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Last Chapter:146 The Limit Is Free Food and Lodging

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1 Beta Testers, Eternal Kingdom, and Bru
2 Well Prepared
3 The First Batch of Beta Gamers
4 First Dead Gamer
5 Dungeon Monsters Blueprints
6 Gamer's Beta Testing Strategy Guide
7 Equipment, Reputation And Opening Of New Area
8 Almost Scared Me to Death
9 The First Magical Item
10 So He Was A Rich Guy
11 Purchases
12 Little Fairy Part One
13 Little Fairy Part Two
14 Skills Trainer
15 Special Talen
16 The First Combat Training
17 Special Mission
18 Brave Warrior NotWearingPants
19 Dungeon Lord Was Unfathomable!
20 New Ore Vein And Exploration!
21 Gamers’ Exploration Combat and Simba’s Complaints
22 A Dog's Plan!
23 Version 0.01 Update Log
24 Beta Testing Advance Notice: Winterfell Merchant Band!
25 Change In Gamers' Behavior
26 Merchant Leader Nicholas
27 Don't Be Frightened
28 Insane Gamers
29 Do Not Ask. Hold Back.
30 Winterfell Merchant Band Activity Feedback
31 Yes, Boss!
32 End Of Activity And Sludge Monster?
33 Gamers' New Troubles
34 Main Plot and Sense of Mission
35 Chapter One Mission
36 I Have a Bold Idea
37 Baiting Cramer
38 Cannon Fodder for Baiting Cramer
39 Gamers' Combat Strategy
40 Ah, Goblins
41 Reward Distribution
42 The New Carpenter
43 Version 0.02 Update Log
44 Legendary Equipment and a Letter
45 Announcement of Hidden Mission
46 New System
47 Wild Beetlemon
48 Pom, Ka Cha, La Cha
49 Novice Group Commerce Discussion
50 Never Before Seen Scene
51 Is There a Similar Game?
52 My Goblin Friends
53 What Is an Instance Dungeon?
54 Let's Start the Show
55 Did You Drug Them?
56 I Am—Ba.Mannoroth.Con
57 The Extremely Responsible Lord Sherlock
58 Initial Agreemen
59 Offline Maintenance
60 Version 0.03 Update Log
61 The Gamers' Intelligence
62 I Am the Shame of the Devils
63 Welcome Back
64 Waking Up
65 Instance Dungeon Tactics Preparation
66 Brainiac
67 This Is A High-Risk Job
68 I Am Going Offline to Ea
69 What On Earth Was Happening?
70 Why Did Your Mum Let You Eat?
71 I Am Asking a Question
72 Cannot Trust Even a Punctuation Mark
73 Death Due to Bleeding Effects
74 Gamers' Rights
75 That Is My Credi
76 Specter College: Training Grounds Instance Dungeon Strategy Guide
77 Room 77
78 I Am Conscientious
79 Latest Specter College Graduation Strategy Guide
80 Using a Powerful Move!
81 I Am Creating a Post Immediately
82 I Am Bombing the Dungeon Server
83 Game Alias, Pioneer
84 This Is Impossible
85 Specter College's Number One Genius—Brainiac Part One
86 Specter College's Number One Genius—Brainiac Part Two
87 Specter College's Number One Genius—Brainiac Part Three
88 The Citizens of Eternal Kingdom Are Absolutely Loyal
89 Version 0.04 Update Log
90 Brainiac's Research Journal
91 Gamers' New Discovery
92 Do You Need an Army of Houndhead Men?
93 New Version Evaluation
94 Superior Devil Without Emotion
95 Internet Connection Interruption
96 Rune Location of the Ancient Ruins
97 Entrance
98 Preparing Plot Animation
99 The Task of Saving the World Is in Your Hands
100 New Mission Area and Version 0.05 Update Log
101 Advance! Ancient Ruins!
102 Thanks to Veteran Gamers Who Died to Create the Map
103 An Important Question
104 Second Beta Is Commencing
105 Version 0.15 Update Log
106 Isn't It Normal to Have Negative Numbers in Games?
107 The Plan of the Veterans Mentoring Novices
108 The Start of the Second Beta Testing
109 Look, a Veteran
110 Remember, This Is Moroes
111 What Am I Doing?
112 The Quality Is Too Inferior!
113 The Game Concept of PVP Player-Versus-Player
114 A Second Life
115 Version 0.16 Update Log
116 The Calling of the Gladiator Arena
117 The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena Welcomes You
118 Cruelty of Gladiator Fights!
119 Three Hamsters
120 The Tournament Starts
121 Learn Blacksmithing From Me
122 Dragon of Helling Empire
123 I Am Still a Child
124 Someone Is Taking the Hits
125 Version 0.17 Update
126 Crowd-Funded Chapter Name
127 The Way of the Gnome
128 My Comrades
129 Novice Dragonborn's Ambition
130 818 and Guilds
131 Shipping Goods
132 Version 0.18 Update Log
133 Added Monsters Secretly
134 Sneaky Figure
135 I Have to Recruit a Secretary
136 What Nonsense Are You Spouting?
137 The First PVP Guild War
138 The Correct Way to Use Mana Skills
139 The Way to Welcome Friends
140 Sherlie's Shameful Titles
141 Version 0.19 Update Log
142 Developing the Dungeon
143 It's Not Safe Anywhere
144 I'm Innocen
145 I Am Leaving With Her
146 The Limit Is Free Food and Lodging