General Shop Level 1, it was what he looked for. Even though the shop was practically useless to him, it was extremely useful for his people.

The shop was selling weapons and armor, the basic quality one, sold at a cheap price. Arming his people so they could hunt the zombie efficiently. But of course, he was not going to fund them to buy the gear.

They had to earn the GC Coin by themselves to buy the gear. Most of the zombies were still in Stage 1, it was not that hard to kill Stage 1 Zombie.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head with satisfaction with the progress he made. He rubbed his chin, thinking of something.

"Do you have something in mind, Master? You can talk it out to me~" Origin's concerned voice filled the control room.

"Hmm, it's not a problem, but I am thinking where to put the general shop…" After some thought, he placed the general shop in the lobby. The second floor was supposed to be a canteen while the third floor was a dorm for the survivors.

"Ah, talking about the weapon, I forgot to give Lu An the sword…" Yes, from opening the treasure chest, he got a sword from Level 8 Treasure Chest. The sword was a higher class than his Destroyer, but he did not like the sword. He preferred his battle-ax more.

He glanced at the corner of the control room where he put the sword. The silver sword glistening there under the bright light. Tang Shaoyang picked the sword and swung it a few times.

"Hmm, indeed, this sword is not suitable for me…" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice. Then, he took the sword with him out.

*** ***

It was a week since Tang Shaoyang began gathering the survivors. Currently, there were 217 survivors in total. The dormitory on the second floor was filled with survivors and Tang Shaoyang had to open the third floor as a dormitory as well.

So far, all these people joined the Tang Empire and willingly hunted the zombies. He also let these people get their talent to help them in hunting. However, only a handful of guys with good talents, less than ten people to be more exact.

But thanks to General Shop Level 1 which sold basic weapons such as sword, shield, bow, spear, and more. The General Shop helped them a lot and he only lost six people so far.

It was a good process, but he realized he lacked the manpower to manage the administration. From 217 survivors, none of them had experience in management. It was unfortunate, but he managed to organize.

There would be always troublemakers, but he kicked them out already.

A week after the establishment of the Tang Empire. Tang Shaoyang scanned the canteen on the second floor. The canteen was bustling with noise as the survivors chatted at each other, talking about their level and how many zombies they killed today.

Tang Shaoyang was satisfied with the progress so far, but he needed someone to establish the military system. However, once again, none of the survivors were police, let alone soldiers.

He sighed as he walked toward the kitchen to get his dinner. When he arrived at the kitchen, Li Yue greeted him, "Welcome, Big Brother Tang! Your dinner has been prepared, a steak! My mom made you steak! Let me get it for you~"

With a big smile on his face, Tang Shaoyang rubbed the little girl's head and said, "Then, please get it for me!"

Li Yue's mother, Li Cuifen was good at cooking. So Tang Shaoyang placed her to manage the kitchen. Not only her, a few women that could cook were working together with her in the kitchen.

It was impossible for Li Cuifen to take care of a hundred people's food alone. This was how he organized the people as he could not do much about it. Of course, there were not a few women who decided to go out and hunt the zombies.

Wei Xi and Wan Jingyi made a team with another three people and their levels were steadily rising.

"B-Big Brother Tang! This is your dinner~" Li Yue seemed to be having a hard time, bringing the plate that almost had the same size as her body, but he managed to carry it in front of him.

Tang Shaoyang took the plate and rubbed the little girl's head once again, "Thank you, Yue Yue, ~"

"Hehe… No problem… This is my job~" After saying that while hitting her chest, the little girl ran back to the kitchen.

Tang Shaoyang shook his head and headed toward his table. There was a table that was always empty and the survivors took it as his private table. No one dared to eat on this table except for Lu An.

Tang Shaoyang placed the plate and opened the lit, two kilos meat steak. It was his menu for dinner. He finished the two kilos meat in a jiffy and after that, he immediately went back to his room.

When he entered the room, he went to the control room. It had become a habit to him, "Origin, report!"

Then, Origin's voice filled the room. The report was about foods, the number of survivors, GC Coins, and more.

