Dance with Darkness and Light



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Last Chapter:56 There is No Love Like the Firs

Dance with Darkness and Light is a novel about a boy from earth, that is tormented and traumatized by an incident, and has a dislike for almost everything in this world. After years of struggle, he ends his life in order to recollect in death what he“s lost in life.

That does not happen though, after a short stint in the underworld and the lord of the underworld determined to thrust a fa...
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Dance with Darkness and Light》Chapter List
2 Room Full of Stars
3 Dead Prince Walking
4 Visit In The Mists
5 The Circle's Demands
6 The Eastern City
7 The Difference
8 The Invitation
9 Dungeons and Friends
10 Dining with Brothers
11 Return to Solgang City
12 A Fish Hunting A Flea, Unaware Of The Hawk
13 Don't Fear the Reaper
14 The Darkness Rises
15 Heavy Rain I
16 Heavy Rain II
17 Meeting of the Silkpants
18 Wine Improves With Age. The Older I Get, The Better I Like I
19 Redrum, Come And Get Some!
20 Yao Ling and Elder Fu
21 On the Road
22 A Kingdom Forged by Thunder
23 No Blood Lef
24 You're Mine...
25 ...And I'm Yours
26 Slapping Faces before the Trials
27 The First Trial
28 The Labyrinth I
29 The Labyrinth II
30 The Labyrinth III
31 Shadow of the Blade
32 Blocked at the Door
33 Moonligh
34 Event Horizon
35 Argent Moon - Golden Sun
36 Belated Birthday Party
37 The Hidden Dragon Trials Turn...
38 ...Into a Dragon's Feas
39 Ten Dragons Emerge
40 Inside the Library
41 The Banque
42 Meeting the Adversaries
43 The Royal Tournament Begins
44 The First Match
45 The Tournament in Full Force
46 Making an Example
47 Contrast in Conduc
48 The First Round Concludes
49 The Quarter-Finals Begin
50 Jian vs Bazuul
51 Blood Essence
52 The Semi-Finals Star
53 Bazuul vs Horle
54 A Dream for Many
55 Back in Ralun
56 There is No Love Like the Firs