Chronicles Of The Shura Clan



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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan》Chapter List
1 The Birth of the Son of Darkness
2 Annual Recruitmen
3 The Little Devil
4 The Slaughter
5 The Slaughter II
6 The End of the Exam
7 The shock within the Heavenly Demon Palace
8 Ling Xiao
9 Ascension Battle I
10 The Ascension Battle II
11 The Ascension Battle III
12 The Clash Between Brothers
13 The Sect Master’s Intervention.
14 The Intimidating Little Devil
15 Fang Lan’s Opportunity.
16 The Forbidden Fruits
17 The Fruits of Creation
18 The Determination Of Fang Lan
19 Fang Lan’s Transformation
20 Fang Lan’s New Power.
21 The Long Journey
22 The First Encounter.
23 Devil Fang In Action.
24 The Injured 7th Rank Demon Beast I
25 An Unfamiliar Feeling.
26 Ling Chen’s True Identity Revealed.
27 A Myriad Of Emotion.
28 The Injured Black Fox II
29 The Promise
30 Bai Tian
31 The Awaken Little Cub
32 The Prodigal Son.
33 Kapoti Town
34 The Midnight Massacre I
35 The Midnight Massacre II
36 The Midnight Massacre III
37 The Midnight Massacre IV
38 The Midnight Massacre V
39 The Midnight Massacre final
40 An Increase In Strength.
41 The Ultimate Kill Command.
42 Well, I Tried.
43 One Kick Man
44 The Bloody Royal Feast I
45 The Bloody Royal Feast II
46 The Bloody Royal Feast III
47 The Bloody Royal Feast IV
48 The Bloody Royal Feast V
49 The Bloody Royal Feast Final
50 The Aftermath Of The Massacre
51 Side story: A Day In The Life Of Ma Tu I
52 A Talk Between Father And Son
53 Three Months Later.
54 Old Ling And Old Fang.
55 Hu’er
56 The Insane Growth Of The Black Lightning Fruit.
57 Golden Merchant Association I
58 Golden Merchant Association II
59 The Location of the Stalker.
60 Life and Death Battle I
61 Life and Death Battle II
62 Life and Death Battle III
63 Life and Death Battle IV
64 The Appearance of Bloodbath
65 Thanks For The Meal
66 Ling Chen’s Tactic.
67 The Long Chase
68 The Beginning Of The Hun
69 The Predator Became The Prey
70 The Palm That Encompassed The Heaven.
71 The Heaven-defying Slash
72 The 2nd Hall Master’s decision.
73 Bloodbath’s Death and Resolve
74 Ling Chen’s New Ability And Strength.
75 Elder Zhuo’s Plot.
76 The Incoming Storm
77 Bloodbath’s Past And The Incoming War.
78 Birth Of A New Race I
79 Birth Of A New Race II
80 Birth Of A New Race III
81 Ling Chen’s Dilemma.
82 Ling Lei’s Weird Behavior.
83 Supreme Sword Dao Sect’s Stance.
84 Wang Li’s Fate
85 The Gluttonous Ling Lei.
86 The Destruction Of The Supreme Sword Dao Sect I
87 The Destruction Of The Supreme Sword Dao Sect II
88 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect III
89 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect IV
90 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect V
91 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect VI
92 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect VII
93 The Destruction Of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect VIII
94 The End Of A Peaceful Era.
95 The Chaotic Heaven Desolate Region.
96 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect IX
97 The Destruction Of The Supreme Sword Dao Sect X
98 The Destruction of the supreme Sword Dao Sect XI
99 The Destruction of the Supreme Sword Dao Sect XII
100 Heavenly Punishment.
101 The Destruction Of The Supreme Sword Dao Sect final
102 The Happy Heavenly Demon Sec
103 The Reunion
104 The frightened Fang Lan And Hu’er
105 The Shocking Changes Within Ling Chen’s Dantians.
106 It's Hard Being A Father.
107 Fang Lan’s Guil
108 The Fateless Monster
109 The Fang Of The Evil Sects
110 Side Story: A Day In The Life Of Ma Tu II
111 The Encirclement.
112 The First Death
113 The Start Of A Bloody War.
114 The Might Of The God Slaying Cannons
115 God’s Domain
116 Let’s Play Now, Old Man.
117 Ling Lei’s First Road Trip
118 The Gruesome Ling Chen
119 Guess The Title.
120 The Weak Don’t Have Pride
121 The Arrival Of Fang Lan and Ling Lei.
122 The Bloodthirsty Fang Lan.
123 The Demonic Black Lightning Cloud.
124 The Ultimatum
125 The Aftermath Of The War
126 The Sudden Change Of Attitude.
127 The Visit Of An Unusual Guest.
128 Saint Beast Bai Wudi And Bai Tian
129 The Cunning Bai Wudi
130 The True Mastermind.
131 Ling Chen’s Plan.
132 The Little Devils’ Training
133 The Insane Changes Of Five The Little Devils I
134 The Insane Changes Of The Five Little Devils II
135 The Strongest body.
136 The Show of Power
137 Ling Rui’s Creativeness.
138 The Angry Ling Wei
139 The Towering Beast In The Dark
140 Wh--What About Me?
141 The Legion Of Demon Beas
142 The Black Sun
143 Ling Wei’s innate Weapon And The Start Of The Feast.
143 Ling Wei’s Innate Weapon And The Start Of the Feas
144 Beast Mode.
145 Invincible
146 The Wandering Monk
147 The Wandering Monk’s True Identity.
148 Light And Darkness.
149 A Hundred Ways To Lose One’s Manhood.
150 Fang Lan’s Heavenly Tribulation.
151 The Birth Of The King Of Beas
152 The Mysterious Demi-God Rank Exper
153 Ling Chen’s New Powers
154 The Bronze Rank Shadow Guard Sima Yun
155 The Might Of The Gaze Of Destruction
156 The Shadowy Figure
157 The Invitation.
158 Ling Bing And Hu’er
159 The Small Reunion
160 The Most Wanted People In The Divine Demon Beast Region
161 Blood Godstone
162 Two Weeks Later.
163 The Experimen
164 The Transformation Of The Six Demon Wolves.
165 The Ancient Blue Dragon City.
166 Ling Chen’s Plan
167 Buddha Miracle Temple
168 The Power of Buddha’s Blessing
169 The Prankster.
170 The Warning.
171 The Appearance Of The Soul Devouring Poison.
172 The Twenty Young Deities And Long Zhentian.
173 Hu’er’s Deepest Secre
174 Hunting Demon Saints.
175 The Grateful Tears Of A Mother.
176 The Return Of Long Zhentian
177 The Invitation
178 Long Zhentian’s Plan
179 The Nine-Headed Hydra
180 The Sudden Twist.
181 Another Bombshell
182 The Night Attack.
183 The Incoming Bloody Feast.
184 The Power Of The Nine-Headed Hydra.
185 The Frightened Long Bai
186 Meeting Again
187 Payback Time.
188 The Enraged Demi-God Ye
189 Karma Is a B................
190 The Tearful Separation.
191 The Mysterious Young Man
192 The Sudden Change
193 You Guys Are No Fun