My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!



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Last Chapter:78 Cozying up to Someone Powerful

A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality.
In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up her enemy. She is indifferent, but it’s love at first sight for the Crown Prince!
“Not good, Your Highness the Crown Prince, Her Highness the Crown Prince Consort used an immobilization tal...
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1 The Crime Scene
2 Eye Witness
3 Power
4 Tyranny
5 Crown Prince Lian
6 Directions
7 Magnetite Mine
8 Disdain
9 Eat Her!
10 In Discussion of the Degree of Savageness
11 The Appearance of a Xuan Master
12 I Want Nothing but Gold!
13 Your Whole Family Is Mute
14 We Are Friends!
15 A Heart Like Backwater
16 Deep Like a Cold Pond
17 Early Mystic Meridians
18 Making a Fuss Over Something Trivial
19 Apologize!
20 The Bun's Mother Exploded!
21 A Dream? Reality?
22 Inner World!
23 Provocation
24 Sending a Present!
25 Extremely Unruly!
26 Inky
27 A Lot of Distaste
28 Foodie?
29 Persuasion
30 A Night of Arson, Plunder, and Murder
31 Peculiar Hobby
32 An Overzealous Little Guy
33 Golden Talisman Jade Tome
34 Really Want to Kill I
35 A Friendly Complimentary Gif
36 A Talisman Practitioner's Tactics
37 Please Spare Me!
38 Evil Spirits Being a Menace
39 Escaping in a Panic
40 A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress 1
41 A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress 2
42 The Prelude to Murder
43 Exceptional Good Looks Doesn't Exempt You from a Beating
44 Vicious Children Aren't to Be Trifled With
45 Children Have Mutated
46 Really Tragic
47 Without a Will to Live
48 Paradise
49 Germophobia is an Illness
50 Should We Perish Together?
51 Deadly Poison
52 Refinement Mode?
53 A Strange Dantian
54 The Paradise Collapsed
55 I Will Kill You!
56 Out of Her Mind
57 Competing on Who's More Merciless with Me?
58 Have You Died Before?
59 Qiaoqiao Is Naughty Again
60 Stone Forest in Flames
61 Freaking Let Go!
62 Heart of Paradise
63 Life Lantern
64 Soul Extraction
65 A Tiny Chess Piece
66 Parting
67 A Grateful Squirrel
68 A Violent Treatmen
69 Throw A Tantrum
70 Let Me Protect You
71 Self-exile from the Clan
72 Family Division 1
73 Family Division 2
74 A Talisman Practitioner's Challenges
75 Utterly Useless!
76 A Night Visit to Xu Jiao
77 Ghost!!!
78 Cozying up to Someone Powerful