Living Life As A Game: Through And Through



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Last Chapter:248 The Keters’ Ascensions

Life changes for Adrian after he creates a character for an RPG game called IRL. (Maybe this will be more detailed after I make more chapters, but for now, I“ll leave it as is.)

I“m not really a writer or an artist so... sorry for the bootleg book cover.
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Living Life As A Game: Through And Through》Chapter List
1 The Game That Started It All Revised
2 Goddess Sponsor “P” Revised
3 Accepting Her New Reality Revised
4 Unpacking The Starter Pack Revised
5 Meditation Revised
6 Spontaneous Side Quest!
7 Shopping For Clothes, Completing The Side Ques
8 Timely Contac
9 Testing Conversion
10 Joining The Dojo
11 Learning The Basics
12 Breakthrough
13 A Frightening Momen
14 Masochistic Awakening
15 Trouble’s Brewing
16 Choice Ques
17 Chase!
18 The Situation Worsens
19 Pyrrhic Conclusion
20 Healing Sun, An Ember Burns
21 Search And Recovery
22 Neither God Nor Devil
23 Preparing Another Breakthrough Event, Accepting Rewards
24 Misunderstanding
25 Feeling Slighted
26 Miracle Of The Medical Path, Calamitous Boss Battle
27 Time For Breakfas
28 Back To The Dojo
29 Oddly Upse
30 A Change In Affinity
31 Healing Atid
32 New Home
33 Before The Jump
34 Complacent And Oblivious
35 Brutal First Blood
36 Madness
37 In Search Of Shelter
38 Securing Safety
39 Pending?
40 The Start Of Totally Normal Night Time Activities
41 To The Brim
42 Doing It For The Energy...
43 Unexpected Windfall
44 Calamity And Fortune Come Hand In Hand
45 A Series Of Ever-Increasingly Dangerous Choices
46 Threat Of Death
47 To The Showers!
48 Can You Do Me A Favor?
49 Caught!
50 Father-“Son” Cha
51 Trash-Tier Affinity
52 And So We Begin Again...
53 Treacherous Cheats
54 Attaining Mythical Standing
55 Elizabeth’s Break Cut Shor
56 Another Affliction Arises
57 Blatant Betrayal
58 Lamenting Her Own Impulsiveness
59 You Can’t Be Serious...
60 Critical Development!
61 Betting It All On The Absurd
62 Causing Problems For Oneself, Breaking Records
63 Coming Out In One Piece
64 That's Two For Two
65 Putting An End To This Crazy Week
66 Clashing
67 How Is This Worth Millions?!
68 Entering A Conflic
69 Storage Enchantmen
70 The Search For DNA
71 The Test For Better Training Gear
72 Internal Refinemen
73 Evolution Of A Martial Skill
74 Advancing At A Breakneck Pace
75 A Visit From Familiar Faces
76 Conditions
77 Battle Between Soldiers
78 Disturbing The Demon
79 The Final Battle Against A Peak-Phase Pawn
80 Dealing With The Aftermath
81 Can’t I Just Have One Normal Day?
82 The Strangest Bartender
83 Correcting Time
84 Testing The Limits, Double Breakthrough
85 Broken And Bleak, Off To The Next Substation
86 Erasing Limits, Endless Potential
87 The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly… Outcomes
88 New Godly Servant, Leaving The Legacy Site
89 Dimensional Upgrade
90 To The Yach
91 Peak-Phase Soldier
92 Spell Seeds
93 Pill Consummation, Challenged In The Kitchen
94 Landslide Victory For The Cooking Demon
95 Learning A New Skill To Fill Up One’s Stomach
96 Blade Art: Basics
97 Subtle Change
98 Unfathomable Reward
99 An Unfunny Joke...
100 Cursed Scroll
101 Jane’s Turn, A Round Of Extrapersonal Cultivation
102 Troublesome Bloodline
103 Night Of Upgrades
104 Shower Thoughts, Kitchen Schemes
105 Stability, Albeit Temporarily
106 Arriving At The Island, Unparalleled In The Fores
107 Ominous Passage Activates, Cultivating Femininity
108 The Demonic Godslayer’s Cultivation
109 Frightening Battle
110 The Secret, New Weakest Companion
111 Wrapping Up The Free Day
112 Planning Out A Lengthy Tournament Day
113 Aggravating Stranger
114 Startling Announcemen
115 The Refinement Stage
116 High Hopes Rescinded
117 Interview Gone Awry
118 Boasting At Levels Thought To Be Unimaginable
119 Sword Smithing
