The Rise of the White Lotus



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Last Chapter:458 I hate you

The downfall of the infamous white lotus, Lexi Yang led her to the only escape she knew -- SUICIDE.

Born with a golden spoon, having all the privileges being the young miss of the prestigious Yang family, Lexi Yang was the type of person that whatever she wants, she gets. However, fate must have challenged her the moment she fell in love with the domineering CEO of Liu Empire.
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The Rise of the White Lotus》Chapter List
1 Suicide
2 Chuchuru~
3 Resurrection
4 pretty useless
5 Good to see you too, Mr. Lu.
6 She is with me
7 Mr. initial task
8 Unexpected gains
9 The food must be good
10 I have high standards
11 you're an odd one, aren't you?
12 facial mask session
13 siblings
14 Why are you happy, chu?
15 for a happier life
16 Lexi version 2.0
17 meeting an old 'friend'
18 your whole face is a joke!
19 meeting Wren Tanaka
20 Luck is also a skill
21 I want to marry him, chu~!
22 This is progress, bun bun!
23 He has good eyes, chu~!
24 I said ask, not reject chu~!
25 Sissy, that's how I ask
26 Lexi on the move 1
27 A call from Mr. Lu
28 it's very... tasteless
29 Leaving good impression
30 Got you
31 Did you miss me?
32 Three Versus One
33 Dinner of the Century
34 You should smile more often
35 What's that thing again?
36 Sorry
37 Be friends
38 It's not your fault, alright?
39 Will you let us go?
40 Give and Take relationship
41 Taking him home!
42 Dumpling on the move
43 An order from Father Yang
44 Uh. Where are we again?
45 Rumors
46 Big brother, friends... AISH! Ethan Lu!
47 Plus allure points!
48 Otome love system means...
49 Meeting with the parents
50 Huh, they did connive...
51 First name basis
52 Come, lemme give you a pa
53 Aren't we friends, eh?
54 Mortal Komba
55 I'm a changed fairy now, chu~!
56 Ethan's warning
57 What's wrong with me?
58 Fun Fact, chu~!
59 You don't have to little miss
60 Is it a what or a who?
61 Dug his own grave
62 Kick him in the balls instead.
63 Drew the line
64 How did you know I need one?
65 Baby girl
66 I can't risk your life, you know.
67 We should go on a date...
68 You make me proud, eh?
69 Do you smell danger?
70 Side quest unlocked
71 Getting to know stage
72 Trapped with me
73 Jelly?
74 Don't roast me
75 bathump bathump
76 Bless your lips with a kiss COMPLETED
77 He lost it!
78 Queen Dowager Churu
79 Lewd Yang
80 Tease a man, you'd get in trouble
81 I'm not gullible, duh?
82 His Weibo pos
83 Bad Girl
84 Where were you all these years?
85 Woah, chill girl.
86 Love moves in mysterious ways
87 If it's you... Yeah, I guess.
88 His proposal
89 Sacrifice my IQ
90 Facial mask will make you smar
91 Grandpa as love guru
92 The trainer...
93 Dead dumpling
94 Yes or no?
95 I am edible, wanna have a taste?
96 You mean this is important?
97 Isn't that sexual harassment?
98 Let them see your fangs
99 Goddess Chang'e
100 How dare these scoundrels!
101 Conduct yourself with dignity
102 Baddest Bitch
103 Wrapped up
104 How did you become this... ill fortunate?
105 Side Quests COMPLETED!
106 Letting him know
107 Consultation with Chris Yu
108 It's too late bro
109 Oh... so, this is love?
110 If I think you can, you should as well.
111 To be at the top
112 Soul searching
113 I have no say to him.
114 One month after...
115 See you
116 Taming hearts
117 She's dangerous
118 I call dibs on Lexi Yang!
119 Let me have a cameo?
120 I missed you
121 Accept Ethan Lu
122 Can I just marry you?
123 The confession of the jerk
124 Her response
125 From wanting to kiss you
126 I love you
127 No bathump bathump
128 New Friend
129 Their photograph
130 Unveil his mask
131 Better insul
132 I'm getting married
133 Asking her parents blessing
134 Tell him to wai
135 She was amazing, don't you think?
136 Who do you think you are?
137 How do you sleep?
138 Did you missed me?
139 I like the spirit! Please flirt with me!
140 Spend the night with you
141 Showered together
142 Alvah
143 Ethan's radar
144 1000 winks
145 Elliot Gong... you are so dead!
146 You're making me jealous
