The Story of a Stroppy Princess



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Last Chapter:Chapter 36: I Don’t Care

The daughter of Prime Minister is a nympho?

The brutish Prince is her husband?

The stroppy Princess wants to kick her husband off the marriage sedan?!

“Shit! I want a divorce!”


“You can’t satisfy me in bed!”

The next day, Prince Chennan becomes the laughingstock of the whole Kingdom of Dayue.

How Hua Yueling, the Stroppy Princ...
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The Story of a Stroppy Princess》Chapter List
Chapter 1: Time Travel
Chapter 2: A Powerful Backer
Chapter 3: The Power Behind Calmness
Chapter 4: Fight Back
Chapter 5: Divorce Her Husband
Chapter 6: The Evidence
Chapter 7: Finding Herself a Kungfu Master
Chapter 8: Weird Characters
Chapter 9: Beating up!
Chapter 10: Two Treasures
Chapter 11: The Internal Elixir
Chapter 12: Being Tough to Herself
Chapter 13: An Adonis in Silver
Chapter 14: Want A Fight?
Chapter 15: It Was You Who Forced Me
Chapter 16: A Clear Setup
Chapter 17: The Osmanthus Chamber Was Sealed
Chapter 18: Give Her Brother a Lesson
Chapter 19: Defer to Her
Chapter 20: Tigress
Chapter 21: My Name is Crown Prince
Chapter 22: Hua Xiaolong
Chapter 23: Two Cuties were beaten up!
Chapter 24: Gold Medal Granted by the Emperor
Chapter 25: My Lady!
Chapter 26: Caring The Mos
Chapter 27: There Is Some Foreign Matter Inside your Head
Chapter 28: The Lord Had a Crush on Yun Niang
Chapter 29: Terrorize the Ministry of Penalty With Deterrence
Chapter 30: Selecting Elites
Chapter 31: Heartless and Cruel
Chapter 32: A Nice Match
Chapter 33: Positive Scores
Chapter 34: Molest the Handsome Man
Chapter 35: The Sword for Beauty
Chapter 36: I Don’t Care