Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency



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Last Chapter:268 Fifty Million in Cash. You Must Send It Here Within An Hour

Song Yu, an up and coming architect was supposed to be the fiancée to the second son of the Qi Family... until her family went bankrupt. The engagement was called off and she finally has the freedom to love whoever she wants to! Years later, a twist of fate made her cross paths with the Qi family again. In order to land a prestigious architect role in an upcoming hotel construction project, she h...
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1 Do You Have a Boyfriend Yet?
2 A Mellow Baritone Rang from Above
3 Why Did He Have To Kiss Her After Getting Her Out Of Trouble?
4 Our Director Did Not Particularly Enjoy Helping Others
5 The Delicate Fragrance of Song Yu's Lips Still Lingered In Between His Lips
6 Why Would Someone as Unfathomable as Him Be Interested in Me?
7 Being Unceremonious and Imposing At The Same Time
8 It Was As If He Was Dealing With The Director’s Wife
9 Song Yu Felt Rather Anxious to Spend Time Alone with Qi Chengzhi
10 The Tension Continued to Build up until It Became Quintessential
11 Such an Indecent Private Life
12 I'm Heading to Your House
13 When Will She Be Able to Get Married?
14 She Distanced Herself Awkwardly from Qi Chengzhi
15 Is It Possible for You to Have A Simple Meal, Young Master Cheng?
16 Is It Nice to Deceive Others and Yourself Like This, Young Master Cheng?
17 He Smiled Contentedly While Looking at The Mirror; Even He Felt That He Looked Incredibly Handsome at the Time
18 She Would Have Thought He Was Taking Liberty with Her
19 Since You've Asked, I Will Stay The Nigh
20 Song Yu Almost Fainted The Moment She Walked In
21 Qi Chengzhi Felt as Though He Dug His Own Grave
22 What Are You Doing, Aili?
23 I Bumped into A Rabid Dog on The Way Here and It Was Scary
24 Qi Chenglin Seemed Adamant for Her to Stay
25 Could It Be That He Fallen for His Brother’s Ex-Fiancée?
26 It Is Futile for Some People to Work Hard
27 Qi Chengzhi Was Not One to Treat His Business Lightly
28 Are You Not Worried You Will Be Sued to Bankruptcy By Qilin If Anything Goes Wrong?
29 Do You Think You Will Be What You Are Today If It Weren’t for Chengshi?
30 Young Master Cheng, Miss Song’s Business Has Been Taken By Some Other Architect From Chengshi
31 You Troublesome Fool, What A Joke
32 You’d Better Slay Them Without Thinking Twice
33 You’re Really Full of Yourself
34 Who Knows, Maybe You've Served Both the Master and the Servan
35 You Can Try Throwing It at Me
