Chapter 55

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Within a hospital that looked very similar to the one that Alice and Haru had first met in and defeated the Hag in, a woman and a beast of a man were walking . The man had a soft and round looking face, it looked a lot like a baby's face .

The woman was rather dull, she didn't have any features that would cause one to stop in their tracks if anything she gave off a girl next door vibe . The only thing that was noteworthy about her was how she was dressed and her hair .

Her hair dragged across the floor and any time it passed over rubble it broke it apart and sliced it into thin strips of rubble . Her outfit barely covered her breast and her nether regions . A small smile rest of her lips and she followed the big man around .

"Zeal, where are we going?" The woman asks as she runs a hand over her breast, flicking off some invisible dirt .

"We've been ordered to investigate something . As Priest Mia, we have no choice but to do as we're told, plus it was a request order by an Archbishop to carry this out no less," the man, Zeal, spoke his body fat jiggling slightly as he walked passing through a corridor .

"But it's just an old abandoned hospital that got a few ghosts and some hidden passageways, what so special about that?" Mia sneered as she kicked a bit of rubble . It flew into the wall with such force it actually caused the wall to crumble and break apart .

"This is the place that something was sealed, something that was never supposed to see the light of day again," he says his beady little eyes opened as he glared at his partner .

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She was just a violent dumbass, while he was the brains of the whole operation . A few ghosts drifted towards them and Mia's hair shot out like lighting and cut them apart, their screams of anguish could be heard and she couldn't help but laugh .

"We're getting close to it, Mia stays close," Zeal spoke and the woman drifted closer to him her face was a bright pink as she leaned on him .

"Zeal, after this can we take a vacation to one of the resort worlds? We've been working so hard, why don't we enjoy some leave while butchering zombies?" She whined as she rubbed her breast on his arm, he looked down at her a fire burning in his beady eyes .

These two were lovers, probably the reason that they bickered like an older married couple . They were nearing the end of the hallway that had a door that had words written in blood that said 'KEEP OUT OR DIE' .

It was the same door that Haru and Alice had run into when they were trying to escape this nightmare of a hospital . Mia skipped forward removing herself from zeals arm . Nearing the door, she noticed a couple handprint on the door and the smeared lettering .

"Someone been this way, I wonder if it's the person that we're looking for! What do you think Zeal?" She asks running her hand through the somewhat dry blood, smearing a few parts of it .

The huge man came up behind her and looked at the door, he sniffed the air a couple of times . It looks like it was two people and then some sort of monster, it's hard to tell the scents are all mixed up .

These two were apart of a division in that hunted people that the church wanted to find . Being that way they each had a wide range of track skills or talents in that department .

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"Should we head in as well?" She asks already pressing the door open .

"Wai-" His words died in his mouth as they were swept into the sparkling darkness behind the door . With that, they quickly vanished from the hallway and ended up in a dark room .

Mia ended up onto of Zeal, she didn't even feel the impact of the fall . While he raised a hand and rubbed the back of his head .

"Why don't you wait, sometimes it not the best to blindly rush into things," he chastises the woman that was on top of him . She pouted before she slides off of him and stood up, stretching slightly .

Her hair dragged along the floor as she moved forward, she stops in front of a corpse of a goblin . Bending down she presses her finger into the open wound of the goblin and the sticky red blood coats her finger, she pressed the finger into her mouth .

"They've died rather recently, I'd say it been about five or so day since they've died," she mutters after licking all the blood off her finger .

"It's not just that one it looks like there was a huge battle here," he pointed ahead towards the giant corpse of the troll laying a bit further up ahead .

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"Phew," she whistles as she looks ahead," that's a big boy, even bigger than you, huh?" Mia chuckles as she elbows Zeal a little bit .

He gives her a rather dry look and shakes his head as he walks over the corpse and surveys the rest of the area . There wasn't much blood at all for the number of corpses, there was a lack of blood as if someone had sucked it all up .

Had it been a vampire that had done this? Rubbing the back of his neck he steps past Mia and walks around, trying to piece together what happened . Bending down he begins to inspect the corpse .

Some had slash wounds, other had been cleaning cut apart and more had piercing wounds that you'd see done by a lance . This was indeed a bit strange, he'd only smelled two people up ahead and a monster, but there was no trace of a monster kill on any of these corpses .

They all look like they'd been killed by something humanoid, or at least something with a human level intellect . Rubbing the back of his neck again he stands from the corpse and looks over at Mia, who's been surprisingly quiet .

His eyes land on a man, this man had a hand around Mia's throat and was smiling down at her . "Landon, just what are you doing here?" Zeal asked a hint of anger in his voice .

The man that had a vase like grip on Mia's throat was beautiful, heavenly defying beauty . His striking blonde hair and bright blue eyes made people think of him and angels in the same train of thought .

"Did you find anything interesting yet?" His voice was soothing and soft to the ear .

"Let go of Mia," Zeal breathed out his hands clenching into a fist .

"Is that anyway for a Priest to talk to a Bishop?" Landon tsk out as he lets go of Mia's throat, she staggers forward drawing in short breaths of air as she runs back over to Zeal .

"But I'm a forgiving Bishop that's guided by our Goddess light," he laughed out and gave a sweeping bow and raised his head up towards the ceiling a look of rapture on his face .

He was indeed a devout fanatic of the Knight of the Goddess, to the point of insanity .

"We've just arrived, we haven't found anything," Zeal muttered and he brushed a hand down Mia's head her body was trembling .

"Very well, I believe the person that we're looking for is a female, I've reversed time here . I've gotten a bit of a hazy image of her, I'll send it to you both . So leave and head to the towns and see if you can find anything or the person that matches this image," he says quickly .

Throwing a piece of paper through the air, Zeal raises a hand and catches it between his finger . A hazy looking image of a woman could be seen, her hair was white as snow and she had two horns coming out of her head, other than that her face was basically blurry and hard to make out .

"Very well, we'll take our leave," he pocketed the image and gave a slight bow before he drew away from the man that was still smiling kindly at them .

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