The Daily Life of a Foodie in the Office



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Last Chapter:57 CH57: Her mother's recipe

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The Daily Life of a Foodie in the Office》Chapter List
1 CH1: The Shameless Message
2 CH2: Box of Surprise
3 CH3: Food for the soul
4 CH4: Holiday
5 CH5: The appraisal
6 CH6: Not a glutton
7 CH7: Food is the best medicine
8 CH8: Love for food
9 CH9: Comfort foods
10 CH10: Safety is important in the company
11 CH11: A personal touch to the gathering
12 CH12: Cooking class
13 CH13: Talks make me hungry
14 CH14: Recipe with a soul
15 CH15: Festival in town
16 CH16: FooDEE Trip 1
17 CH17: FooDEE Trip 2
18 CH18: Réunion at a wedding
19 CH19: Return of Lady Boss
20 CH20: The new intern
21 CH21: Good surprise or not?
22 CH22: Is this highschool romance?
23 CH23: Two is enough
24 CH24: Chocolate is Love
25 CH25: Who has time for fake people?
26 CH26: Sisterly love
27 CH27: CV clinic
28 CH28: The beautiful Somtam
29 CH29: Blessed to have friends like them
30 CH30: Making it pretty does not mean its the bes
31 CH31: Blackout 1
32 CH32: Blackout 2
33 CH33: Cooked with care
34 CH34: Poster presentation
35 CH35: Travel fair
36 CH36: Planning a trip
37 CH37: What's for lunch?
38 CH38: 'Chapter title is a spoiler'.
39 CH39: Another FooDEE trip 1
40 CH40: Another FooDEE trip 2
41 CH41: Not in the job description but...
42 CH42: Goodbye, my friend
43 CH43: Radio Talks
44 CH44: Farewell party
45 CH45: Food in mouth solves everything!
46 CH46: Part-timer
47 CH47: What's your cravings?
48 CH48: Questionable work ethics
49 CH49: Food Competition
50 CH50: Healthy eating
51 CH51: Work from home
52 CH52: Simplicity at its bes
53 CH53: National Day
54 CH54: It's better to eat in peace
55 CH55: Gathering at the beach
56 CH56: Last minute meeting
57 CH57: Her mother's recipe