36 She Gave Qi Chengzhi a Call but The Call Hung up Just after One Ring
37 Young Master Cheng Would be Attending a Dinner at Dynasty Tonigh
38 Qi Chengzhi Overtook her and Walked Toward His Car
39 What Was Young Master Cheng Talking Abou
40 How Can Someone Be So Shamelessly Narcissistic
41 You Sounded as if I’m Your Husband That’s Under Your Control
42 It Felt As Though He Was Right Beside Her
43 We Mustn’t Let Matters at Work Affect Our Friendship
44 Our Director Is Well-Loved by All of Qilin’s Employees
45 You Were Given the Wrong Room Card
46 They Were Always More Than Friends but Less Than Lovers
47 Don't Open the Door, I... Have Something to Tell You
48 Jian Yi, I Like You
49 Good Girl, Don't Joke Around
50 Little Shit, Still Denying Your Relationship with the Director! Luckily You Can’t Fool Me
51 How Could He Act Indecently In Front of His Subordinate
52 If Song Yu Knew About You And
53 I Just Wanted to Tell You that Song Yu Came Out from Qi Chengzhi’s Room Last Nigh
54 It Still Doesn’t Count As A Relationship Even After We Kissed?
55 Miss Song Is Always on Her Phone Because She Is Talking to Her Boyfriend
56 My Phone Might Be Infected With A Virus, That Would Explain Why I Am Getting So Many Junk Messages
57 Are You Here to Talk About Design, or Are You Here to Talk About Production?
58 Since Then, Luo Yushu Took Song Yu Even More Seriously Than Before
59 I Would like to See How You Are Going to Secure Qi Lin’s Business Without the Design Diagram!
60 Instead of Wasting Your Time Looking for the Design Diagram, You Should Start Looking for a New Job Online!
61 You Should Not Frame Your Colleague in Hopes of Evading Punishment, That Is Not Good
62 Song Yu, the Design You Submitted Is Exactly the Same as Guanyu’s
63 Song Yu Could Not Imagine How He Could Have Climbed Up the Poles
64 There Were Millions of People I Could Have Met, But as It Turned Out, You Were Here
65 Qi Chengzhi Threw Song Yu Onto the Bed Immediately
66 There Was A Hint of Desire in His Eyes, It Was Not All in Her Mind
67 Song Yu, Why Is Your Face So Red?
68 Qi Chengzhi Hugged Her Before She Could Finish Her Sentence
69 Qi Chengzhi, You Rascal, There’s No One Outside Anymore
70 Think About Why You’re Standing Here Earnestly and Letting Me Kiss You Young Master Cheng's Confession
71 Instead of Rejecting His Advances, A Frightened Song Yu Became Particularly Nervous
72 Qi Chengzhi, Enough Already!
73 All You Cradle-Snatchers Don’t Take Advantage of Me
74 Whose Kid Is This? So Stupid That They’d Flirt with My Girl Right in Front of Me.
75 ‘The Qi Family’s Xiao Yu’ and ‘My Boss’
