The Petite Dungeon Explorer



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Last Chapter:77 Accusations and Blood

Being reborn into the world of Tenebrae, Hollis finds herself as the daughter of a Vampire Noble. Being born into a world of magic and dungeons, she’s dead set of exploring the world around her! Will she be able to conquer dungeons and become an adventurer! \n\nJust what lies at the bottom of the world dungeon? What do the Gods and Goddess of the world want with her? Find out in the Petite Dungeo...
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The Petite Dungeon Explorer》Chapter List
1 The God of Life Laxnos
2 The Young Miss of the Astley Family
3 A Baby's 9 to 5
4 Five Years Later
5 The Pries
6 Voices of the Unseen
7 The Awakening
8 The Elf Boy
9 The Priestess
10 Life Page
11 Classes and Jobs?
12 A Celebration
13 A Celebration Pt. 2
14 Let's Be Friends
15 Passing a Verdic
16 The Three Families
17 A Child's Promise
18 Little Cecily
19 Broken Skills
20 Blood Thirsty & Airhead
21 Birth of a Bond
22 Dragon Blood Smoothie
23 Triple the Brother's
24 Not My First Doll, Rather My First Set of Armor
25 The Life-Saving Item
26 Who Want's Desert?
27 Praise From Herma
28 A Grueling Hellish Spartan Training
29 A Grueling Hellish Spartan Training Pt. 2
30 The Lady Killer Brother
31 The Goddess of Death, Muheia
32 A Grandmother's Knowledge
33 The Goddess' Reques
34 A Sweet Treat Fueled Decision
35 Slaughter Slaughter Children
36 Outside the City Limit's
37 The Guildhall
38 The Lover Special
39 Trying to be a Man
40 The Vaziel Clan
41 Finding Treasure in a Dump!
42 Finding Treasure in a Dump! Pt. 2
43 Finding Treasure in a Dump! Pt. 3
44 Gift Wrapped Please
45 Curtsy in Full Armor
46 The Black Haired Princess
47 The Spectacles of Death & Fate Cutters
48 Learning Curve
49 The Panacea
50 Lemon Tart Friendship
51 Follow The Leader
52 A Warm Family
53 A Mother's Wisdom
54 The Appointment With a Perver
55 The Priestess of Fate
56 Entrance to Fate
57 The Goblin Meter
58 The Goblin Meter Pt. 2
59 The Goblin Mages
60 The Girl Brings Death
61 The Black God's Servan
62 The Black God's Servant Pt.2
63 The Hermi
64 The War Room
65 The War Room Pt. 2
66 The War Room Pt.3
67 The Gues
68 The Wolf Man
69 The Chef's Special
70 Companions on the Battlefield
71 The Bloody Mass PG-13
72 The Ritual
73 The Ritual Pt.2
74 The Ritual Pt.3
75 The Ritual Pt.4
76 The Ritual Pt.5
77 Accusations and Blood