Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?



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Is there hate at first sight?

When Kamiyama Kiyohira meets her for the first time, she is cursing him to rot with genital diseases at his father“s funeral.

He is the wicked CEO. She is the hateful Hikikomori.

She is the wicked Hikikomori. He is the hateful CEO.

Who is the wicked one here? It depends. Who is at the bottom ...
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Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?》Chapter List
1 Curse you to rot with genital dieases
2 Not allowed to curse
3 Give her what she wants
4 A vicious woman
5 Your rod never rise up again
6 Wreck her house
7 Sign the papers
8 That Kamiyama Bastard
9 Couldn't keep it inside your pants?
10 You can continue
11 Never again
12 Revenge for lost chastity and lost house.
13 Got seduced
14 No need for fake care
15 Don't have any interest, right?
16 Don't remember
17 Going to stand there all day?
18 An ideal CEO
19 Need you right now
20 Did Not Use Condom Once
21 You played me
22 Want to die, duncehead?
23 He is my LOVE
24 Head-butting?
25 An expert in dating
26 A challenge?
27 B stands for boofhead
28 To understand a woman's heart.
29 You spoke to me
30 She is happy
31 I am her first love
32 Who will marry you if I die?
33 Can't look or touch
34 Want to go to the south pole
35 Do you really...with him?
36 It's time to let go
37 Jumping was the fastest way to reach you
38 The station name is wrong
39 Use all of your weapons against me
40 What if someone poisons me?
41 Hungry enough to not think carefully
42 What's wrong with the second time?
43 Do you know her?
44 You might end up giving her new scars
45 I have found another way
46 It has to be her douche father
47 Love~
48 You will never get that wish
49 We will send our blessings
50 Please save me
51 I don't remember a lot of things
52 She's in this condition because of you
53 I am your girlfriend now?
54 She is better than others
55 It's safe to watch this
56 You knew how hard it was for her
57 I only wanted to disappear
58 Do you want to play with me?
59 Don't just swallow i
60 You are nobody's toy
61 I want to confirm something
62 I never said anything
63 She's dead?
64 Didn't know raising a daughter is this difficul
65 Going to T city is not a good idea
66 It was only ten steps away
67 Are you also here to pray?
68 Are you hiding something from me?
69 If I remember, will I become like that again?
70 They threw bait to her
71 You are supposed to leave the country
72 Your mother is coming to save you
73 Both of you deserve each other
74 Thank you for your kindness
75 You confessed to me at the wrong time
76 She's just shy
77 I want a divorce
78 Has he gone insane?
79 The weekend is too far
80 I am already married to her
81 I am watching a meteor shower
82 This pain is nothing if I can kiss you again
83 Hearing your nonsense lowers my IQ
84 The third person in our engagemen
85 The moment I heard you cursing
86 To survive this pain
87 Thanks for the warning
88 Is that why you married me?
89 If you wanted to be somebody
90 How do I take care of my angry wife?
91 Will date anyone who can take my breath away
92 Couldn't reshape what has already deformed
93 She's going to kill her
94 You are also fallible
95 If you have Kamiyama's blood
96 I apologize for getting scratched
97 She's wild, crazy, and dangerous
98 I won't let anyone hurt you again
99 I am a psycho
100 Upset about my zero performance in bed?
101 I don't need a man for orgasms
102 How I am still a queen
103 I have already taken your chastity
104 I might start liking you too
105 Nobody has seen you like tha
106 Want to test my feelings?
107 Will confess my sins
108 While he was still engaged to me
109 You will know in the future why
110 A lifetime is too long
111 Make a better lie
112 Can you imagine me
113 Why don't you just go to hell?
114 Age is just a number
115 Is she your prisoner?
116 My friends will take care of i
117 Are you a cosplayer?
118 Only worry about finding the woman
119 My first kiss was with a dog
120 I believe in his love for me
121 After the divorce is finalized
122 I will never get mad at you
123 No reason for us to stay as friends
124 I want to show you my world
125 He chose me over her
126 Cruelty is a part of humanity
127 Pain or death cannot scare me
128 Has a tendency to cheat death
129 I dare you to shoot me
130 It's a blessing to be a nobody
131 Keep your back straight and stay strong
132 You did well
133 Have not learned your lesson?
134 You need a lesson for messing with me
135 Pancakes dipped in honey
136 We aren't bad people
137 Do we always fall for difficult women?
138 This virgin eater will eat his virginity
139 I like your claws more
