I Woke Up In A Completely Different World!



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Last Chapter:69 To Make A Witch, Part VI

Volume 1-

Steven Omeo was a high school student that was hanging out with his friends one day and was attacked by a demon! He wakes up in on a bed and realizes things are not as they seem. A young girl shows up and reveals herself as a Nekomata, or cat people as it seems to Steven. It was in that room that our student realizes that he woke up in a completely different world!

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-2 Glossary
-1 Magic
1 Prologue: A Brand New World!
2 Toku Village
3 Ostroven & The Mage's Academy
4 Bullies & Reconciliation
5 Discipline & Demons
6 Her Book of Magic
7 A Mother's Touch
8 Left To His Vices
9 A Weeping Widow
10 Nathan Pierre
11 Silence Is Golden
12 The Set Up
13 The Chapel Showdown
14 Deliverance
15 Home Sweet Home
16 The Sisters
17 A Call To Action
18 Zheng De Shouyi
19 Snatched
20 Cursed
21 The Undead's Family
22 Cursed Part II
23 Cursed Part III
24 A Journal Entry
25 Comfor
26 Village Life Part I
27 Village Life Part II
28 Departure
29 Welcome Party
30 Zheng De Meinu
31 A Deadly Servan
32 A Quest Chain!
33 The Doppelganger
34 Awaken...
35 Recollections
36 A Morning Lesson
37 Something Importan
38 The Council
39 Goodnight, Sefre
40 Year 1 Anniversary: "Summer With The Hisakawas!"
41 The Servant's Servant, Part I
42 The Servant's Servant, Part II
43 The Servant's Servant, Part III
44 The Servant's Servant, Part IV
45 Esnia's Mage's Academy!
46 A Nightly Stroll
47 Getting Out of Yet Another Bad Situation
48 In The Void, He Sleeps
49 Los
50 A Walk On A Beach
51 Kald: A Quaint Town
52 A Return To Normalcy?
53 Fort Erobern, Part I
54 Fort Erobern, Part II
55 Fort Erobern, Part III
56 Fort Erobern, Part IV
57 Fort Erobern, Part V
58 Fort Erobern, Part VI
59 Fort Erobern, Part VII
60 Fort Erobern, Part VIII
61 Fort Erobern, Part IX
62 Fort Erobern, Part X
63 Fort Erobern, Part XI
64 To Make A Witch, Part I
65 To Make A Witch, Part II
66 To Make A Witch, Part III
67 To Make A Witch, Part IV
68 To Make A Witch, Part V
69 To Make A Witch, Part VI