Tang Shaoyang already predicted that this kind of thing would happen. However, he truly needed a guy like this too, he can use this guy as an example for the others what happened if they challenged him.

"Hoho… Then if I may ask, who will you propose to be a leader?" Tang Shaoyang asked as a slight grin crept up on his face.

Wei Xi, Wan Jingyi, and the Mao Brothers' body shuddered upon seeing the grin on Tang Shaoyang's face. Then they cast a look of pity to the guy, with a thought, 'He is done for… Even though he leaves unscathed from this ordeal, don't get near him in the future!'

The four had witnessed Tang Shaoyang's brutality, so they did not want to get near to the fools who tried to challenge him.

The man who spoke out his objection was a young man at 27 years old. He looked refined with the suit he wore. Everyone thought he was going to point himself as the leader, but he pointed at the young man next to him.

"Him! He is the most suitable to lead us!" The 27 years old man declared in a loud voice.

At this time, everyone's attention was attracted to the pointed man that looked younger. A man wore a long-sleeve white shirt inside and a black vest outside. The appearance of this young man looked neater compared to Tang Shaoyang who wore casual clothes.

The man stepped out from the crowd, standing next to Tang Shaoyang and began his speech with the introduction, "My name is Qi Zhengsheng, I presume you already know who I am, right?" The young man spoke in a moderate tone with an amiable smile plastered on his face.

"I don't know!" Tang Shaoyang replied in a loud voice before he turned toward the little girl on his shoulder and asked, "Li Yue, do you know the guy called Qi Zhengsheng?"

Li Yue held her chin, pondering Tang Shaoyang's question. It only took a moment before the little girl shook her head, "Don't know! But I know a super handsome guy called Qi Zhiqiang!"

"Ah, I also know him!" Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. Qi Zhiqiang was a famous actor, of course, he knew this guy. Then he looked toward Qi Zhengsheng with an expression of, "I don't know you, please continue the introduction!"

Qi Zhengsheng gritted his teeth, he almost lost his composure and wanted to scold the pair, but he refrained himself from doing so. He could not do that in front of these people.

"I am Qi Zhengsheng, Mayor Qi Zhengzhong's only son! I believe I am the most suitable and have the qualification to be a leader in this shelter. With my father's connection, we can call the military to save us here!" Qi Zhengsheng told his background with a proud look.

"I see! I see! So you are the Mayor's only son? Then, if I may ask, where's the Mayor now? Without the mayor, how are you going to call the military?" Tang Shaoyang raised his hand and asked.

Qi Zhengsheng's pupils contracted when he heard the question. He did not know where his father was.

Tang Shaoyang, however, did not give Qi Zhengsheng time to think as he continued with his question, "Ah, I forget, the main problem is not your father's location but is your father still alive?"

With the question out, anger filled his eyes as he pointed his finger at Tang Shaoyang, "You! You! You!"

The question was right on his weak spot as he did not know if his father was still alive. Before the absurd game started, he was spending his time in the club. Thanks to the security's club, he was saved from the zombie.

However, what about his father? At midnight, his father must have already slept on his bed. What if a zombie appeared next to his father's bed? The answer was clear, the zombie would attack his father.

Most likely his father had turned into a zombie by now. However, there was no way he could admit that openly. Fury was reflected on Qi Zhengsheng's face as he glared at Tang Shaoyang.

"Do you curse the mayor to die?" A man stepped out as he pointed his finger toward Tang Shaoyang's face. A man in his thirty with a scar on his left cheek faced Tang Shaoyang.

Being pointed, not only Tang Shaoyang did not get pissed off. Instead, a big grin appeared on his face, "Oh, come one, brother! I was only asking brother Qi if the Mayor is still alive. I am not cursing the Mayor to die!"


Tang Shaoyang clapped his hand and spoke, "Good, this brother wants to choose the leader with a vote. Good, let's proceed with the vote so we can have a leader! Raise your hand and please move to Brother Qi's side if you vote for him!"

The 27 years old man and the man with a scar on his left cheek immediately moved next to Qi Zhengsheng. However, that was it, only two people moved while the rest stayed still. Wei Xi and Wan Jingyi shook their heads in pity as they looked at three as if they were fools.


