Immortal Era's Crafting Master



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Last Chapter:83 Deal Secured and Bet Complete?

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Immortal Era's Crafting Master》Chapter List
1 The Last Mission
2 Rebirth
3 Character Creation
4 Elderwood Village, Weapon Master explained
5 Old Wolf's Ques
6 Creating skills, Making a friend
7 Turning in the Quests with an S-rank Rating
8 New Weapon Type: Gunblades
9 Lycan Transformation, Gameplay Differences
10 An Entertaining Day
11 Mysterious Bead as an Accessory, Crafting Master
12 Hunt in a Swampland
13 One Sided PK/Slaughter
14 Unexpected Encounter
15 Difficulty of Boss Battles
16 Leaving the Swampland
17 Swampland Leather Armor Se
18 Heading Wes
19 PK Rematch: Results May Vary
20 Demonic Gaze, Thousand Wood Village
21 Small Talk
22 Hidden Quest, Package Delivery
23 Harvesting Lessons
24 Doing a Good Deed
25 A Very Amusing Day :
26 Dungeon Entrance Under Water
27 Entering the Dungeon
28 Surprises and Intrigue
29 Murloc Shaman Rodrick
30 Discovering the Source of the Mana Fluctuation
31 Archmage Anderson's Test Subjec
32 Warrior Jake's Defea
33 Reporting Back
34 Discovery of a World Quest?
35 Theory Confirmed, Confrontation
36 Pk Squad Wipe
37 Splitting Up, Making Discoveries
38 Taming a Boss? That can happen?
39 Arriving at Stone Mount Village
40 Hidden Gimmicks, Sharing Information
41 Teaming Up?
42 Side Quest: First Kill
43 Trading Gimmick Secrets, More Hunting
44 Fisherman Kirou,
45 Beating the Carapace Armored Shield Minotaur into Submission
46 A Look into the Pas
47 Be Wary of Open Doors and Corners
48 Meeting the Pickpocket Once Again
49 Fattening Up the Demonic Spider
50 Everyone has their Secrets
51 Discussions
52 Raising Levels, Betrayal
53 Secrets and Plots
54 Guild Profits, Recovering
55 Server Shutdown Part 1
56 Server Shutdown Part 2
57 Invitation from the Kingdom Continents
58 A Night Ou
59 Taking Care of Obligations
60 A Nice Night Out :
61 Coffee Time
62 Invitations to the Beast Continen
63 Teleport Gates
64 Asking a Favor and Complicated Relationships
65 Inconspicuous Cave
66 Taking Down the Psychedelic Jellyfish King
67 Underground Cavern Secret Base
68 'A Shipment of Coal in the Middle of Winter'
69 Testing the Security System
70 Gaining an Informan
71 The Birth of the
72 Punishments and Secret Plots
73 The First Long Term Mission: The Eve of their First Meeting
74 The First Long Term Mission: Divergence
75 Another Shipment of Coal During Winter?
76 The True Size of the
77 Patience is Key
78 A Punishing Reward and A Be
79 The Meeting
80 Demonstration Part 1
81 Demonstration Part 2
82 Demonstration Part 3
83 Deal Secured and Bet Complete?