked as he walked into the training room, chuckling when both men flipped him off.


Ignoring them, she rushed over to Caine, only pausing for a split second to kick Chris, and wrapped her arms around her mate. He pulled her into his arms with a pleased smile. Three months later and it still felt like a dream.

Her cancer was gone. Completely gone. She had her blood tested every week and so far, nothing. She couldn’t get over how good she felt, how strong and fast she was and she wasn’t the only one. Caine had benefited from her blood as well. He was stronger and faster than ever. They both healed faster and needed less blood. They weren’t sure if this was going to last forever so for right now, they were going to enjoy it and all its benefits, she thought with a smirk as she turned her head to shoot Chris a wink as the large Sentinel struggled to get to his feet, only to fall flat on his face with another groan.

“I think that we can safely say that she’s toughened up now,” Ephraim said weakly as Jessica attacked his nose.

“I can’t believe that you would do this to your own family,” Chris muttered with a pout as he raised his tattooed wrist as a pointed reminder that they’d marked themselves to show their support. It was sweet, very sweet and touched her deeply, but….

That still hadn’t been enough to save them from a well-deserved ass whooping.

“You want to go upstairs before we have to head out?” Caine offered, brushing a kiss against her lips as he reached up and cupped her jaw. She caught a glimpse of his matching tattoo before she closed her eyes and savored his touch.

“We don’t have time,” she grumbled, wishing that that they’d taken Ephraim up on his offer to patrol for them tonight.

“We can switch with Ephraim,” Caine suggested, nibbling on her bottom lip.

“I-I can’t feel my legs,” Ephraim muttered, earning a chuckle from Caine and an eye roll from her as they broke apart to glare at the big baby.

Before she got a chance to mock him, Madison walked into the large room, looking grim and close to tears. She swallowed nervously as she weakly held up a blood stained piece of paper.

“Madison?” Ephraim said, his paltry wounds instantly forgotten as he got to his feet and quickly limped over to his mate. “What’s wrong?”

“He’s got her,” she said, choking back a sob.

“Who?” Ephraim asked, gently cupping his mate’s face as he searched for answers.

“Jill! The bastard has my sister!”

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