The President is Being Shameless Again



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Last Chapter:139 I Say You Don’t Deserve Him Not Because You’re Not a Good Person

When Lin Chu met the ridiculously rich and affluent Yan Beicheng, she did not expect him to act like an immature hooligan, shameless in every way whenever they bumped into each other. Yet, every encounter had him come to her rescue, from saving her from the humiliation of watching her ex-boyfriend marrying her adopted sister, to whisking her away from petty colleagues and lecherous clients.Whethe...
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1 We May Not Be Destined For Each Other, But We Will Still Be Family
2 Lin Family’s Adopted Daughter
3 Cheng Zimin Felt His Presence Being Squashed To Nothing
4 The First Time I See a Woman Walking into A Men's Restroom Without Closing Her Eyes
5 That Child Is Only Three Years Old, He Has Not Reached The Age Of Being A Hooligan
6 It Was Only An Engagement Banquet, Why Were You Slapped?
7 The Teenager Who Climbed into the Yard from Outside
8 Lin Chu, You Should Just Volunteer to Qui
9 The Company That Stooped to Dishonourable Means
10 Lin Chu heard the sound of the door locking, but not the sound of the door opening
11 She Stared Blankly at Yan Beicheng Who Was Standing on the Corridor Right in Front of Her
12 A Red Apricot Tree Leaned Over the Wall
13 Lin Chu, What Exactly Are You Doing in Public?
14 Have Him Kneel Here Until Daybreak, and Get Him to Sing 'Cloudy Day' When It Happened
15 We Were Waiting for The Car, Not You
16 She Lowered Her Head and Saw Yan Beicheng Staring Downward Silently, He Looked Pretty Decent with His Well-Defined Facial Features.
17 He Suddenly Stretched His Masculine Hands That Were Originally on the Steering Wheel Towards Her Direction
18 Yan Beicheng Wanted to Throw His Clueless Ally Out of the Car Really Badly
19 Do You Want to Consider Him? My Big Nephew Is Rich and Simple-Minded
20 “Nope!” Lin Chu Blurted out Instinctively
21 You Were Too Direct, It Frightened Your Niece-in-law
22 After All, Who Doesn't Have A Few Ex-Boyfriends?
23 Looking Into His Dark, Faintly Smiling Eyes That Were Looking At Her As His Hands Were Still On The Safety Belt Buckle
24 Lin Chu Had Never Been In Such A Hurry to Hang Up, Yan Beicheng's Presence Is So Overwhelming
25 Didn’t You Tell Them Tonight That I’m Your Girlfriend?
26 Are You Planning To Go To Cheng Zimin’s House and Show Your Respects To His Parents?
27 Out of Respect for Master Yan
28 Where Is Lin Chu? Get Her to Come Out Here!
29 Do You Feel Justified in Not Apologizing for What You Have Done?
30 Never Betray Myself and Frame Others
31 When Yan Beicheng Talked to Lin Chu, His Voice Seemed to Be a Few Tones Softer
32 Yan Beicheng Said Nothing, He Indistinctly Turned His Head Around to Look at Fu Jingwen and Stressing Him Ou
33 When She Appeared in Front of the Doorway, His Gaze Fell Firmly on Her
34 Spring Water Flow and Spring Woods Grow, Yet Even the Spring’s Warm Breeze Could Never Compare to You
35 She Felt She Was Not the Kind of Person That Someone Would Fall In Love With At First Sight, Especially When That Someone Was Yan Beicheng
