RWBY - Fall of Grimm



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Last Chapter:50 Before We Drop...

My Name?

You can call me Saul. Saul Uchiha.

I“am a man that will change the flow of fate in a world where I do not belong.

Here I will play God and try to make the world conform to me, through any means necessary.

Welcome to the world of RWBY(S).

Enjoy my adventure, where I have a solid start and have an amazing finisher. Here I will re-write history ...
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RWBY - Fall of Grimm》Chapter List
1 Prologue:
2 Welcome.
3 Orphanage.
4 Qrow makes a choice.
5 Meeting my Adoptive Uncle and Aunt.
6 Yang is born.
7 She would have been a nice mother.
8 Biding my time.
9 Ruby is born.
10 Walk in the woods.
11 The sky was hidden that day.
12 Beginning my training.
13 Progress.
14 Why am I this way…?
15 Home.
16 Opening up.
17 Training is Important!
18 Time Skip~
19 Sparring Ring!
20 The Grand Finale!
21 Entering Town.
22 Strolling Around Town.
23 Standing up...
24 A Small Date?
25 Plot against the Schnee.
26 Shinobi and a Schnee.
27 Taking a Human Life.
28 Taking a Human Soul.
29 The People in the Shadows…
30 Taking Off.
31 Going to get Zwei.
32 Planning out the future.
34 Sending Off Ruby and Yang.
35 You're Late.
36 Here Are The Rules.
37 Grimm Pack Test One P.1
38 Grimm Pack Test One P.2
39 Hitting Up The Club!
40 Hitting inside the club!
41 Beginner Rounds Test Two
42 Finalist Round Test Two
43 Today's Test and Handicap!
44 Jailhouse Slaughter Final Test.1
45 Jailhouse Slaughter Final Test.2
46 Strollin' Around Downtown.
47 You Want To Interrogate Me?
48 Arriving at the Beacon.
49 Sleepover in the Ballroom? Yes.
50 Before We Drop...