The Evolving Stealth System



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Last Update:2019-10-23 20:33:57

Last Chapter:CH 77

Ding! Stealth System is activating! 

Current Mission Type: Survival 

[You have reincarnated by the gods into the body of a small demon child with ability to evolve and mask your energy from the Netherworld's skeletons, demons, and wraith armies.] 

[In order to survive, you must increase your necromancer abilities and evolve into a pinnacle being, and completely infiltrate the ranks of the demons armies and level up your power!] 

[There will be challenges, however, the more demons you kill, and the more missions you complete, the stronger your bloodline will become as you evolve and fight up the ladder of the netherworld] 

[Use this opportunity to become a king of the netherworld! The worlds plagued by demons are counting on you to accomplish this task!] 

[Ding! This message has been transmitted by the Heavenly Federation Alliance currently under siege by the demon armies...] 

It was one lich against the world... The entirety of existence waited for him to complete his mission, and... he couldn't find his arm... 

"Hmph, I am starting out as just a measly skeleton, but watch me evolve into a pinnacle being with my system...!" 


[Mission Starting now!]