120 Ending The First Stage
121 Sneaking Suspicion
122 Caught Completely Off Guard!
123 The Un-probeable Clearlight Sparrow Beast Egg
124 Ancestral Awakening
125 Fiendish Deligh
126 Five Stage Win Streak
127 The Demon Who Won Without Lifting A Finger!
128 Trading For The Unexpected
129 Doing It On Purpose
130 Saint Elizabeth, The Demon Who Cures...
131 Doctor-Patient Cha
132 Psychotic Tendencies
133 The End Of A Streak
134 Free Time
135 Taking The Spotlight Once More
136 Three Enchantments
137 Cooking Up A Storm
138 Enlightening The Masses About The Wondrous Occupation Of True Spiritual Cooking!
139 End Of The Secondary Occupational Events
140 Double-Edged Sword Of An Ability
141 The Start Of The Martial Even
142 A True Test Of Strength!
143 At Least I Completed The Game...
144 Premature Encounter
145 End Of The Warrior Stage Division
146 Climbing The Ranks
147 Dangerous Turn Of Events
148 Extreme Path Cultivators Shock The Crowd!
149 Finally, A Challenge!
150 Just A Bit Of Danger
151 The End Of A Terrific Battle
152 The Saint Division
153 Debuting The Origin Energy-Technique Integration Cube
154 Hitting The Motherlode! Chance At Becoming Saint Champion
155 Changing Tactics
156 End Of The Road
157 Divine Transmission
158 From Humble Origins...
159 …A Pair Of Legends Rise
160 Giving Needless Advice
161 No Choice But To Accept!
162 Where Do They Come From?!
163 Needle In The Proverbial Haystack
164 Revealing Herself
165 Concluding Her Business In The Keter Estate
166 Let's Have A Race
167 Exciting Times Before The Rest Arrive
168 Incarnations!
169 Change In Body And Soul
170 Paradigm Shif
171 Preparation For The Second Jump
172 A Quick Test Of The Party
173 Setting Up A Base
174 Dangerous Encounter
175 Death Vs Yang
176 Zhenlang
177 Contact With Other-Dimensional Residents
178 Pretty Good Gains, All Things Considered...
179 The Journey To Tyre
180 To The Guild
181 The Struggle To Earn A Guild Card
182 The Prelude To A Calamity...
183 A New Title And Rank
184 Conducting Business At The Exchange Hub
185 Becoming Enlightened
186 Failed Cultivation
187 Learning About Incantations
188 Returning To Base Camp
189 Setting Up The Formations
190 Flaming Glass and Fellkin
191 Planning A Meeting
192 Arriving At Japan
193 A Moment Of Introspection
194 Mid-Interview Meltdown
195 Return To The Pas
196 Vowing To Move Forward
197 Proposing An Ultimatum
198 Progress In The Shadow Realm
199 Rapid Escalation Of Conflic
200 Wolf God Form
201 Unprecedented Crisis
202 Reaching Her Absolute Speed Limi
203 Soul Extinguishing Thunder
204 Spirit Bound Contrac
205 Day One Of Training
206 The Second Stage Descends!
207 Visitors Arrive
208 A Haunting Encounter Of Figures From The Pas
209 Battles On Three Fronts
210 Merciful Sun
211 Some Scores Have To Be Settled Personally
212 Preparing For Seclusion
213 Strive For Perfection
214 Humbled Once More
215 Mortal Bodily Limi
216 Opening The Upper Dantian
217 Cultivator
218 Unable To Go All-Ou
219 Sound Transmission
220 Cloudrain Sector
221 A New Parameter In Understanding
222 Increasing The Pressure
223 Quick Change Of Plans
224 Temple Mysteries
225 What Would This Day Be Without More Interruptions?
226 The Schemes Of A Man With Nothing To Lose
227 His Greatest Failure Ye
228 At Last, It Begins
229 A Game Centered Around Collection
230 Bottlenecks And Impossibly Talented Humans
231 Childish Frustration
232 Becoming A God Is Not Enough
233 Almost Too Good To Be True
234 Attaining Highest Core
235 Partial Failure, Partial Success
236 Fifteen Profound Truths
237 The Tricky Time Substation
238 Preparing For Chaos
239 Chaotic And Sublime
240 Trial Of Chaos
241 Surprises Abound
242 Concluding The Second Visi
243 Sanity-Questioning Increase In Power
244 Returning To Quite The Surprise
245 Rising Action With A Three-Stage Difference
246 Concluding With A Choice
247 Aftermath Of The Battle
248 The Keters’ Ascensions