My Obsession



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Last Chapter:84 A cruel coincidence called, "Fate".

Yang Tian-Xu is a direct descent of the Yang Family and holds the heavy burdens to the family’s name. However, in this modern world, there is no longer any war. They are at peace, and the Yang Family had to venture their footsteps into the business world. Instead of conquering the bloody battlefield in the new era they, the Yang Family had conquered the business world and became powerful and weal...
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1 When I first met you.
2 How I dream of you.
3 Where are you?
4 If Only You Were Here.
6 I Like You!
7 Dear Lord...
8 One More Thing About You.
10 Smile At Me Again.
11 What If She Saw It?
12 My Future Wife.
13 Speak to me.
14 Why Are You So Cute?
15 You Satisfied Me.
17 All To Myself!
19 I Can Only Love You.
20 F*ck! I Am Pathetic!
21 I Am In Love.
22 Failure is The Mother of Success?
24 She Is My Crush.
25 I Want To Tell Her Myself!
27 Do You Want To Come?
30 Stay With Me.
31 Can You Give Me Some More?
32 Are You Alright?
33 That Might Just Work...
34 Yeah, Yeah...
36 What Do You Feel About Me?
38 Am I Dreaming?
39 Always...
41 Tell Me You Like Me Too...
42 What happened?!
43 I Like Her Alot!
45 Future In-Law?!
46 Say What?!
47 My An-An!
48 It Is Yours To Keep Forever.
50 That is her mother?
51 How Can I Bring You Happiness?
52 Fitting or Not!
53 I Am Restless Without You.
54 If You Want To...
55 Wait.
56 Not Telling.
58 One Thing She Has.
59 Someone Worthy of Your Love
60 An-An! Are You Hurt?
61 How Could I Mistook You For Someone Else?
63 Since The First Day I Met You.
64 Yes or No?
65 Call Me "Tian-Xu".
66 You Are Definately More Important!
67 I Love Your Cooking!
68 The future Mrs Yang.
69 A Rumour
71 Rude, Disrespectful, and Unpologetic!
73 Meanwhile
75 Hope
76 Spell on You
77 My Only Love
78 Red Roses
79 Well Planned
80 Come Back Home...
81 House Guests
82 Didn't expect it so soon?
83 A Sweet Child
84 A cruel coincidence called, "Fate".