One Piece and the Celestial Dragon



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Last Chapter:68 Panda invasion

I died but got a second chance in a new world. This was a cruel world full of pirates, marines and world nobles. This was the world of One Piece. I“m just a normal guy and I did not get a cheat like a system or a special bloodline. How could I survive in a word like this? I couldn“t even defeat the bullies in my high school times and this world is full of bad*sses. But one day changed everything....
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One Piece and the Celestial Dragon》Chapter List
1 Prolog
2 Mary Geoise
3 Grandfather
4 My new teacher
5 That's a good catch...
6 Time skip
7 Blackflame family
8 New power
9 Hancocks new power
10 New crew members
11 The calm before the storm
12 A shocking secre
13 Old man's last gif
14 The ship arrived at the sea
15 Vinsmoke family
16 Crew meeting
17 You have to spoil your kids
18 I'm the boss of your boss
19 The first enemy
20 Mysterious Island
21 Merchan
22 Shichibukai
23 Paradise Island
24 Sarazar Sid
25 Sid's deal with the devil
26 Bonney vs Gloria
27 Hachi's troubled pas
28 Reiju
29 Power of the New World
30 Demon Fox Hancock
31 The heir of the Blackflame House
32 A deal with a true devil
33 Epilogue
34 Prolog
35 Future plans
36 Walter Benson
37 Recruitment 1
38 Recruitment 2
39 Alabasta 1
40 Alabasta 2
41 Headquarter
42 The sorrow of a young man
43 Sky Island
44 Date
45 A flawless plan
46 Sabaody is in danger
47 New participants for the Battle Royal
48 Team one is ready for the figh
49 The Blackflame's
50 History of the Blackflame Family
51 The legendary One Piece character
52 Pandaman in trouble
53 A present for you
54 Lilly's anger
55 Blackflame D. Lilly
56 The true heir of the Blackflame Family
57 The crazy family
58 After the battle
59 Black Dragons
60 Dressrosa
61 The Hero and his Sidekick
62 Joker
63 Epilogue
64 Prolog
65 The organization that will shock the world
66 The Panda-Monkey Tag Team
66 The Panda-Monkey-Alliance
67 Ezio's first scheme
68 Panda invasion