Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor



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Last Chapter:64 The Senate of Kar Lodihr

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Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor》Chapter List/dt>
1 The End of the World
2 A Dangerous Situation
3 Grim Truths
4 World Fusion
5 Noah's Ark
6 Sheep of Two Flocks
7 Brand of Tyr
8 A Torturous Cycle
9 Reprieve
10 Embodiment of Valor
11 Night of the Los
12 Mark of the Hoarfros
13 A Steed for a Modern Man
14 Beorc, Gift of Healing
15 The Burden of Magic
16 The Men and Women in Blue
17 Fires in the Nigh
18 The Time for Mourning
19 Pyre of Hope
20 Fall of the Elves
21 Strange Notices
22 The Most Valuable Resource
23 Meeting Valor Again
24 Training
25 Bandits From the Governmen
26 Justice
27 An Effective Interrogation
28 Returning to the Woods
29 An Interesting Gues
30 Success with Thorn
31 A Trip Planned for the North
32 Overwritten Maps
33 Kar Lodihr
34 The Business of Information
35 New Fittings
36 A Bounty on Hunger
37 Not a Beas
38 Exposed Flesh
39 Laughing Coyote
40 Guard Captain of Kar Lodihr
41 Runesmith
42 A Caring Armorer
43 Tyrfing Rekindled
44 Harken of the Black Dogs
45 Flame of Valor
46 Assistance for the Survivors
47 Durnham of the Iron Guard
48 Disappearances in the North
49 An Unnatural Fog
50 An Ancient Threa
51 The Shrouded Northwes
52 Missing People
53 An Early 'Friendsgiving'
54 Fury and Resolve
55 A Few 'Would-Be Heroes'
56 Flames in the Mis
57 Terror of the Marshes
58 Patron of the Ulfhednar
59 A Day, a Month, or a Year
60 Organizing a Resistance
61 Reports Full of Nonsense
62 The Queen's Answer
63 Pretty Alliances
64 The Senate of Kar Lodihr