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Liu Ji Lian was killed.

cause of death? poison.

Administered by who? Jealous family members.

Reaction? Take revenge for dead girl.

Revenge taken by who? A 21st century teenager!
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1 Patiently wait for her to strike back!
2 This is not a novel!
3 Vicious two faced woman with a petty mind!
4 21st century woman!
5 I will only drink apple juice!
6 Bitch! In your face!
7 I am your ancestor!
8 Forget about your life!
9 What a good mother and daughter pair!
10 Never anger Liu Ji Lian
11 Introducing the young master!
12 I retire!
13 Pretty boy in a cave
14 Be prepared to die!
15 No name then?
16 Greedy MC
17 Becoming the side character
18 The Queen has a great fashion sense!
19 Introducing Mr Perfect Hubby!
20 Test of loyalty!
21 That man is my fiancé!?
22 Your fault for annoying our MC!
23 Fiancé is a school girl
24 Let her happiness force you to drink vinegar
25 Setting up little Qing for greatness
26 Her goal is to become rich!
27 Stand back and watch the Queen conquer! *cough* extort *cough*
28 I will give you the world!
29 Already Indulging Wang Fei
30 Wang Fei of the Feng Estate
31 Assert yourself as Wang Fei
32 Be humble
33 Trust Me
34 Marry Me
35 The Four Horns
36 New Beginnings
37 Fifth prince does your sister know about your secrete money pot?
38 The Crimson King
39 The Crimson King 2
40 Birth of a villain - Before the Extinction 1
41 Mother 1