The Journey To An Unknown Destination



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Last Chapter:64 Water Figh

Emily has an incredible adventure ahead of her in which she faces the difficulties of being a student, sports person and fashionista at the same time!

The road of life is not straight, neither can we make it. Everyone does mistakes and in the end learn from them. Same is with Emily. Being bullied by her class fellows for doing sports, she not only learns to stand up for herself but her confidence...
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The Journey To An Unknown Destination》Chapter List
1 A Rather Beautiful Morning
2 Filling Out The Forums
2 The Forum
3 Heartbroken
4 Unknown Number
5 First Day At The Gym
6 Approval
7 Chris Is Home
8 Helping Aiden
9 Maximum Of 5 Games
10 Enemies Until Hell Freezes
11 A Competition
12 History Between Cyril And Aiden
13 First Day Of Practice
14 Basics Of Archery
15 The Races
16 An Interview
17 Writing An Essay
18 Linda Meets Her Idol
19 New Manager Of GCA Press
20 A 'Friendly' Competetion
21 Haste Makes Waste
22 Meeting Cornelius
23 Exhausted
24 Mom Is Sick
25 Giving Aiden An Art Lesson
26 In The Center Of Cyber Bullying
27 Like A Boss
28 Start Of A Difficult Day
29 A Narrow Escape
30 The Rubbish Magazine
31 Buying An Archery Se
32 Last Moments Together
33 The Gif
34 The Try Ou
35 Times Flies By
36 Always There For You
37 Linda's Journey
38 Back On Track
39 Reaching Paris
40 Strict Rules And Regulations
41 Getting To Know Each Other
42 First Day At IFA
43 A Wonderful Day
44 A Trip Around The City
45 Back To Normal
46 Settling Our Differences
47 Good Old Friends
48 Playing Around
49 A Great News
50 ***Notice***
50 The Camping Trip
51 A Short Break
52 Yosemite National Park
53 Setting Up The Tents
54 Exploring The Area
55 Indescribable Beauty
57 Talking By The Campfire
58 Making Ourselves Dinner
56 Talking By The Campfire
57 Making Ourselves Dinner
58 Truth Or Dare
59 Don't Want To Talk About The Pas
60 Sprained Ankle
61 Argument Between Ivy And Hazel
62 An Evergreen Fores
62 The Evergreen Fores
63 The Majestic Waterfall
64 Water Figh