The two brides, of course, were lovely in white satin, Honiton lace,

pearls and orange flowers. "Equally," of course, the bridegrooms were

handsome and elegant, proud and happy.

To this old-fashioned wedding succeeded a round of dinners and evening

parties, given by the wedding guests. And when all these old-time

customs had been observed for the satisfaction of old friends, the

bridal party went upon the new-fashioned tour, for their own delight.

They spent a year in traveling over the eastern continent, and then

returned home to settle upon their patrimonial estates.

Major Warfield and Marah lived at Hurricane Hall and as his heart is


satisfied and at rest, his temper is gradually improving. As the lion

shall be led by the little child, Old Hurricane is led by the gentlest

woman that ever loved or suffered, and she is leading him in his old

age to the Saviour's feet.

Clara and Traverse live at Willow Heights, which has been repaired,

enlarged and improved, and where Traverse has already an extensive

practice, and where both endeavor to emulate the enlightened goodness

of the sainted Doctor Day.

Cap and Herbert, with Mrs. Le Noir, live at the Hidden House, which has

been turned by wealth and taste into a dwelling of light and beauty. As

the bravest are always the gentlest, so the most high-spirited are

always the most forgiving. And thus the weak or wicked old Dorcas

Knight finds still a home under the roof of Mrs. Le Noir. Her only

retribution being the very mild one of having her relations changed in

the fact that her temporary prisoner is now her mistress and sovereign


I wish I could say "they all lived happy ever after." But the truth is

I have reason to suppose that even Clara had sometimes occasion to

administer to Doctor Rocke dignified curtain lectures, which no doubt

did him good. And I know for a positive fact that our Cap sometimes

gives her "dear, darling, sweet Herbert," the benefit of the sharp edge

of her tongue, which, of course, he deserves.

But notwithstanding all this, I am happy to say that all enjoy a fair

amount of human felicity.

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