Not A Cultivator



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Last Chapter:115 It's Best Not to Arrive Fas

In a world full of cultivators, Feng Ao Xiu is a genius that only appears every 10,000 years. His talent is the target of envy and jealousy of all the people around the world. But because of his talent that he is betrayed and died at a young age of 15 years old.

When everyone thought that the Feng Clan just lost a future supreme expert, Feng Ao Xiu slowly rise from the dead and...
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Not A Cultivator》Chapter List
1 Eeeeeek... Second Young Master!
2 Take Fourth Elder to the Doctor Quickly Otherwise he will Die!
3 Stop Calling Me Ao Ao!!
4 Banquet? What Banquet?
5 Congratulations!
6 Chicken In Tiger Skin
7 Divine Move
8 What Kind of Fight Is This?
9 Straight into Tiger's Den
10 Group of Trash
11 It's Delicious!
12 This was Definitely a Loss
13 Don't Push!
14 Take My Daughter
15 For the Sake of Flirting
16 This Is the Worst Case Scenario
17 Second Young Master, Have You Gone Crazy?
18 I'll Throw Your Fat Body Around like a Ball
19 Sleeping like a Log
20 Throw it Away
21 Somebody!
22 Distract the Knight to Get the King
23 This Is Not Just Too Strong, It Is Overkill!
24 He Is Not Feng Ao Xiu
25 Big Sis Xue Yi, You're Scary!
26 Who is Xie Jing?
27 As Expected from the Master of Liar!
28 It's All a Lie! There Is No Poison!
29 I Love You from the Bottom of My Hear
30 You Were Always My Role Model
31 My Name Is Fei Bao Xing
32 Heavens Have Brought the Two of Us Together!
33 Feng Ao Xiu's Number One Fan
34 Apologize to All the Musicians in the World!
35 I Should Not Have Wasted Eighty Million Gold Taels
36 The Size of a Go Board Is Only 19x19!
37 Brother Fei, I’m Sorry! I’ve Let You Down!
38 As Long as the Poem Is Not Stupid!
39 A Cute Gorilla
40 We Will See Who Is the Best Poet!
41 Your Performance Is...
42 They Are Just Wasting Their Money!
43 Zzzz...
44 A Comedic Performance!
45 He Is the Incarnation of the Devil Himself!
46 Correct!
47 Big News!!
48 It's a New Record! You Have Reached 200!
49 Face Hardship and Work Together for a Common Goal
50 Don't You Dare to Call Yourself a Cultivator!
51 You Can Do It!
52 Too Weak! Too Weak!
53 Stupid! Weak! Coward!
54 It Is the Best Way to Dump a Woman
55 Kick His Ass so Hard Until He Cried Back to His Parents!
56 Am I Already in Heaven!?
57 The Best Way to Control Men Is Through Woman and Marriage
58 She Knows What?
59 Your Feather Is Beautiful Like a Diamond
60 Caught You!
61 Brother Zhi Yan We're on Your Side!
62 I Love You! Go out With Me!
63 This Must Be What They Call Fall in Love at First Sight!
64 My Dream Will Come True!!!
65 So It Was a Success...
66 With the Power of Love!
67 We Just Caught a Thief!
68 You Are Full of Mystery!
69 You Need Nutrition to Keep Your Body Healthy
70 I Can Easily Jump 10 Kilometres High
71 Mother Told Me Not to Talk to a Stranger!
72 If It Is a Boy Just Kick Him in the Groin
73 Just so You Know My Grandpa Is the Strongest!
74 No Matter What I'll Save You...
75 Xiu... Where Are You?
76 It Seems I Lost Another Disciple!
77 Uncle Human
78 Master You Never Gave Me Your Name!
79 We Should Help Someone in Need
80 Where Did My Three Hundred and Seventy Seniors Go?
81 It May Be Difficult but I Know You Can Do It!
82 Not Even a Monster Can Survive
83 Please Tell Me You're Not Married!
84 Why Him!?
85 Everyone Can Be One
86 I'm the Real Feng Ao Xiu!
87 Are We Going to Get Some Dragon Fruit Juice?
88 We Have to See Who's the Best Scammer!
89 There's Always Another Chance
90 Just Wait! I'm Going to Kill You!!!
91 He's Cosplaying as Himself!?
92 Fifty-Six Per Cent Say I'm Innocen
93 We Want to Torture Him Too!
94 It's Me! It's Me!
95 Lost a Lot of Weigh
96 Play With a Dog Until Satisfied
97 She Will Remember to Fire This Maid
98 Stop Looking! You Pervert!!!
99 For an Easy Mission Like This?
100 Hi, Working Hard?
101 He's Practically a Skeleton!
102 He's Not Wearing Any Armour!
103 I Will Definitely Come Back
104 Uncle and Aunty
105 Men Won't Understand
106 Why All These Women Won't Listen?
107 Look! It's a Mountain of Food!
108 It's Squishy... and Fluffy...
109 It's Not a Panda!
110 Keep Rolling!
111 Pass the Ball Over Here!
112 Someone Who Easily Swayed by Food Must Be Fat!
113 The Star Has yet to Make an Appearance
114 In a War Anything Could Happen
115 It's Best Not to Arrive Fas