"Do you love me?" he went on, with passionate, shaking clasp.

"God help me--I do--I do!... And now it will kill me!"

"What did that damned fool Charley tell you?"


The strange content of his query, the trenchant force of it, brought her

upright, with sight suddenly cleared. Was this giant the tragic Glenn

who had strode to her from the cabin door?

"Charley told me--you and Flo--were married," she whispered.

"You didn't believe him!" returned Glenn.


She could no longer speak. She could only see her lover, as if

transfigured, limned dark against the looming red wall.

"That was one of Charley's queer jokes. I told you to beware of him. Flo

is married, yes--and very happy.... I'm unutterably happy, too--but I'm

not married. Lee Stanton was the lucky bridegroom.... Carley, the moment

I saw you I knew you had come back to me."

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