The Vampire Project



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Six people gets a chance to turn into a vampire for free. Yet behind the new power they gained they“ve ended up with the greatest decisions of their lives as a seventh one appeared that will only bring total chaos and may pause a threat to the human kind. An army for an army, vampire vs vampire, man vs vampire, good vs evil. They won“t let such and evil doer prevail or they“ll see the human kind ...
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The Vampire Project》Chapter List
1 The Underground Facility
2 The Search For The 6 Clan Heads
3 When They Meet The Baker
4 The Assassin That Never Kills
5 Whenever No one's Around
6 The Brat Who Wanted Power
7 The Final Candidate
8 Against Their Wills
9 The Power of Words
10 The Start of Project HM-BB001
11 Who's The Traitor
12 Bio-Weapons
13 Knowing What We Are
14 Your Blood is the Key
15 The Start of the Demonfire Clan
16 The Arrival
17 Meeting the Hellgazers
18 First Targets
19 St. Claire Hospital's Downfall
20 The First War of Vampires
21 We're Both Human and Vampire
22 The Spy
23 Paving My Way To Stardom
24 Pretending
25 Just Endure I
26 A Simple Mistake
27 Know Your Enemies
28 Volton's Gif
29 Options
30 The Hun
31 Who Are You?
32 First Generation Vampires
33 The Vampire Hunters
34 Vampires Vs Hunters
35 Secrets of the Demonfire
36 Carolina's Parents
37 Ascending the Throne
38 The Third Generation Vampires
39 Training
40 The Queen's Order
41 The Demonfire, the Hellgazer and the Black Knights
42 Black Knights of India
43 One's Death
44 Ara's Last Words
45 The Master Hypnotis
46 The Saddest News
47 I Can See Her Every Smile
48 This is for her!
49 In The Midst of Confusion
50 So Confusing!