Tang Shaoyang clapped his hand once more and commented with a big grin, "Smart! You guys are pretty smart!"

He gave Li Yue to her big sister, Li Na. Afterward, he turned toward the three and the big grin vanished from his face, he looked at three with a cold face, "I don't like someone challenging my authority! You guys are not needed here!"

After saying that, Tang Shaoyang charged toward the scarred guy and the 27-year-old guy. With just a glance, he knew that this Qi Zhengsheng could survive until now because of the help from these two guys.

With his speed, the two guys were caught off guard as they did not expect Tang Shaoyang would attack them. Tang Shaoyang's punch swiftly landed on both guys' belly. The two guys' eyes were shaking upon receiving the punch and both instantly passed out.

After that, Tang Shaoyang turned toward the shocked Qi Zhengsheng. His hand moved to Qi Zhengsheng's neck and pulled the guy down as he raised his knee.


Qi Zhengsheng groaned in pain and fell down to the ground as the liquid flowed out of his mouth. His hand was on his belly, but his eyes turned white, indicating he had passed out.

"Lu An!" Tang Shaoyang called and the young boy rushed over, "Yes, Boss!"

"Drag them out! I don't want to see their faces in my territory from now on! Origin! Put them on the blacklist, without my consent, they could not enter this place"

"Yes, Boss!" Then, the young Lu An dragged the three by feet. He dragged them out without a hitch.

After the young Lu An's voice, a robotic voice resounded, "Yes, Master!"

Origin's voice shocked the people. They immediately looked up, trying to locate where the robotic voice came from. However, these people failed to locate the voice.

"Listen up! If you want to stay here, I will guarantee your safety! But if you challenge my authority as the emperor of this place, you will suffer just like those three guys! However, there are rules you have to follow! The first rule, you have to join the Tang Empire!"

As soon as Tang Shaoyang ended his words, 21 people received an invitation. The invitation was in the form of the status screen and appeared before them.

[You have been invited to join the Tang Empire!]


"Don't be hasty to accept the invitation! I will give you a choice and time to think! Three days, I will give you three days to think! During these three days, I will guarantee your safety and food! However, if you refuse to join, I won't beat you guys, but you have to leave this place!"

Tang Shaoyang announced. Yes, even though he needed them to join his empire, he won't force them to join. He was not looking for a slave after all.

"Alright! That's for now! Gather on the second floor to get your food!" Tang Shaoyang felt that was enough for now as the night arrived. He would elaborate on the details once they joined the empire through Origin.

"Origin! Guide them to their rooms!"

"Survivors, get to the elevator!" Origin's robotic voice resounded once again. 21 people followed the instruction obediently as they were guided to their rooms.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang himself went to another elevator. He returned to his room and he immediately headed toward the control room.

"Origin! Report the GC expenditure and income for today!"

"Today income's 17,302 GC Coin! 10,000 GC Coins are used to set ten rooms of the dormitory on the third floor for the survivors! Now Tang Empire has 7,302 GC Coins in the treasury."

"Hmmm…" Tang Shaoyang opened his status screen and checked his remaining GC Coins. He had 617,512 GC Coins in total.

"How many coins needed to upgrade my territory?"

"100,000 GC Coins!" Origin answered instantly.

"Can I use my personal coin to upgrade the territory?"

"You can, But I suggest not to use your personal GC Coin to upgrade the territory. You need tons of coins to get stronger, Master!"

"Hmm… It's okay, I will use my personal GC Coins for the first upgrade! After all, I need to arm my people to fight with the zombies!"

[Do you want to upgrade your Smart Territory to Level 2? Yes/No]

Tang Shaoyang without hesitation chose "Yes!". However, an alert appeared.

[Alert! Tang Empire doesn't have enough GC Coin!]

[Alert! Do you want to use your personal GC Coin? Yes/No]

Again, Tang Shaoyang pressed yes and a series of notifications rang.

[Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your Smart Territory to Level 2!]

[Smart Territory is Level 2! You have unlocked General Shop (Level 1)]

[Congratulations! You are the first person to reach Level 2 Smart Territory!]

[Bonus Acquired! Tang Empire's members will get an extra 25% exp from killing zombies and beasts for a week!]

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