Death with benefits



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Last Chapter:37 A threat vanished loudly

You know, everybody is afraid of dying i really don“t understand why.
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Death with benefits》Chapter List
1 The day I died
2 Apparently Dying is the net plus ultra
3 Miss vampire and my second death
4 Revenge after death is the sweetest thing
5 Convo with a vampire
6 Family ties and surprise mothef****
7 The announcemen
8 True sight and confrontation
9 Birthday and supernatural sh*
10 Tense situation
11 Stella and Chloe's meeting
12 Father-in-law arrival and mark
13 Stella nature and end of the party
14 How To Fight and Ambush
15 Werewolves and Lycans
16 Cleaning Team fee
17 Date and Stella reques
18 Drunken Moon Club and Stella…
19 Aftermath and new found power
20 One Will………..
21 Bloody night and The culprit behind the ambush
22 Meeting with the Demigoddess and revelation
23 Cultivation by death and what’s up Cole?
24 Another night with Stella and Chloe call
25 Arrival at Orchid City and reunion with Chloe
26 Start of the investigation
27 Savage figh
28 Blood power and beginning of answer
29 history lesson 1
30 History lesson 2
31 Release attempt and memories.
32 Success, rewards and GOTCHA!
33 Suspicions
34 The weapon master
35 A threat came peacefully.
36 Difficult fight.
37 A threat vanished loudly