36 Yan Beicheng Actually Stopped Walking and Did Not Come Over
37 Was That Young Man A Somebody? He Seemed Really Arrogan
38 Oh, So Now You Know Me?
39 Lin Chu Had A Sudden Impulse to Ask Him Why He Was Being So Nice to Her
40 Would You Believe Me If I Told You I’ve Forgotten The Way Back To Your House?
41 In Her Stupor, Lin Chu Could Only Smell The Familiar Clean Pine Fragrance
42 Yan Beicheng Actually Lowered His Head Shyly
43 Yan Beicheng Gave a Perverted Look At The Door
44 Yan Beicheng Picked Up the Pliers And Aimed Straight For the Pipe’s Valve
45 Yan Beicheng Rubbed His Leg, He Was Feeling Grea
46 Master Yan, What Do You Mean By Hanging Your Clothes In My Cupboard?
47 Lin Chu Had A Bad Feeling and Turned Back To Look
48 Strange and Cold, Her Heart Beat So Fast That It Was Difficult For Her to Calm Down
49 Yan Beicheng, Do You Know How Much of a Hooligan You Are?
50 Why Don’t You Think That It’s Because I Like You?
51 You Still Want to Look? Haven’t You Seen Enough?
52 This Is Your Chance To Express Gratitude
53 Do You Think Your Future Mrs. CEO Is Someone Who Would Talk Bad Behind Another’s Back?
54 Yan Beicheng Was Watching Lin Chu’s Every Move
55 Yan Beicheng Was Still Standing By The Intercom Worriedly, Quietly Scolding His Hands For Being Out Of Control
56 Her Heart Softened At How Yan Beicheng Looked Now
57 I Don’t Want to Infect You, Otherwise…
58 If You Don’t Care About Me, Nobody Would Care About Me
59 You’re the Woman I Like, I’ve Never Treated You as A Friend
60 Call Me Yan Beicheng, Not Master Yan
61 You’ll Never Bear to See Something Happen to Me
62 Yan Beicheng Looked Out from The Car With A Cold Gaze
63 Yan Beicheng Sighed Helplessly At Her Look Of Grievance As She Tried To Make Up With Him
64 What’s That Sound? Why Is There A Man
65 Big Nephew Won’t Let Me Eat Anything!
66 Lin Chu Pretended To Wipe Her Tears Away
67 Treat Lin Chu As Meeting The Parents
68 Your Big Nephew Is Still Young, You Should Give In To Him
69 Lin Chu, It's Okay If You Have No Money, But You Have to Love Yourself
70 She Must Be So Unhappy to Always Not Get Her Way With You
71 It Was Wonderful to Hear Her Call Out Beicheng
72 Upon Hearing That Voice, Lin Chu Frowned
73 Wei Zilin Took out Her Resume Only and Took a Photo of Her Resume
74 Why Would You Want a Two-Inch ID Photo like This?
75 You Finally Admitted That I'm Your Boyfriend?
76 She Was Pulled Back Just When She Was About to Open the Door
77 I'm Downstairs at Your Place
78 Don't Bring That Woman Up, It's Annoying
79 Do You Know That You're on the News?
80 Lin Chu Went Downstairs and Saw That a Man Was Sitting on the Sofa with His Back Facing Her
81 As a Future Son-In-Law, There's Nothing Wrong with Showing Respect to My Wife's Family
82 The Promise Under the Chinese Scholar Tree
83 To the Side, Yan Beicheng Scoffed Coldly, Glaring at the Unlucky Child Before Him
84 He Had Needed Those Words From Her
85 Beicheng Is Going To Be Jealous If You Keep Working Here With Me
86 If I Knew You’d Be This Way After Drinking, I’d Have Brought You Out Drinking Long Ago
87 If It’s You, I’m Willing
88 Stop Sitting on Your High Horse Here
89 Lin Chu Came out of the Washroom, Then She Was Blocked by Someone
90 Money was like dirt to Yan Beicheng
91 This… This Was Outrageous
92 Our Grandson Is Going to Hash It Out With You If He Finds Ou
93 I Had No Idea When I Became an Old Man
94 Add In A Regulation For Your Company To Ban Office Romances
95 I Wanted to Surprise You
96 This Man Was Used to Being Sly Because He Had Cheated on His Exams When He Was Younger!
97 My Goal Has Been Very Clear from Beginning to End
98 I Saw Your Old Lady Acting like a Big Bad Wolf to Scare Lin Chu
99 Old Lady Yan Hoped That Yan Ningbai Would Be Intelligent Enough
100 Yan Ningbai Heard It and Opened His Eye Widely
101 I Never Thought That I Would Like Someone to This Exten
102 A Woman in Her Fifties Hovered at the Orphanage’s Entrance
103 Yan… Yan Beicheng, There’s A Man Standing Outside…Outside the Orphanage
104 I Want to See Half of My Closet Filled with Your Clothes
105 Yan Beicheng, How Did You Utter Such Shameless Words with A Straight Face
106 Yan Beicheng Walked at the Front and Just as He Entered the Door, a Figure Rushed Towards Him.
107 Old Lady Yan Paused and Directed Her Gaze Toward Him, Speechless
108 What Did You Just Call Me? Say It Again
109 You Wouldn't Do Anything That Will Hurt Me
110 You Want Us To Apologize To Her? No Way!
111 Watching That Clean, Upright Look on Yan Beicheng, She Re-evaluated Her Impression of Him
112 Lin Chu and the Others Heard A Fierce Honking Coming From Behind and Felt Something Was Wrong With I
113 Lin Chu Wants to Sue You
114 “You Aren’t Dead, Aren’t You?” Su Changxin Screamed
115 Who Is This Brat, And Why Is He Out Annoying Others?
116 He Narrowed His Eyes at Lin Chu’s Back; What He Wanted to Do Most Now Was …
117 Tell Me What I Did Wrong And Give Me A Chance To Make Amends Beicheng Revealed To Lin Chu That He Was The Older Boy From Back Then
118 It Has Always Been Yours, Even Though Years Have Passed Since Then
119 With His Long Legs, Yan Beicheng Strode Over in Two to Three Steps
120 Beicheng’s Pas
121 Even When You're Working in the Study Room, No Good Thought Comes to Mind.
122 What Is An Outsider Like You Yapping On Abou
123 Lin Chu Felt a Palm Rested on Her Shoulder
124 Could Anyone Give Him Some Dignity as an Elder!
125 In Lu Weining’s Opinion, Wei Zilin Would Never Take A Fancy to Yan Zhiqing
126 The Moment She Walked Out the Office Building, Lin Chu Was Blocked
127 Watching Her Being Bad, Yan Beicheng Really Wanted to Say, He Liked It!
128 Old Master Yan and Old Lady Yan Asked Her to Come Back to Show Their Support to Lin Chu
129 Even A Dog Was Bullying Her
130 Yan Beicheng Stoically Did Not See Her And Brushed Her By
131 Unfailingly Beicheng
132 You Brought Her to Ningbai’s Birthday Party to Upset Us
133 Big Brother Zilin, Can I Call You That?
134 When They Came Out, The Middle-aged Woman Was Looking Into The Orphanage.
135 The Company Had Been Spreading... Spreading That I'm Secretly In Love With You.
136 I Couldn’t Hug You Properly While We Were Outside Just Now
137 Zuo Qiu Glanced at Lin Chu, Who Was Walking Towards Them From the Entrance and Exclaimed “Oh My!” Inwardly
138 You Sure You Were Surprised and Not Shocked?
139 I Say You Don’t Deserve Him Not Because You’re Not a Good Person