Chapter 59

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I felt my eyes flutter open, I couldn't stop the sharp gasp that left my mouth as I looked around . My vision coming back to me, I noticed that the room that I had been in seconds earlier was gone and the dead body of the girl along with it . A sharp memory now presented itself to me, I'd been a killer . . . my name was 019?

A lot of questions bubbled up in my mind, like a volcano .

"Rain?" I jerked my head up and noticed that the twins and Wit we're looking at me with concern clearly etched onto their faces . I looked at them and then back around at my surroundings and find that none of the other people were there .

Where had they gone?

"How long was I out for?" I ask, my throat felt tight as I remembered the look on the little girl face . But what made me feel even worse was the feeling of happiness that I felt in the end .

A shudder ran up my spine, I took a couple of deep breathe's trying to calm the nerves . I'd killed a girl, a shock went through my mind as I tried to deal with the new found mental stress that I felt .

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"Just a couple of minutes," the twin to my right spoke .

"You're not going to faint like that again are you, because there is probably going to be a lot of blood in the future you know," the twin to my left spoke .

Sucking in a couple breaths I managed to stop the anxiety that was crawling up into my mind . Looking up at the twins I frown at them .

I was starting to get a better idea which twin was which, Locasta was the sweet one of the two, while Bavmorda was the rude one . It's like they were good and evil, I shook my head at my thoughts and flexed my hand .

"I'll be fine," I muttered as I pushed myself off from the ground . Looking around I see that we've been teleported into the forest, the question was what to do now? "Could you two do something to distinguish yourself from one another?" I ask .

They both looked at each other, Bavmorda just stuck up her nose, while Locasta started to braid her hair . Well at least one of them was willing to work with me here, Wit bounced towards me and grabbed my leg .

Her red eye looks up at me with evident concern in it, I raise a hand and pat her head . Although, a sick feeling rose in my stomach as I patted her head as I remembered the memory .

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"We've landed in the western part of the forest, we're relatively close to a marked area, that supposes to hold the fruit of ten thousand tongues," Bavmorda spoke as she looked at a map .

"How far away are we from the part of the forest that holds the Dryad's Nemesis?" I ask as I look around the forest .

Other than the occasional sound of rustling and the sound of animals, the forest is peaceful, if I'd just wandered into the forest I wouldn't think that this was something scary in the least, but this wasn't a simple forest in the least .

"There some information here about him, but it looks like we're about two mountain ranges away from him at this point a couple hundred miles or so," she concluded looking up from the map and slipping it into one of the pockets in her jackets .

"It would seem that he's some sort of demon like entity, that she's trapped in this gigantic forest . He can move about a bit but his main body is in the specified location, called the demonic ridge," she added .

Locasta had finished braiding her long hair and smiled at me .

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"We don't know where any of the other teams are either, but we should be prepared that they will probably attack us," Locasta spoke as she rubbed the back of her neck .

I nod my head and slip Wit's hand into my own .

"For now we should move towards the Fruit of a Thousand Tongues, the sooner we find it and the more that we can gather the better off we are, plus we'll have to do something when it turns to night," I mutter .

"Indeed, Bav lead the way I'll watch the rear . We should only be a mile or so away right?" Locasta says as she twists her head looking at the surroundings .

It hadn't turned quite which means that the animals in the forest hadn't been spoked so that was a good thing .

"Sure," Bavmorda says with a shrug as she slips by me and moves to the front and begins to walk through the forest .

It's densely packed with all manner of strange and wild plants . I follow behind her and we begin our trek through the forest .


At another part of the forest not too far from the four, another group was making their way towards the fruit of a thousand tongues . It was the group of ten from the knight's of the goddess, they moved easily through the forest drawing the ire of monsters and beast alike .

Although they were quickly slewed as the party moved forward like a well-oiled machine, the man, Landon, walked in the middle of the people . A bored look on his face as he scanned the map, planning the route that he'd take to victory, he wanted nothing more than that monster that the Dryad had been offered .

He's met with an oracle a bit ago and she'd said that he should head to this world and compete in this mini-game, plus those two idiots had said that they could smell the trace of one of the people that they were searching for .

Hopefully, they'd either perish here or he'd kill them . Either way, he'd kill any woman that he'd come across, all in the name of his Goddess . A look of insanity crossed his features as he remembered seeing the Goddess in the flesh, she was beautiful .

The sound of laughter rang out through the forest as he continued forward .

He just hoped that those two would do their job and clean up the field for him, he felt like it was beneath of him to waste time on the woman . . . but he'd take the glory of the kill and rank up and be one step closer to his dream of becoming the Pope .

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