147 She's mine, so, f*ck off
148 Ethan Lu is badnews!
149 Not you too, love.
150 Indirect kiss
151 Give yourself a chance
152 Naked dumpling no more!
153 Hey heart, tone it down!
154 Stop seducing me, else...
155 First official date
156 Only with you...
157 Never have I ever
158 I love you, baby...
159 Don't change
160 Leave no one unkicked
161 Peace of mind is priceless
162 The dangers of Ethan
163 Make sure he could not walk
164 Just so you know, I don't hate you.
165 Illegal cheat day
166 Love, they bullied me!
167 Do you love me?
168 Literal faceslap
169 Ethan Lu, I'm dating him.
170 Ethan's Weibo accoun
171 Meeting with Wren Tanaka
172 I like Miss Yang, a beauty!
173 Familiar scene
174 Oh-so-romantic hero
175 Kisses
176 Churu's advice
177 The Taming Hearts
178 Ethan as Chang'e's white rabbi
179 I'm so proud of her...
180 Family Outing
181 Too much skin
182 She wasn't jealous
183 Steamy hot spring?
184 The Lotus' confession
185 Should I break this crappy partition?
186 Kiss
187 Kill him
188 I'm not sorry
189 How can I not love you?
190 Lexi's not so fun fac
191 Churu's resolve
192 The problem of having no labels
193 I miss you
194 He knew I love her
195 You said what? Love her?
196 We Ride or Die
197 Set the place on fire
198 Here...
199 Finally home
200 I have eyes everywhere
201 Lexi's advances
202 Mother Churu
203 Let's break up
204 Baby Jesus
205 That's how I am
206 So, he’s faking it.
207 Louis Lu
208 Househusband
209 Love and Lust combined.
210 Love, you're we
211 I want you
212 Cherry Popped
213 What a decesive woman
214 I'm pregnan
215 Baby clothes!
216 Otome Love System: COMPLETED!
217 I need to know the truth
218 Bad Dream?
219 Number One Fan
220 A reliable fan
221 Wot?
222 Taming Heart's premiere nigh
223 EliXi
224 Movie
225 After Party
226 Truth or Dare?
227 Gael's dare to Lexi
228 You look hot, I missed you.
229 I can't let it pass, sorry.
230 Let's do it here
231 I kick where it hurts
232 Am I really unfair?
233 Have a taste
234 I love you, Ethan.
235 The battle of I Love You's
236 I am happy— I am crying
237 Then, that's my wish...
238 Did you perhaps... know?
239 He’s fine now... Isn't that what’s important?
240 Ethan’s different perspective
241 From Annabelle to Barbie
242 Then, why are you here?
243 Mia Chen
244 What a pervert!
245 Little spaceman
246 Who are you...?
247 My words are my bond
248 They are my friends...
249 Mother knows bes
250 My curiosity is killing me!
251 Ahh... this koala
252 Having a crush on my girlfriend?
253 But I don't like you either
254 Weird... like always
255 Did you just call me babe?
256 Our baby is not a dwarf.
257 Being cheesy early in the morning
258 The glimpse of the pas
259 The glimpse of the past II
260 Baby Granny
261 Lady boss, please behave!
262 You think you'd win?
263 Gold star gossip
264 Inspiring woman
265 My lady, I'm jealous!
266 I can predict the future
267 Intelligence Gathering
268 Leave you two alone
269 Good to see you back, bro.
270 What are you talking about?
271 LQ
272 Anyone but him
273 You like Chu?
274 Love, we are here to come clean.
275 Bootlicking sentence
276 OmO
277 Why are you annoyed at me again?
278 Morning sickness
279 Lady Cleaner
280 Ethan Lu, I will skin you alive!
281 Master, why don't you propose tonight?
282 Watch even your breathing...
283 Do you know your sin?
284 The residue of Old Ethan Lu
285 Hehe, did you miss me?
286 Beauty Dr
287 Lexi, think!
288 I don't want the Madam to scold me.
289 Anyway, please ready the washboard later.
290 Instant resul
291 She's dying from insecurity
292 Done Deal
293 A slip of the tongue
294 The Old Master is here
295 Can't serve two masters
296 I want you out of his life...
297 The glimpse of the Lu family system
298 This is... Ethan's doing?
299 I root for you~!
300 Reality
301 See you later, felicia~
302 I think... I am pregnant.
303 Only I will wait for her.
304 Future bride of the master?
305 Love, where are you...?
306 What's the size of this girl's brain?
307 Sweet hubby... prioritizing his wife?!
308 Positive
309 If that's your final resolve, my little girl...
310 Ethan... just you wait.