76 Qi Chengzhi Carried Her into The Bedroom With A Few Steps
77 Song Yu Only Had Four Words for Him: ‘You Are an Animal!’
78 How Fast Of You To Get A New Boyfriend
79 We’ve Just Started Dating. I'll Bring Her Home When We're In A Stable Relationship
80 I Want To Spend The New Year’s With You
81 If You Let Me Go Off Like This, Something Might Happen to Me on The Road
82 Would You Still Have the Nerve to Get on Another Man’s Car in the Future?
83 I Can’t Walk Out This Door
84 So, I’m Your “Boss and the Boss’ Wife”, Hm?
85 Qi Chengzhi, Do You Really, Really Like Me?
86 Auntie, Aren’t You Going To Consider Being My Stepmother?
87 If You Try to Steal My Girlfriend Again, I’ll Send You Back Home
88 Stay Away From That Camry When You’re Back
89 I Still Prefer You Without Glasses
90 When You Decide to Tell Them, I’ll Go with You
91 The Director Is Wearing Invisible Spectacles!
92 As Long As You Trust Me
93 Qi Chengzhi Did Not Understand How The Universe Bestowed Upon Him This Woman So Dear
94 It’ll Start A Scandal Once It Gets Out!
95 Pack Things Up Tonight and We’ll Come Over Tomorrow To Move the Rest, Hmm?
96 Did You Follow Him Intentionally After Knowing That He’s Having A Blind Date Here?
97 I Agreed to A Family Dinner, Not Dinner with A Blind Date
98 You Like It If Someone Calls You That? Big Brother Chengzhi?
99 For Now, You’ll Wear A Couple Ring So Other Men Know That You’re Taken
100 Why Did You Accept It Without Checking Who Sent It?!
101 Miss Yu, I Already Have A Girlfriend.
102 Is This Man Romancing Her Now?
103 I'm Fetching Your Future Granddaughter-In-Law Over For Dinner
104 I’ll Deal with My Family; All You Have to Do Is Focus on Crushing Yu Keyao
105 This Is Song Yu, She Used to Be My Brother’s Ex-Fiancée; Now She’s My Wife-To-Be
106 It Was Eye-Opening to See Qi Chengzhi Protecting Someone with All His Hear
107 There Was No Need for Her to Be Demure in Front of a Man Who Was Willing to Roll Up His Sleeves and Boil Soup for Her
108 Your Solution Is Only Fixing The Symptom But Not The Cause And It’s Unfair For Song Yu
109 If You Have A Man Like This, You Should Treasure Him
110 We’re Not Sneaking Around, I’m Just Holding My Wife’s Hand
111 Qi Chengzhi Told Me To Come, That’s Why I’m Here
112 I Only Like Qi Chengzhi And No One Else
113 The Truth About The Bankruptcy It’s Very Important, Must Read
114 I Can’t Be Going to Your Home Empty-Handed for My First Meeting with Your Parents
115 She Doesn’t Need to Steal Me; I’m The One Who Came to Her Voluntarily
116 One Is Talking About A Marriage Proposal While the Other Is Visiting the Family-In-Law
117 Hearing the Conversation Between Xia Wenna and Grandmother Qi on the Staircase
118 When A Man of His Composure Made Such A Demand, He Seemed Like an Insecure Little Child
119 I Really Wish I Could Knead You Deep into My Bones
120 His Eagerness Is Frightening. Say, What Do You Think He’s Turned into After Holding Himself Back for so Many Years?
121 Such Behavior—Whereby He Would Punish Her and Then Reward Her—Invoked in Her A Tiny Bit of Resentment Toward Him
122 She Could Smell the Fresh Scent of The Strawberries on His Lips Before He Leaned Into Her.
123 What Did You Say to Me Just Now? Could You Please Repeat It? Extra: Cheng-Yu Childhood Drama
124 When Will He Be Free for a Meal? Your Mom Will Be Cooking
125 Feel Free To Do So, We’re Going To Be A Family Soon
126 I Want To Comb Your Hair Like This for the Entire Night Today
127 Did You Still Want Him Around?
128 I’ve Told Him Already, But He Pretended Not to Listen; Maybe You Can Try Telling Him?
129 Jian Yi Said, “I Have Something to Tell You; It’s Important!”
130 You’re Way Better Than Him in Everything; There’s Nothing That He Could Ever Match Up to You!
131 She Had No Idea That He Watched Her from His Office Window for A Solid Four Years
132 Thick-Skinned Yang Yunshu Is Trying to Seduce Your Man
133 If You Still Have the Energy for Song Yu, It Seems like It Doesn't Sound as Serious as over the Phone
134 Nowadays, You Don't Even Give Me a Goodbye Kiss
135 I Won’t Bully You, But I’ll Watch My Man Do That To You, What Can You Do?
136 He Was The First To Jump Into The Water, Even Jian Yi Was One Step Behind First Update
137 You Were Still A Young Hunk Back Then, How Can You Compare That With Your Current Self! Second Update
138 Qi Chengzhi Was Putting On An Act To Gain Song Yu’s Affection
139 Forever Love, Forever Love
140 One Girl Has Been in My Heart Since Forever; I’ve Been Watching Her Since She Was A Baby, Up Until She Grew Up into A Beautiful Woman
