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Last Chapter:106 Passing down the erossu technique

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1 Xia Feng? I fucken accept this name!
2 Erossu Book?!
3 Erossu Body Cultivation - Dual Cultivation
4 Shitty Destiny
5 Exam
6 He broke her leg
7 The young lady lost herself
8 Little brother's punishment - the smash
9 Bath after rough battle is obligatory
10 All clean
11 The longest little brother
12 Man's pride
13 No one can charm him
14 First mission is to help older lady
15 I have to clean again! Tsk!
16 First month passed...
17 Du Shung's grand plan
18 Two fountains of blood
19 Xia Feng, the white knigh
20 I will need your help, chef!
21 Your sugar mommy surrenders
22 Two perverted situations in one day?! What are you doing, destiny?
23 Give me some love as well, kay?
24 Another one pierced the heavens
25 Du Shung's new path
26 Choose
27 And plan was going so nicely...
28 Exposed... or not?
29 E-exposed?
30 I am ass breaker. Nice to meet you...
31 One beauty sitting on the face... Other on the rod... Heavens!
32 First dog arrives
33 Shitty like my shit on the daily throne in the morning
34 Oi, he fainted.
35 The last lady of Erossu Book
36 Eat slowly
37 It won't break!
38 First virginity taken - Bruh!
39 The Erossu Book opens
40 Pure smile of happiness
41 You know what to do! Hueheheh~~
42 World for beauties
43 Show me your feelings
44 Reach the depths
45 Gentle bastard
46 Get the fuck out from my house
47 Mu Yi
48 Sister Yiyi
50 Dragon rod... Erossu Ears...
51 Heavens...
52 Mysterious ability
53 Trauma
54 You can not escape the destiny
55 Future perver
56 Ca
57 Emperor Of Fluffiness
58 Every race - It's your destiny, bruh!
59 Epic soundtrack is too op, even though it's only in its first stage! First stage?
61 The abilities of Erossu Killing Technique #1
62 Soft landing
63 Do you even lift, bruh?
64 Who won?
65 Work hard by yourself
66 My present! UWEEEEEEEEE!
67 It was supposed to be gentle!
68 The rod is awakening for me?!
69 EROSSU KILLING TECHNIQUE #2 Erossu Tip Explosion
70 I didn't know I am into legal lolis!
72 Are you in mood for that as well?
73 Dirty bastard
74 Erossu Attack! Six times explosion... Heavens!
75 Father
76 Exploding Sword's Edge
77 Is such payment fine?
78 Bike Cultivation
79 Nice flowers
80 Special flower - special treatmen
81 Don't spit on me!
82 Xiu'er
83 Underwater rolling
84 Xia Weiping! The Badass Bike Cultivator comes.
85 He took all our virginities! Do you even have bike?!
86 Becoming inner disciple
87 Evolution
88 Cat doesn't want to cultivate as special milk will appear sooner or later!
89 Virginities can break the walls of cultivation!
90 Comprehending the qi!
91 New technique... has been born...
92 We will paint this hand white
93 Accepting The Erossu Cultivation wholly! Time to prepare the stage!
94 Painting the stage like true painters! The flowing rivers always brings with itself a surprise!
95 Xia Weiping dreams high! Is that good though?
96 Xia Weiping's poor little brother calls for help
98 Earth Hand Explodes
99 Cold milk first, then bathe!
100 The reason he sweats like pig!
101 Xia Luan
102 Mother has an upgradement in her bottom!
103 Luan'er
104 Welcome to the club
105 I fucken want those lips!
106 Passing down the erossu technique