311 As long as my little girl is happy
312 Why are you all over the place?
313 Bad parents
314 Girl on fire
315 Feel bad for me? Why feel bad? O.O
316 Indeed my very awesome grandfather!
317 Love... I knew it.
318 You look beautiful
319 Miss Yang, don't you like my grandson?
320 My lady, will you come with me please?
321 You make me want to kiss you too, you know.
322 Make her stop
323 Save me
324 I am being kind to her?
325 I found a good match for our master
326 Meeting the Lu family
327 Just don't do it again
328 Let's flirt like that sometimes
329 What did I do to deserve you?
330 He captured my hear
331 Evelyn's ship sunk, miserably.
332 Proposal Arrangemen
333 Weird taste buds
334 Celebrating a good day
335 No way...
336 Lu main residence
337 Receiving the good news
338 Fresh fruits?! all kinds?!
339 What did you see on my grandson~? He's lucky~!
340 Sincerest thanks from a mother, father, and Ethan's greatest ally.
341 How dare you make my granddaughter wait so long?!
342 I think I'm really old
343 Baby... say it again, I like it.
344 I can't believe you are mine
345 Dad... why are you here?
346 If I ask would you say yes?
347 Meanwhile on the internet...
348 The bomb has been dropped
349 I will become a father...?
350 Oath your ass!
351 Can we get married tomorrow?
352 I'd marry you as many times as you wan
353 Love, why are you doing this to me?
354 The innocent baby!
355 Love, don't be mad~
356 Nightmare
357 My mother tries to kill me
358 Doctor Jaime
359 I want to hear your heartbeat too~
360 Babies
361 Keep it gentle
362 Crazy Cravings
363 Daddy...?
364 Pizza delivery~!
365 Yes, he is Lou's child
366 Ethan's helping hand
367 Flirts
368 Late night gossip
369 Excited to see daddy
370 Girl's talk
371 Broken yat holding on
372 I don't look like him, why?
373 Paternity tes
374 Babies are coming!
375 Lyrick Jiang's prayers
376 One more! No more!
377 My sister just gave birth.
378 If you want another baby, we can make one.
379 Is there's something wrong with the twins?
380 Evan Lu
381 Lady Lara
382 Milk!
383 Breastfeeding mom
384 Will you marry me later?
385 Diaper change
386 Title: Brotherhood
387 You guys got married?
388 Not the same anymore
389 I love the way you love me
390 Make everything extra romantic
391 You're such a bad man
392 Office snu snu
393 Woah, Mrs. Lu! Growing bolder, I see.
394 Scandal
395 Watching porn is good
396 Avah Tong
397 The nerve
398 Boss Yang
399 A Dog's attempt to intimidate the Lion
400 Don't underestimate my resources
401 What did he do to her?
402 Watch his back
403 Are you mad?
404 First relationship: A story of decei
405 First Relatioship: A story of deceit II
406 First Relatioship: A story of deceit III
407 First Relationship: A story of deceit IV
408 First Relationship: A story of deceit V end
409 I can make love with you all day
410 Two heads are better than one
411 Can I borrow your wife?
412 Lexi on the move
413 Churu's self composed song
414 Fortunately, my husband is not hearing you.
415 This will hit you very badly
416 Unexpected information
417 Laugh more
418 What details? Can I see?
419 You are my favorite spo
420 It his mess, not ours.
421 Master must see this
422 Don't let me catch you
423 Still want to scream?
424 Now, you've done it.
425 Not a bad person
426 Wait who?
427 You're crazy, do you know that?
428 Continue being a leech to my riches
429 Endless Questions
430 I mean, what the f*ck?
431 Correct. I am asking you to be my date.
432 Powerpuff girls and boy
433 Where's Mr. Lu?
434 CEO duties
435 It's been a while Mr. Liu
436 The cursed fate of a beauty
437 He never changes
438 Lexi, I'm sorry.
439 I loved you, but that broke you.
440 I loved you, and still loves you.
441 The almighty name of Eli
442 Good thing comes in pair
443 What are you thinking?
444 Doraemon's pocke
445 Good morning, Miss Chen.
446 Tight budget, I pressumed?
447 Exclusive P*rn
448 Behind the scenes I
449 Behind the scenes II
450 Behind the scenes III
451 Behind the scenes IV
452 Behind the scenes V
453 What is love?
454 Lies
455 Not a gentleman
456 Love, don't anger me further.
457 Last warning
458 I hate you