The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli



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Last Chapter:Chapter 46: Long Lan is dragged away by a Black Shadow

Bai Xiaoli, a holy fox with nine tails, suffered from a siege of three powerful holy beasts and gets seriously injured. Through a spacial crack, he falls onto Earth.

Here, Bai Xiaoli loses his power and wants to eat meat every day, but he has to study from the beginning since he is illiterate.

Cang Yan is a soul beast summoner with great talent. But, after failing to summon a so...
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli》Chapter List
Chapter 1: A Holy Fox in Distress Is Inferior to a Chicken
Chapter 2: It's Uneasy to Be a Beas
Chapter 3: What a Hatred!
Chapter 4: I Want to Eat Meat Here
Chapter 5: I’d Like Another Hundred Plates of Roast Mea
Chapter 6: I Like Eating Meat the Mos
Chapter 7: Record of the Lowest Score Ever
Chapter 8: 13 Is a Satisfying Score
Chapter 9: The Setting Drives Bai Xiaoli ou
Chapter 10: It Is Effective To Empty Your Mind!
Chapter 11: How About Making a Destiny for Matching?
Chapter 12: Little Bastard, I’m Going to Eat You Raw.
Chapter 13: Recruit New Members by Seducing Them
Chapter 14: I Should Kill Him 100 times
Chapter 15: The Waving Deep in His Soul
Chapter 16: Bai’s Dreadful Persistence
Chapter 17: Hey, It’s A Pitfall.
Chapter 18: The Attempt of Guru SPTTS
Chapter 19: Win the Game and Buy More Mea
Chapter 20: Poaching in Public
Chapter 21: Yummy Meat, Daddy Bai is Coming.
Chapter 22: Invitations From Two Strong Teams
Chapter 23: Don’t Expect to Get Back Anything Out of My Stomach.
Chapter 24: I’m His Closest Person.
Chapter 25: Thanks for Long Lan’s Kindness
Chapter 26: Hostility from Ainy
Chapter 27: Two Bowls of Meat Are Enough for Trafficking You
Chapter 28: Tragedy Caused by Hunger
Chapter 29: Lord Bai Is Seriously Injured and Vomits Blood
Chapter 30: Confess Identities to Each Other
Chapter 31: Ways to Make Money
Chapter 32: Go out of City for Hunting
Chapter 33: Lord Bai is Back!
Chapter 34: That’s a Rune Beas
Chapter 35: Even Alien Beasts are Afraid of Lord Bai
Chapter 36: It’s really a Little Rhino?
Chapter 37: Thump a Rune Beast to Death
Chapter 38: Carry the Prey and Run
Chapter 39: Save a Youngster in the Way
Chapter 40: Upgrade Quietly
Chapter 41: Let Cang Yan Support me From Now on
Chapter 42: Bai Xiaoli is a Man-Man
Chapter 43: Hold the Beauty in Arms
Chapter 44: Two People Affect Each Other
Chapter 45: I Need to Eat Rune Debris to Mend My Body
Chapter 46: Long Lan is dragged away by a Black Shadow