The Invincible Hero



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A super hero’s life is simple. All you have to do is use your superpowers to protect Earth while maintaining a secret identity.

The Invincible Hero is Earth’s most powerful superhero but he finally meets a challenge even he cannot defeat.

Using bizarre technology such as the Samsara pods, Lorne, the Invincible Hero, climbs through the ranks of heroes and cu...
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The Invincible Hero》Chapter List
1 The Invincible Hero
2 Two Years
3 The Invincible Hero Versus the Invincible Army
4 The Samsara Pod
5 10,000 Years in an Egg
6 It Ain't Easy Being a Dragon Baby
7 A Hole Lot of Something
8 Don't Let a Rift Come Between Us
9 It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings
10 Now Available in Laser Vision
11 Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain
12 Support Your Local Dragon Army
13 Meeting is Such Sweet Sorrow
14 Old Man Ri Var
15 Monkey Business
16 The Divine Kill Sect part 1
17 The Divine Kill Sect part 2
18 Day of Reckoning for the Divine Kill Sec
19 Ultimate Training
20 Coming of the Fiend Storm
21 Dragon's Wisdom
22 Captain Kal and the Dragon Squad
23 Awakening Power
24 Killing Fiends
25 Battle in the Briar Patch
26 A Mighty Wind
27 Gathering of Heroes
28 Destroy the Dragon Empire
29 Beginning of a Bloody Battle
30 WAR
31 Big Bear's Big Battle
32 The Terrifying Captain Mobux vs. the Invincible Bear
33 The Great Fiend
34 Enter the Invincible Dragon
35 Transformation
36 It's So Hard to Say Goodbye
37 A New Life
38 Mortal Warfare
39 The Scou
40 Invitation to a Sec
41 Prince of the Amazons
42 Elemental Infinity
43 Continental Contest of Migh
44 Love Conquers All
45 Whose Your Mamma?
46 VIP
47 The 90 lb Weakling
48 The Real Battle Begins!
49 Battle On!
50 Semi-Finals
51 Unexpected Outcome
52 The End of the War
53 To Those About to Die
54 Welcome to the Fores
55 Forest Figh
56 Enemies of the Empire
57 Arriving at the Sec
58 Testing the New Students
59 Choosing Masters
60 Seeking the Dao
61 Hi, I'm Lorne
62 Lorne and the Great Fiend
63 Greetings Mr. Director!
64 The Ship in My Soul
65 Hunting the Fiends
66 Flight of the Fairies
67 Ten Years in a Dream
68 Hello Again
69 The Three-Five Paths
70 Completing the Three-Five Paths
71 A New Ship
72 Invincible Mortals
73 News of a Secret Realm
74 Meeting Another Supreme Sec
75 Heading Ou
76 Traveling to the Secret Realm
77 Arriving
78 The Ancient Hall
79 Attack of the Fiends
80 It's A Mazing
81 The Calm Before the Storm
82 The Fiendish Army Arrives
83 The 800
84 Tower's Treasures
85 Paneneko the Mysterious
86 Saving People
87 Power Up
88 General Maek
89 The Great Battle
90 Invincible Dragon VS General Maek
91 Awakening to Power
92 Birth of an Overlord
93 Know Yourself
94 Salvation of the Fiends
95 The Truth
96 Flying Forward
97 Sneak Peek
98 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
99 Born Again
100 Calamity of the Dwarves
101 Massacre of the Dwarves
102 Dr. Mabi
103 Too Young
104 The Sippar Imperial Military Academy
105 The Igmus
106 Bunking Down in the Cabin
107 Bunk Mates
108 Shadows
109 The Improvizier
110 Old Men Talking
111 The Goblin King
112 Royal Riot!