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Last Chapter:51 The Return Back Home

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1 A Second Chance
2 Instructor Axtorius
3 Reed the Bookworm
4 A Meeting with the Outcasts
5 Alma's Blessing
6 The Isle of Infinity
7 The White Egg
8 The Celebrity
9 The Mountain of Madness
10 Moving Forward
11 The Result of His Effor
12 A Blizzard Is Coming
13 Love is Heavy
14 A Summer Retreat With Her
15 Imprisoned in Darkness, Again...
16 A Forgotten Feeling
17 Trust Your Instincts
18 City of the Sun
19 His Dream and Her Call
20 The Beach Boy's Woes
21 You Did What?
22 Meeting Her; Meeting Him
23 Island For Two
24 Worthy of Bliss
25 Farewell, Paradise...
26 He Hated I
27 She Marched In; He Cried
28 The Council of Sages
29 The Hunters and the Hunted
30 The Spicy Pepper's Admonition
31 Childhood's End
32 All Is Well In Heaven
33 A Magnificent Message
34 A Father's Pride
35 Fall From Grace
36 The Signal
37 First Contac
38 Welcome Home
39 A Fleeting Glimpse
40 Citlai, The Crown of The Stars
41 Her Holiness, Daughter of the Moon
42 The Slumbering One
43 A Silent Roar In Winter
44 The Young Man and The Noble Princess
45 A Mother's Righ
46 The Hidden Inheritance
47 Departing Gift From You
48 The Roughest Gems Shine Brightes
49 Waking Up the Ghost in the Cloak
50 Severing the Connection
51 The Return Back Home