I go to my room, put on my pyjamas and then log onto my Facebook page. I see excitedly I have a friend request from Johnathan. I accept without hesitation and almost immediately, the pop-up indicates Johnathan is online, and then I see he has IM'ed me.

Johnathan: Hi

Chrissie: Hya

Johnathan: Hme alredy

Chrissie: Jst gt ere, nd u?

Johnathan: afta u lft, d prty gt borin!! :(

Chrissie: I'm sori :)

Johnathan: missin me yet?

Chrissie: way 2 mch ;)

I laugh softly at myself, being forward as always on the World Wide Web.

Johnathan: I ment wat I said, I do lyk u

Chrissie: I lyk u 2…

Chrissie: Nyt.x

I log off from Facebook quickly because although this is a very impersonal conversation, and not face to face, it still says more than it should.

I get into bed and sigh ecstatically as I lie back. Memories fill my mind of our kiss. It is everything I hoped it would be. I like Johnathan very much, and I really hope he is genuine when he says he likes me.

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