Chapter 56

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Standing back in the plaza, I looked around waiting for the mysterious person that Rina had said would find me, I had the dagger strapped to my waist as I waited . Looking around the place was still abuzz with people and stands, looks like this place really was the place to be for Players .

Wit sat in the chair that Rina had given us, she was looking around with a smile on her face, her cute cherubim cheeks glowing lightly . She'd been just as excited as I was for this, rubbing my neck I brush my necklace .

'Alice! Why don't I get to be out and about too?' Jade's voice whined from the necklace, I kept him like this because it was easier to keep track of and I wouldn't lose him if I had to fight .

Rolling my eyes at his words, I don't respond . Envy had been too much, I'd let him stay out for a bit and between him trying to climb into bed and have his way with me and his violent behavior towards people that got to close to me it was enough to tire me out for a lifetime .

We'd gone out and bought supplies for the game, but I still wasn't sure of all the details surrounding the game .

The card had given a vague amount of information, it listed some of the possible dangers and then a bit about it being a scavenger hunt, for the life of me I didn't know how a scavenger hunt could be deadly . However, I felt like this game was built to eternally torment a person, so I'm sure it was going to be difficult .

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Stretching my arms above my head, I was starting to question if her information had been true . Or if they had come already and decided that they didn't want to work with me .

The sound of metal and marching drew my attention, turning towards the noise, I noticed a little bit away from me a group of about ten or so people we're heading towards the plaza . Soon enough they entered through the barrier and walked towards the board, they are pretty close to me .

The silver of their armor caught the rays of the sunlight and glinted with a righteous glare . They reminded me of perfect little status, something about it ticked me off a bit . A feeling at the back of my mind was sneering at them .

A beautiful man appeared, it was like he'd been carved from a stone everything about him was the perfect proportions . All the way from the top of his head down to his toes . There wasn't a hair out of place on his head, it was a warm sunkissed blonde . His eyes reminded me of a clear pond, the striking blue is clean and true .

He wasn't dressed in armor like the other nine that had marched in formation . He had a suit on, and a huge sword strapped to his back, a faint smile played on his lips . There was an air of indifference around him, I watched him for a bit longer .

He inspected the troops in front of him carefully . He muttered a few words to himself that I couldn't make out as he walked around them . When he turned around, I caught sight of a sigil on the giant sword on his back, it was that of a woman with two angel wings, and a magic circle of sorts behind her .

I quickly turned my head away from him, that was the sigil of the Knight's of the Goddess, what the hell were they doing here?

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As my brain worked on overdrive to try and figure out just what they are doing here a light tap on my shoulder drew me out of my complex thoughts . I cringed inwardly, turning I was hoping it wasn't the man that I had just been ogling .

Much to my delight, it wasn't him, instead, two young women stood in front of me .

They both look like witches, wearing rather pointy black hats and short black dresses, looking like carbon copies of each other . Silver colored hair streams out from their hats, and some curls around their faces framing their blood red eyes

Lips the color of ruby red blood and crystal white teeth that are pointed poke out from their lips . I spotted a dagger strapped to each of their legs, and a couple tattoo's littering their bodies .

"You're the one?" The silver-haired witch to my right asked as she scanned my body, the same way that I was scanning theirs .

"Of course she is," the one of the left says rolling her eyes as she looks over at her sister .

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"It never hurts to ask you know, she could have killed the other one and taken the dagger you know?" the right one snaps as she glares at her sister, before turning her head back towards me .

"Then how the hell would she know to be here at this place and time?" The left one glowers as they turn towards each other, it looks like they were going to fight each other at this rate .

"She could have tortured it out of the poor girl," the right one replied listlessly as she put a black manicured hand to her chest, as she feigned worry .

I couldn't help roll my eyes at their antics as they began to bicker for a bit, I cleared my throat after a couple minute to try and get their attention back onto me and not at each other throats .

"I'm sorry my sister is dreadfully rude sometimes," the left one responded turning to look at me, while she casually shot her sister a glare .

I noticed more and more groups of people were slowly pouring into the plaza and group in our general direction . Four groups of ten and then three groups of about seven to eight people, we seemed to be the only group of three people, four if you counted Wit .

"Are you rain?" The sister to the right asks as she pulls at some of her hair that had fallen in front of her face . "Because Kobayashi said that we should look for a woman with inky black hair and a darling little lolita that with's her," she continued .

I wanted to roll my eyes, it really seems that Rina was taken with us . But that woman was as eccentric as they come, I paid little thought to it as I pinch the bridge of my nose .

"Yes, I am and this is Wit," I gesture towards my little blood witch that sitting in a chair scanning the area," What are you two's names?" I ask them both .

Looking over at the little witch, a huge smile graced their face as they looked at her . She was indeed adorable, sensing the stare's she turned her little head towards the two staring women, and they both waved a hand at her .

She looked at them for a moment longer before she looked away from them and continued what she was doing . They looked a little heartbroken that she hadn't waved back to them . I chuckle a little, she's picky .

"I'm Locasta," the one to the left spoke," and I'm Bavmorda," the one on the right finished, they both gave a small curtsey as they finished .

After their introduction a clap of thunder sounded and shook the plaza, looking to the far right a doorway appeared, it was huge . It glittered and glowed with a tempting black light, I watched as a woman stepped through the door .

Her hair was a light green and her skin a warm olive color, she wore a basically gossamer thin dress and the pressure that she gave off was enormous . Green eyes the color of Jade swept over the crowd as she surveyed it with those enchanting eyes of hers .

"The Hunt of the Dryad challenger's please step forward!" Her voice was soft as the whistling wind but as strong as a raging tornado .

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