Bang! Bang! Bang!

BIGMOM was bleeding all over, and she still kept punching Ross again and again. With his speed exceeding that of BIGMOM, Ross flashed sideways in the crack, and his body was like a piece of paper as he escaped BIGMOM’s punches.
The punches missed their target but they still fell on the ground like mountains, shaking the ground and shaking the survivors on cake island.

A Continuous struggle.

Ross has confirmed the status of BIGMOM, who seemed to has a high Battle instinct at this time and she will avoid any dangerous attacks on herself instinctively without showing any flaws.

Even when he casts instant kill attacks, BIGMOM can avoid them with her speed and dangerous instincts.


This form also has a very big shortcoming, that it is basically a double-edged sword in which she wouldn’t be able to see any flaws in her opponents which is the same for her opponent as Ross can’t see any flaws in her attack, but this is a disadvantage for BIGMOM as she won’t be able to turn the situation around!

In other words, Ross can do whatever he wants to do and he doesn’t have to fear the flaws in the exhibition process, and he won’t be caught BIGMOM!

Losing reason in a battle is the prelude to death!

After avoiding BIGMOM’s various punches in a row, Ross folded his hands in front of him and stepped forward. He stepped back to the tens of meters, and his eyes flickered.


The power of distortion in his body suddenly broke out between his palms!

How terrifying is Ross’s power of distortion today?

Even Hundred Beast Kaido would need to go all out to match his attack power and he still would be a little inferior, and BIGMOM overdraws the vitality of her body and she still can barely make Ross retreat!

Almost at this moment, the power of distortion in his body was completely stimulated by Ross and condensed on the palm of his hand, the Void around his palms suddenly appeared in the form of Distortion, as if there was a translucent vortex!


This step has just begun!


Staring at the rushing BIGMOM, Ross stepped back again and backed out of the distance of dozens of meters, avoiding BIGMOM’s punch. Meanwhile, he spoke in a low voice and his two hands attached to the dark Armament Haki, which seems to be under great pressure.

His forehead is also instantaneous overflow with blue veins as if they had already reached on the verge of their limit!


A depressed Buzz sound suddenly swayed.

The distortion of the power of distortion around Ross’s hands, which originally had a diameter of nearly one foot, was suddenly reduced to only a few inches.

And as the vortex continues to rotate and shrink, the translucent power of distortion gradually becomes a gray tone and a strange energy that can be seen with the naked eye appeared!
“……you die!”

BIGMOM mouth made a fierce beast-like sound. There was no rational existence in the bloodshot and scarlet pupils. There was just madness and she ignored what Ross was doing and continued to rush towards Ross.

Ross can no longer use the Distortion space, because the power of distortion has been out on his hands’ in full force, facing the BIGMOM attacks he continues to use his body to escape.

Bang! Bang!

BIGMOM’s continuous punches were all avoided by Ross, but one of the punches hit Ross’s shoulders. Ross was still sent flying back into the ruins.
“What the hell is Ghost Hand Ross doing?”

The members of the BIGMOM Pirates have revealed a look of surprise and doubt. Before Ross and BIGMOM were facing each other in frontal combat, but suddenly Ross changed his style and began to constantly retreat to avoid her attacks.

Because the distance is too far, no one dares to approach and because Ross and BIGMOM’s battle area is filled with Haoshoku Haki, It is difficult for Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki to penetrate past it and they can only see the situation with their naked eyes.

Perospero’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light, muttering: “Is he on his last legs too? Or does he intend to use this way to exhaust and kill Mother…”

“It may be because he has no more strength left.”
Oven stood and said in a quiet voice. “We have never seen MAMA in this state before. It seems that there is no need for her to rest and she can continue to erupt with her full power in her every attack. Ross and Mother have been fighting for some time now, maybe he has no strength left, Let’s go and help Mother.”


Katakuri’s Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki’s Future Prediction suddenly showed him something and he hurridly shouted to stop others from rushing forward, while others Kenbonshoku (Observation) could not penetrate into the battle area, he could still look a little.

Katakuri stared at the field and barely perceive something confusing. He said in a low voice: “That Ghost Hand Ross seems to be preparing for something…”

“Preparing What?”

When he heard Katakuri, Perospero and others were stunned.

In the field.

Ross, who had been put in a ruin by BIGMOM’s punch jumped out of the ruins just before BIGMOM rushed into the ruins, he still maintained his posture of overlapping palms.

At this time, the gray vortex that wandered around his palm was compressed to less than an inch, and the color began to become darker and deeper, moving closer to the darkest color.

In this process, even his Armament Haki, which was condensed on Ross’s palm was stirred up and caught in the vortex, it compressed and squeezed!

“Ho… Ho… “

BIGMOM continues to charge into Ross while strange sounds were coming out of her mouth.

Ross stepped on Geppō (Moonwalk) in the air and rushed to the sky to avoid BIGMOM attack, but BIGMOM instantly took Thundercloud and rushed towards Ross.

At this moment, Ross’s body has become a little heavy, avoiding BIGMOM’s two attacks, he kicked out and collided with BIGMOM’s fist and the whole man fell down to the ground below.


The earth collapsed and several cracks of more than ten meters in length appeared. This scene also made the BIGMOM Pirates feel great!

But almost as BIGMOM swooped down from the air and was about to charge into Ross again, Ross, who is trapped in the earth, jumps out from the crack.

Between his palms, the strange vortex has disappeared.

“Although I have done it once before, the difficulty of doing it in practice is different from that of a Battle.”

Ross stood on the ruins and looked at BIGMOM in the sky. There was no panic in his eyes. There was only calm, like a silent pool.

He opened his palm.

In the palm of his hand, there is a little black ball floating. It’s not appropriate to call it a ball, because no matter which direction one looks it from, it looks more like a deep vortex.

It is impossible to describe it by the round on the paper, and difficult to describe it by the three-dimensional ‘ball’, because there is no concept of space above it and space is distorted into an incomprehensible form.

The only thing that can be perceived is that.

There is only ‘chaos’.

Looking at the BIGMOM rushing towards him, Ross opened his hand and gently stepped back and retreated to a few hundred meters.


BIGMOM’s mouth made a weird sound, as if instinctively aware of the danger, and also changed direction in an instant to avoid the floating black ball and continue to charge into Ross.

The next moment, however, Ross raised his hand, touched his middle finger with his thumb, and crossed his index finger in a staggered gesture.


With the Distortion of the surrounding space, the whole person appears inexplicably hundreds of meters away, in front of the black ball!

“Ho! “Ho!”

BIGMOM made a frantic noise as if she was about to wake up, but it was too late to do anything else.

After the overdraft force moved BIGMOM back to the spot, Ross opened his clasped thumb and forefinger silently, his eyes calm, and softly uttered a word.


His voice fell.

The black ball in front of BIGMOM… Suddenly broke!
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