World's Best Martial Artist



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1 The Wrong Scrip
2 I Must Take the Martial Sciences Examinations!
3 Neglecting Social Sciences In Favor of Martial Sciences
4 Everything Could Not Go On If He Was Poor
5 Hehehe!
6 Poverty Has Limited My Imagination
7 The Five Stages of the Martial Sciences Exam
8 Dismayed
9 Standard Vitality Points
10 Vitality Checkups
11 First Checkup
12 A Ruthless Vow
13 Fang Ping, Who Tricked His Father
14 Tiptoeing Between Heaven and Hell
15 Improving Mentality Points
16 Wang Jinyang
17 Ignorance is Bliss
18 Popped Some Pills?
19 Schedule
20 Tenan
21 Perfect!
22 This Is Unfair!
23 Spooking Himself
24 Testing the Waters
25 Arrangements
26 Scheming
27 Fang Ping, The Great Villain
28 Haul
29 Martial Artists Sure Are Rich!
30 The Requirements to Breakthrough as a Martial Artis
31 Suppor
32 Are You Kidding Me?
33 Splitting the Goods
34 Statistical Conversion
35 Locked and Loaded
36 An Eager Fang Yuan
37 Gotta Treat Himself Better First Thing Now That He Had The Money
38 The Parcel Is Here!
39 Basic Cultivation Methods
40 His First Time Cultivating
41 Spend Money Like Water
42 The Gym
43 Scapegoat King
44 Wu Zhihao's Hypothesis
45 Stance Breakthrough!
46 New Benefits
47 Frenetic Ma Yun Stans
48 Video
49 Eager