Becoming the Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed



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Last Chapter:Chapter 36: Princess Haya

The Empress who dies in torture, An Rushuang is her name. After she wakes up, she finds herself has time-travelled to when she was twelve years old, but she would turn into Major General’s white horse at night. He is a general who orders about the winds and clouds on the battlefield, and she is a little girl lives in her boudoir seclusively.
She endeavors to change her fate, and he spared no ...
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Chapter 1: Rebirth to a White Horse
Chapter 2: Turning to a Person Again
Chapter 3: Illegitimate Daughter
Chapter 4: Second Prince’s Visi
Chapter 5: Vendetta
Chapter 6: Seducing
Chapter 7: Three-day Be
Chapter 8: She Became His Horse Again
Chapter 9: Reality or Fantasy?
Chapter 10: Provoking Her on Purpose
Chapter 11: An Awkward First Meeting
Chapter 12: Fairy or Devil?
Chapter 13: One Step Back for Two Steps Forward
Chapter 14: True Friends
Chapter 15: Flower Banquets An Rushuang Must Attend
Chapter 16: A Battle Between Princess Mingxi and Princess Anyang
Chapter 17: Meeting Major General Again
Chapter 18: Major General Yun Ran
Chapter 19: Drowning
Chapter 20: First Battle
Chapter 21: Human Hearts-The Darkest Part in the Word
Chapter 22: Gou
Chapter 23: Seeking Medicine for Young General
Chapter 24: Attending the Banquet Together
Chapter 25: Being Ungrateful and Un-filial
Chapter 26: She was like a Joke
Chapter 27: Cancellation of the Flower Banquet Out of No Reason
Chapter 28: Strange Servant Girl
Chapter 29: Disposing Bai Zhi
Chapter 30: Princess Anyang
Chapter 31: Her Mistake?
Chapter 32: The Purple Peony
Chapter 33: An Insolent Old Servan
Chapter 34: Flowers Enjoyment with Capital Citizens
Chapter 35: The Strange Foreign Girl
Chapter 36: Princess Haya