The legend of ice



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Hasan was a youth where he believed that everything was normal. But all of this changed when on his 15th birthday he had a dream...

Walk with Hasan and see how he would reach a high level of cultivation.

Note: This novel holds a great number of mythologies, games, and books
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1 Prologue
2 I have a chat with myself
3 Yer a wizard Hasan
4 The mansion of nigh
5 The laws of the universe
6 Why do you look like me? Wait, I look you.
7 My first day at training
8 I blow up a perfect room in the house
9 I have a ride on a horse-eagle
10 We make potions with a half-dead man
11 A year later
12 The transformation
13 The mark of Yggdrasil
14 The prophecy
15 The captain's claims
16 Bloodbath - Blood Absorb
17 The justice of Buddhist Sagna
18 Immortal Sun Sec
19 The Inheritance of Pangu
20 The second piece
21 Pangu
22 Tai Yang
23 The Red Lotus
26 A secret book
27 Heartforce
28 Back to China
29 First day in Mount Evergreen
30 Bloodbath - Blood Snake
31 The first nine levels of the tower
32 The fight in the tenth level
33 Becoming Pangu
34 As Pangu
35 Magical beast - Winged Lion
36 The ruler of Mount Evergreen
37 Taming
38 Association with the Winged Lion
39 Separation
40 How could I possibly fly here?
41 First moments on Isle of Prisons
42 A cat goddess
43 The Underwater Phoenix King
44 A fire figure
45 I did it for you
46 The bridge to the laws
47 Three rounds, almos
48 A drunk lord
49 An angry man, an idiot, a dragon, a Lord of Choas, a wizard, a head, and me in a meeting
50 What will he make me do?
51 Bing Zhi Di, the weirdest name ever.
52 The Ice Pixies
53 Body power tes