Yes, aside from killing the zombies, Tang Shaoyang tasked his people to gather food as well. Food was essential for them to survive as they did not have a fixed source for food. The distribution was 30 for the empire and they kept the 70.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang also opened a trade that the empire would buy the food with GC Coin if they wanted to sell it. With Origin's help, the trade went smoothly so far. But the number they got each day was getting lower and lower.

After hearing the full report for over an hour, Tang Shaoyang rubbed his head, "F*ck, it's not easy to be an Emperor…" There are so many problems he had to take care of. Especially the shortage of food as the people kept growing each day.

Additionally, he had not been set up the administration system yet. The administration system could lessen his burden. He wanted to set up a proper system, not a thug-like system as his empire's foundation.

"It's not a problem, Master! We can acquire the land behind us and transform it into fields. Not only that, by setting up fields, we can also provide work for the elder. Working in the field should be easy for them! However, before that, we have to set the management team to oversee the fields…"

Origin helped the things that concerned his Master. And so, the Smart AI and its Master were having a long discussion. Planning the Tang Empire's future.

Just like that, Tang Shaoyang spent three hours, discussing many things with Origin. Of course, even though Origin was a smart AI, it had limited knowledge. Just like the Military System, Origin could not propose many things regarding this issue.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Suddenly, the door was knocked by someone, interrupting his discussion with Origin. Tang Shaoyang was a bit annoyed and asked Origin, "Who's that? How could that guy enter the 25th floor?"

He put a restriction that the survivors could only access Lobby, Canteen, and the dormitory. Even Lu An did not have access to the 25th floor, his room.

"Don't worry, Master~ Li Na has my permit, she brings you a coffee. Why don't you take a break and enjoy a glass of coffee first~" Origin proposed to relieve his master from the stressful problem.

"Hmm… Good idea!" Tang Shaoyang nodded as he walked out of the control room.

When he opened the door, sure enough, Li Na was standing with a glass of coffee in her hand.

"I heard from Origin that you here to deliver the coffee!" Tang Shaoyang took the glass from Li Na's hand, "Thank you."

Just as he was about to close the door, Li Na called as she pulled the door, "Wait!"

He opened the door again and looked at the delicate girl, "What's wrong?"

"There's something I want to talk about, can we speak inside?" With a little hesitation, Li Na voiced her thoughts.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows at first, he scanned Li Na's white face that dyed with tinge red, then his eyes gleamed as his lips formed a slight grin.

"Good, come in! Let's talk inside~" His tone softened as he let the girl enter his room. After a little hesitation, Li Na entered the room.

From behind, Tang Shaoyang scanned the girl. She was wearing a white one-piece dress, the skirt was short, showing half of her thigh. With this, he was sure why the girl was coming to his room. However, he wondered where the girl got the dress, 'Does General Shop sell clothes as well?'

Tang Shaoyang put the glass of coffee and picked his pace. With a girl in his room, coffee was not enough to relieve his stress. He hugged the girl from behind and whispered, "So you come here to offer your body to me?"

Li Na was startled just like a little rabbit. However, she did not try to break free and hummed, "Mnn!"

"So, what do you want in exchange? I am telling you! If you want to be my woman, with just your body is not enough! I don't need a woman that is useless to me!" Tang Shaoyang bluntly spoke what was on his mind.

Li Na's body quivered at his words, he even heard the sound of teeth clashing. The girl must not have expected to hear these words and she was not prepared for the exchange.

"How about this, I will take care of your mother and sister and I will assign a work for you. So you, your mother, and your sister don't need to risk your lives to hunt the zombies in the future! If you agree, nod your head!"

Li Na fell silent, but he could hear the breathing. Surprisingly, the girl's breathing was steady. After a moment of silence, the girl nodded.

"Hahaha… Good choice!" Tang Shaoyang immediately carried the girl to his emperor-size bed as he laughed hard.

*** ***

Three days later

Tang Shaoyang went out to the area that reported to him where the Stage 2 Zombie often appeared.

Standing on one of the buildings' rooftop, Tang Shaoyang encountered something interesting. Right below, there was a group, wearing military uniforms, fighting against eight Stage 2 Zombie Crawlers.

His eyes fell onto one person who seemed to be the leader of the group, his eyes were glistening in excitement, "I have found My General!"

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