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Last Chapter:63 Volume 2 Reboot...

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-2 Songs inspiration Up to date
1 The constraints of reality
2 Game Start: Jericho the Bard and Dancing Princess
3 Unique talents come with unique perspectives
4 The woman in armor and a tes
5 Meeting the water elementals
6 The quests
7 Elemental rewards and Understanding the Elements
8 One of Us! One of Us!
9 Participating on the wrong side of a boss battle
10 Back at the well, the audience sleeps
11 The snowflake that caused the avalanche
12 Saving the nameless village, Finally…
13 Life
14 The logic of Glaw
15 Piano wire Instrument strings
16 Finding an excuse to play
17 Friday Night Swing!
18 Lillith
19 Grilled Fish?
20 Got any Paws? Go fish
21 I Hate Outsiders
22 The Dragoons
23 When you use powerful cursed abilities...
24 The Healer Purai
25 She called me Cute...
26 Competitive kittens for ren
27 Shall we resume where we left off?
28 I.D. Ten T.
29 The Other Jericho
30 I'll see you all again
31 The Dragon Lord's Visi
32 The Game Changes
33 The Baa Hoof'n Hoedown
34 Battle of the Bards
35 Handling some personal matters
36 It’s my hidden treasure!
37 Alleviate some of that boredom
38 The Public Display of Affection Police
39 Bleh...
40 Tuesday music lessons
41 ♪ Lyrics ♫
42 Shiarra Returns
43 You said that way too casually
44 Don't follow me
45 Blasted Satyrs!
46 Friday
47 The Eternal Dance
48 It Starts
49 You believe therefore you perceive that it is
50 Monosyllabears, Monosyllables, and Monosyllabulls
51 The one I hurt the mos
52 Bringer's Bond
53 Summon Brother!
54 Army of Animals
55 The End of the Prelude
56 Author anouncement Feel free to skip
57 Reality, No Matter How Undesirable
58 Something I Cannot Share
59 Since it is You That is Asking
60 "*I Need Your Help*"
61 Welcome Back, Jericho the Bard Reboot in Progress
62 I'm Alive Suite and Defying Legends Quartet Reboot in Progress
63 Volume 2 Reboot...