140 His love and care for us pass all the tests
141 Why can't they kiss and makeup like normal people?
142 I want a family
143 I didn't teach him anything
144 I always envied you
145 Until I heard your voice again
146 Let's fight until the end
147 Treasure yourself more, little girl
148 I don't like girls who don't act cute
149 If that's not an obsession, I don't know what is
150 The third leg really wants to get eaten dry by you
151 Why my heart is heavy
152 You know who your biggest enemies are?
153 Do you know who he is?
154 Uninvited brazen gues
155 Can't wait to get to know you more
156 Help me break my record
157 One who moan first loses
158 You are a masochist, Kiyohira
159 Baby, you moaned
160 Are you a snail?
161 Don't die before untying me
162 It's full of your saliva
163 There's a crazy woman here who wants to kill me
164 Who dares to disturb my son's dreams?
165 Like to roleplay as commoners
166 Can't guarantee how long you will live
167 Our quickies are never quick
168 My dick has lost his pride
169 Did you even wash your hands?
170 Love is often a motivation for betrayal
171 I want an army to rule
172 I was thinking about how to break the curse
173 You blind rabid dog!
174 She was my lover in my former life
175 Promise me that you won't tell her
176 You came to save me with a bottle of urine
177 But he still makes mistakes
178 How my nephew learned to manipulate people
179 A weapon doesn't discriminate
180 You are my property
181 Unless you are left with no choice
182 Man must take responsibility for their actions
183 Why do you still date your porn?
184 Your hands are wayward
185 That boy called her a girl
186 Does Yuki get hurt a lot?
187 Why are you like him so much?
188 Go back and find a woman
189 I want to see you again
190 Shouldn't be poking a sleeping lion
191 I see you
192 Such goodie two shoes
193 I hope that you will find me cute
194 If you fail, you will go to the date
195 Did what a childhood friend supposed to have done
196 If he has to take the path of blood
197 If I get my hands on you
198 Make me do anything you want me to do
199 Remember the blind date
200 A price that one must pay
201 Who is prettier than you in this world?
202 You can’t get hurt without my permission
203 You must protect me from her
204 How to respect the dead?
205 Unless you have this organ between your legs
206 I don’t have this
207 If you are incapable of feeling love
208 Father, we are hungry
209 I only wanted to see his penis
210 What are boobs?
211 Don’t be a picky eater
212 I have a piece of good news
213 Don’t be jealous of someone else’s happiness
215 What about your taste in women?
216 you also need a sugar mamma now
217 It’s not like I have inspected your backdoor
218 Did I say that I like you?
219 Who killed you in your past life?
220 Icarus and The Sun Memories of Other Life
221 I was a sacrifice to achieve that goal
222 Old enough to shoot people
223 Her love for me clouds her judgmen
224 Diary of Christopher Ash - Part 1
225 Diary of Christopher Ash - Part 2
226 Diary of Christopher Ash - Part 3
227 Diary of Christopher Ash - Part 4
228 Diary of Christophe Ash - Part 5
228 Diary of Christophe Ash -- Part 5
229 Diary of Christopher Ash -- Part 6
230 Diary of Christopher Ash -- Part 7
231 Who says that I don't see you as a woman?
232 Only an innocent kiss between childhood friends
233 The play had been over for a long time
234 I will tell you a tale
235 Went to her house and asked her to bully you
236 You are already dead to me
237 Ability to love despite the things that happened to you
238 Takeshi has a woman?
239 Madness is bound to cause chaos
240 If she poses a threat to his life again
241 The Consortium can save me
242 This world has clearly changed a lo
243 The most beautiful place in the world
244 If my uncle doesn't appreciate your beauty
245 Sniff out the candles
246 Not a husband material
247 Get him or give up
248 Get me a sister
249 I am not a masochis
250 He doesn't have any faith that you will get married
251 Don't pull my pants down
252 Please ignore me
253 I don't want to smell his poop
254 My man has to be hotter than yours
255 It's polite to address someone by her name
256 Can't be mended
257 I am so shameless
258 So, you hear me, you scoundrel
259 The language of fists
260 Leftover of a man
261 If I can take your fists
262 I will make you cum next time
263 Married a clown
264 Shit!
265 Pink doesn't look bad on you
266 Is she possessed?
267 Not a toy that you brought from a shop
268 If I hadn't tried to change i
269 You are quite creative, aren't you?
270 An idiot just like his nephew
271 I will set the stage for you to perform
272 An intense desire to copulate with him
273 Princess Maria!
274 That place needs a thorough massage
275 It’s a real female breas
276 Take off your clothes