141 If I Could Turn Back Time, I’ll Come to You Out of My Own Free Will
142 My Heart Is with Song Yu And So Is My Compassion
143 I Think That You Would Definitely Rip The Young Seductress’ Face Apart Without Hesitation
144 Chengzhi is Not the Kind of Guy Who Has A Soft Spot For Women
145 From Now Onwards, Song Yu Will Be Your Granddaughter-in-law
146 I Want You to Give Up
147 Is Bankruptcy Not Considered a Loss?
148 Is This the Case Where the Mother-In-Law Is Falling in Love with the Son-In-Law?
149 Qi Chengzhi, You Childish Man!
150 I Don’t Mind Your Stubbornness, As Long As It’s With Me
151 If Possible, Look Into Qi Chengzhi’s Status That Year
152 Qi Chengzhi Frowned and Wondered What the Chubby Little Boy Was Up To
153 I’m Sorry, My Fiancée Doesn’t Allow Me To Accept Phone Numbers From Other Women
154 When It Comes to You, I’m What You Call ‘A Person Whose Eyes Are Bigger Than His Stomach’
155 I Heard That the Chances of Getting A Girl Are Higher If the Parents Are Smokers
156 Don't Disgust Me with Your Gifts. Get Out! Free Chengyu Childhood Mini-Drama
157 Song Yu, You Better Not Come over Today
158 How Self-absorbed Could He Be To Articulate These Things So Confidently?
159 Since You Have No Manners, I’ll Educate You On Behalf Of Your Parents
160 What If I Told You That Qi Chengzhi Is Involved in the Song Family’s Bankruptcy
161 Mom was Planning to Teach Me How to Write My Name Before You Came
162 My Song Yu. Finally, It was Worth Waiting For.
163 I Love Being Your Anchor So You Can Brandish My Name as Your Shield
164 One Must Hold on to One's Wife from Her Baby Days to Know If She Is Suitable for Oneself Marriage Registration
165 It Was as Though He Discovered the Truth About Her and Her Ex-Boyfriend
166 Now That They’re Officially Married, What Else Do You Think They’ll Be Doing All Alone in The Room?
167 Don't People Do This during Tomb-Sweeping Day?
168 Compared to My Big Brother, Who Do You Think You Are?
169 Was It Your Friend Who Registered for Marriage? Congratulations!
170 If You Agree to This Condition, I Will Promise You to Keep That Incident as a Secre
171 You… Are You Sure It’s Safe for You to Continue at This Pace?
172 Who Do You Think You Are, How Dare You Hit Song Yu!
173 Dear Wife, These Are All Of My Assets
174 Sister, This Video Was Filmed Clear Enough, Right?
175 Brother-in-Law, Can’t I Sit in Your Car?
176 Was the Young Lady in Front of Them A So-Called Mistress?!
177 Chengyue, Come with Me, I Need to Tell You Something
178 Song Yu Turned and Looked at Qi Chengzhi in the Driver's Seat, and Leaned over Suddenly
179 A Sudden Dizziness Came Over Song Yu As Soon As She Stood Up Free Mini-Scene of Chengzhi As A Little Boy
180 You’re Asking Me What Am I Doing When You and Your Big Eyes Seduced Me While I Was Driving?
181 Look at Our Chengzhi, We Arranged Tons of Blind Dates for Him in the Pas
182 Qi Chengzhi, You Scared Me!
183 Wouldn’t You Say This Baby Has Made Me More Valuable?
184 Song Yu, You Are Just Bluffing!
185 I’ve Been Kneeling for Too Long, I Can’t Feel My Legs
186 I Want Half of The Shares You Own in Qilin
187 I Really Wanted to Surprise You Here
188 My Big Brother Treats His WeChat Moments as A Place to Display His Affection
189 He’s Already Someone Else’s Husband Regardless of What You Think
190 I'm Just Kissing My Wife Here, Could Anyone Criticize Me for It?
191 Sorry, the CEO Is Not In, Our CEO’s Wife Is Now the Commander-In-Chief
192 You Don’t Have to Grab Onto Me Like That. I’ll Fetch You.
193 Going After Cinderellas of Humble Births; Does He Intend to Play a Prince Now?
194 He Would Not Even Be Willing to Touch Her Dirty Hands
195 Book Me a Ticket for the Earliest Flight to the United States
196 Qi Chengzhi’s Secret Hotel Rendezvous with A Lover First Upload
197 The Qi Family in Action Second Upload
198 I’m Taking Care of You with the Mindset That I’m Taking Care of a Pig First Upload
199 Do You Intend on Being A Matchmaker? Second Upload
200 Reporters, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Look At What She’s Done!
201 Let Me Show You How The Qi Family Wields Its Power
202 That’s Right, I Like Her
203 I Don’t Usually Give My All to Help Someone
204 Are You Sure You Don't Want Me to Stay?
205 Didn’t You Say That You’ve Told Them to Not Embarrass Me?
206 Little Sister, Pluck up Your Courage and Go Right Ahead!
207 Qi Chenglin Let Go of the Hand Which Was Gently Pinching Her Face but Moved His Face Closer to Hers with His Eyes Closed
208 In the Past, Why Had She Not Felt That His Personality Was in Fact so Irritating When She Listened to the Description Given by Song Yu?
209 You and Cheng Dongge Will Be Going on a Business Trip to Li City the Day After Tomorrow
210 Stop Thinking About Indecent Stuff All Day
211 Qi Chengyue Held His Arm Tightly to Stop Him from Leaving
212 A Voice Rang from Behind Qi Chengyue and Nearly Made Her Jump Up in Frigh
213 I’ll Just Randomly Marry Someone and Get a Divorce the Next Day
214 Song Yu Lowered Her Head and Saw Him Pinching the Slight Protrusion of Her Abdomen Lightly With His Slender Fingers Second Upload
215 “Go On! Keep lying!” Song Yu Hissed. Attached with Guan Xiaolin’s Ending
216 Chengzhi, I’ve Done What You Asked Me to the Last Time We Spoke!
217 Cheng Dongge, You Can Be Very Cruel, You Know That?
218 How Could He Say Something So Shameless?
219 If He Still Doesn’t Want a Child, Then When Will He Want One?
220 If You Want to Go Back to an Ex, at Least Choose a Better One!
221 I Reserve That Seat for My Girlfriend Only. Do You Wish to Sit In It?
222 He Hasn’t Left Yet. I Think It’s a Touareg.
223 Should We Head to the Hospital to Find out the Baby’s Gender?
224 The Police Came and Arrested Ruan Danchen
225 We’re in the Same House, What Are You Hello-ing About?
226 Look at Yourself in the Mirror and See How Disgusting You Are Right Now
227 Aunty Ruan Is an Honest Person
228 Why Are Your Eyes so Red? Did You Cry?
229 Director, Your Feather Avatar Had Betrayed You
230 Are You Saying That It Was Brother Chengzhi Who Bankrupted The Song Family?
231 I Just Couldn't Resist Your Charm!
232 Blushing, Song Yu Obediently Wrapped Her Arms Around His Neck
233 I've Never Thought You Were Pretty, but Now, You're so Hideous It's Disgusting
234 Auntie, Please Help Me Look After Aunt Ruan Properly
235 Song Yu, You're Such a Shrew!
236 Gui Rongxuan Was Offended
237 Don't Think Too Highly of Yourself
238 Song Yu Sniffed His Body Twice. "You Are Smoking Again?"
239 I Promised You Before, I Will Always Be There for You for My Whole Life
240 Qi Chengzhi Seemed to Be Having Some Naughty Thoughts Because the Corners of His Lips Were Curled up Suggestively
241 How About You Stay the Night?
242 Which Aspect Are You Referring To?
243 I Can Help You If You Have A Problem
244 If Not Then Why Was Your Face So Red?
245 Where Was The Mistress When I Had Nothing To Do With You
246 I Was Simply Saying Goodnight To The Baby
247 You Had Sprained Your Ankle, You Shouldn't Touch the Ground, Don't Be Stubborn
248 You Were Hugging My Arm, So I Couldn't Move
249 Hubby, Your Grandmother and Nephew Bad-Mouthed You When You Were Not Around. Do You Know About That?
250 Grandmother Ge, My Dad Is Trying His Best to Win a Special Woman’s Hear
251 I Don’t Even Have the Mood to Go Square Dancing Because of Your Situation
252 Quick, Burn That Love Letter Under Your Mattress
253 Bought This to Put It at Home and Motivate Myself to Give Birth to a Girl
254 Are You Planning to Disown Your Own Daughter?
255 Won’t You Feel Ashamed for Your Self-Assertion? Free Song Yu’s Family Mini Drama
256 Consider This Five Million Dollars A Gift For What Happened Before
257 The Black Range Rover Was Still Parked Downstairs
258 Who in The World Stops the Car They Are Driving Just to Kiss Someone?
259 My Wife Is Naughty Sometimes
260 Why Did You Kick Them Out When All They Did Was Mention Miss Ruan?
261 I Saw A Familiar-Looking Man Staring at Me Through the Window
262 Let’s Go To Li City Together
263 Looks Like My Brother Treat You So Well That You Let Your Guard Down
264 I’m Not Close to Young Master Lin, It’s Not Nice to Use His Room
265 : Song Yu Halted Her Footsteps Suddenly and Turned Around to Search for Something in the Garden
266 I Found the Missus’s Phone in the Stairwell
267 Why Didn’t You Tell The Family About Such An Urgent Issue
268 Fifty Million in Cash. You Must Send It Here Within An Hour